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Gotham Episode 1 Review – Batman Prequel No Spoilers

Gotham Episode 1 Review – Batman Prequel No Spoilers

Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and since Gotham
is premiering next Monday I wanted to start off with a non-spoilery review of episode
1 and explain how it fits into the Canon of the tv shows and the comics. So important
stuff first. Episode 1 airs Monday September 22 at 8PM Eastern Time on FOX in the United
States. In the UK it’s on Channel 5. For other international countries just check your
local listings. I will be doing weekly episode videos for
all 4 DC TV Shows That’s Gotham of course, The Flash, Arrow and Constantine, all of the
new ones are great so be sure to subscribe to get all that stuff. I’m probably going
to be giving away some DC Swag throughout the year for each of the shows. Here’s my non-spoilery review of Gotham
Episode 1 with some set up on what the show looks like compared to all the other movies
and tv show: The show is told from Detective Gordon’s
Perspective played by Ben McKenzie. It has all the DNA of the Batman Universe from the
comics without looking like it’s straight up trying to copy the Gotham from the Christopher
Nolan movies. The thing about the Christopher Nolan movies
were that they treated the Batman Mythos as if it were happening in modern day with real
people. No wacky super powers or anything like that. Gotham the tv series is a little more open
to the idea of superpowers, even though it’s not going straight to Justice League like
Arrow and The Flash. It’s starting out with James Gordon in his first year on the force,
which is where you get a lot of the Batman Year One similarities. I didn’t watch Ben McKenzie on Southland,
but the way I thought of it when I was watching the episode was this is Training Day and McKenzie
is playing the Ethan Hawke character and Donal Logue is the Denzel Washington Character. I’m just talking about their relationship
and where Gordon’s character fits in with everyone else. Detective Bullock, played by Donal Logue is
the other shining star of the series of course. If you’ve ever seen any of the characters
he’s played on other TV Shows, you totally get why he’s perfect for Bullock. It’s
not the Bullock from Batman the Animated Series, he’s not that sleazy, yet. But he’s close. I know I made the Training Day Denzel reference,
but on the show I think of him as being true neutral, he’s not straight up dirty but
he’s not the quarterback Jim Gordon is trying to be. In the timeline, when Gordon shows up in episode
1, he’s already a detective transferring in from another city. So he’s not a total
rookie, but he is a rookie to Gotham City. The city itself is just as big a character
as anyone else. I feel like that’s something that’s always really important in the comics
and the show deals with that in a good way. And one of the most fun things about the show
is the way it sets up the character arc for the city. Visually it takes a lot from Ridley Scott’s
Blade Runner. The difference is that in that movie, it was Los Angeles of the future and
Gotham has always been an analog of New York City. Just like Blade Runner you get the sense
that the city is slowly dying. There’s this belief that Matter only has
two states of existence, growth and decay. The implication being that if you’re not
evolving, you’re in the process of dying. The City, when we first see it, is already
in a state of Decay. The idea is that over the course of the entire
series, the city will turn into a chaos vacuum that just eats all light and goodness. That’s
when Batman puts on the cowl to fill the vacuum. I think it was said at some point that where
we start in season 1, Bruce Wayne is about 8 years from putting the cowl on. He’s pre-highschool
age. Quick Sidenote, there is actually a batman
comic set in gotham city with high school kids. It’s called Gotham Academy. I recommend
you check it out on comixology. The rogues gallery of villains that creates
that vacuum is led by Jada Pinkett Smith as the crime boss Fish Mooney and Robin Lord
Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot one of her underlings. If you’re a walking dead fan, you might
remember him from Season 4. He was Sam. The guy Carol and Rick ran into and almost killed. Smith is interesting as a villain. I wasn’t
really familiar with her character going into it. Because this is a 16 plus episode season,
we’ll see a lot more character development from her counterpart big mobster characters
from The Dark Knight Trilogy. I’ll give her a chance, since she’s one
of the bigger actors on the show we should expect to see a lot of her in season 1. But
the majority of this first episode focuses on Oswald Cobblepot, which made me really
happy. The penguin is definitely one of my favorite batman villains and his character
arc is a lot like that of the city itself. Gotham City slowly descends into madness,
Cobblepot slowly descends into madness. Until eventually he takes on the Penguin persona. The interesting thing they’ve already teased
about season 1 is that they’re bringing on Hugo Strange and developing Arkham Asylum
as a new big location. Gotham is a Batman origin story and it’s an Arkham Asylum origin
story. Arkham will be the mystery briefcase of pain
that the writers reach into to pull out Batman villains for the show. If you never heard it, Joss Whedon had this
big story about the briefcase of pain. He said on the set of Thor The Dark World he
asked Anthony Hopkins about some of his inspiration for characters and Hopkins said he keeps a
tiny mental briefcase where he stores painful things. And when he needs a character to go
crazy he just reaches into the briefcase and pulls out something. So Arkham Asylum will be Gotham’s tiny briefcase
of pain. In terms of villains the first episode mostly
focuses on The Penguin, but it does introduce The Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The
show treats them in this very precog way, like you know what their future is and it’s
the job of the series to show you how it all unfolds. The Riddler is one of the bigger characters
I’m really looking forward to seeing more of, he doesn’t have a big part in the premiere,
but his role inside the show. His day job puts him right next to Gordon and Bullock. On the other side of the fence, young Bruce
Wayne and Alfred. They don’t have as much screentime in the first episode as they will
later but the story sets up the triggers for the cowl. David Mazouz, who plays young bruce
wayne does a really good job and I’m interested to see how often the show visits his character.
He’s not the main character of the series, but he’s one of the most important ones.
He might be short, he’s a little kid. But he does cast a very long shadow. I actually found myself staring at the shadows
whenever he was on screen to see if they used any digital effects for cape and cowl easter
eggs. Alfred is played by sean pertwee from the musketeers. If you watch my doctor who
videos you’ll also know him as the son of the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. They play up a bit more of Alfred’s history
in the British Military. Pertwee is a much bigger Alfred than the Gandalf version of
the character Michael Caine played. So I’m expecting to see Alfred get in a couple fist
fights this year. Look forward to that. It would be very cool to see Alfred teach a young
Bruce Wayne to fight off bullies. The other young members of the cast, Catwoman
and Poison Ivy are also only briefly seen in the episode but that’s just because of
the time limitations. We’ll see a lot more of them in future episodes. They tease a really
interesting relationship developing between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle so I’m interested
to see where the show takes it. Generally, what I think the show proves is
that Gotham City can be interesting even without a fully actualized Batman. I was really happy
that the show didn’t present the absence of Batman as a big thing. It doesn’t try
to be too self aware about what’s NOT there. So you don’t walk away feeling like something’s
missing. Officially Right now, Fox has already ordered
a full season. So they’ll probably break it into 8 or 10 episodes this fall, then the
rest in January or February. So it’s not like we have to worry about it getting cancelled.
They are shooting all 16 of those episodes. They’ve still got several to finish. As I start doing videos from the episodes,
I’ll be sure to include stuff from behind the scenes as they continue to finish filming.
Be sure to subscribe to get everything. But generally you can expect several more new
batman villains to show up before the finale. We won’t know about season 2 until after
the first several episodes, so don’t worry about that yet. I will be doing videos all
season. I was really happy that I stuck with Agents of SHIELD for all of season 1. A lot
of people dumped that show before it got good, it took it about half a season to get there,
but I’m also really excited for that to come back. I’m working on a season 2 preview
video for that to post tonight. Next week during the premiere what I’ll
do is a top 10 video, since this is already kind of my review. I’ll also be live-tweeting,
without being super spoilery of course, but if you want to play along with me, my twitter
and facebook links are in the description. Right now you can click here to learn more
about some of the villains coming to Gotham and you can click here to start getting ready
for Arrow and The Flash. Thanks for watching, see you guys tonight.
High Fives!

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100 thoughts on “Gotham Episode 1 Review – Batman Prequel No Spoilers

  1. Dear @Emergency Awesome the video for the new season on FOX was Awesome! So can that guy Sean Patrick flancy be the young Mr freeze on season two? Love your friend Ariel Mendez aka Mcfangirl 😉 P.S. new season of arrow is coming so already benge on it!😁

  2. in quantum physics there is something (theory) called Strange matter that is a state of matter which is only stable at (insanely) high pressures 

  3. I've always thought that Chicago is a better analogue for Gotham while New York is Metropolis, Star City is like Seattle, Coast City like a San Francisco… or something…

  4. I'm not sure about Gotham….I feel like they are writing over nothing…what's the point of seeing all this villain more than 10 years before they go crazy and watch batman going to school?? mhhh….
    p.s. yeah agent of shield video! XD

  5. You know what's weird. The show takes place when Bruce Wayne was a kid. So Way way back. Yet everyone stil has cell phones even though they shouldnt even be invented at that time. O_o

  6. How is the show going to handle action? I'm not expecting Arrow levels of stunt and fight spectacle, but I can imagine that if I'm watching a show filled to the brim with batman shout outs buts it's a just a cop drama without any super-heroics I'm going to feel bored and frustrated.

  7. I simply see no way this series can last more than a season without Batman – there is no real tension or suspense and anyone not part of the Batman cannon is fair game to die or change, but the rest? – static, safe and waiting for Batman.

  8. Very excited for this show. As a long time fan of Donal Logue, I'm thrilled he's once again able to show everyone how amazing he is on a weekly basis. It's a great idea for a show.. I just hope they are able to execute this prequel with respect to the original material. And hell.. Ben McKenzie ain't too bad to look at, either.

  9. Hey Charlie, great videos as always. I know you have a lot on your plate, but what's DC animation (which is not really for little kids, king shark eats a guy) doing with Machinima? Also I get Throne of Atlantis but where are the Batman vs Robin and Gods and Monsters come from? What comic books? No hurries. Thanks.

  10. YYYAAA OOMMG Soo Happy they picked that guy to be the Penguin!!! He gunna be Perfect.. Same with the lady the picked to be the mom.. 🙂

  11. I'm hoping they take a Law and Order approach to the series. A cop drama that happens to be set in Got am. But as the more "batman" things happen they dont shy away with it as Smallvile was guilty of doing. And I hope they don't milk out developments as Smallvill was also guilty. A show with 4 yrs worth of story stretched out over ten years. Too much of foreshadowin that never paid off satisfactorly, and a "are we doing this now? Okay but let's do it like this so can get it right when we really do it. Which we wont " mentality. Do it and do it right the first time.

    I also hope they take the Earth one approacch to Bruce's training. Like the mask of Zorro, where Anthony Hopkins trains the next Zorro, Alfred uses his military training to teach Bruce to be Batman.

  12. Oh they didn't actually buy the rights to Joker. I am pleased with this. He's the only villain that not only doesn't need an origin story, but in fact needs to not have one. I was worried before, because everyone was saying, "We'll for sure see Joker in the first season," which is not cool. 

  13. No comment on the fact that they game poison ivys character the wrong name, or the age difference not matching up with some of the characters?

  14. They should totally have Riddler toy with Gordon but Gordon can't meet his expectations and it drivers Riddler crazy that no one can match him in his games which would eventually lead to Riddler's fascination with Batman because he is able to meet those expectations.

  15. Is it me or does the woman playing cat woman look like Ashley Scott who played The Huntress in the Birds Of Prey tv series many years back.

  16. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine that this could possibly be good. This is like Sherwood Forest w/o Robin Hood. They should have had it start a few years later with a teenaged Bruce Wayne starting to learn the skills to be Batman. They could have then had him play a different pre-batman hero until the finale in which he puts on the cowl.

  17. I have low hopes for this show. If anything, I'd rather see a Batman series on the CW so it can tie into the same universe as Arrow and Flash.

  18. I think this series will be good as long as Bruce Wayne isnt in in to much. Batman is great but Bruce Wayne without batman isnt too interesting, When i think of his life its pretty much Bruce Waynes parents die, training montage, and then he's batman. But we'll see.

  19. I'm realy looking forward to this series, and it will be intresting to see how everybody will becomme what we know, but I realy wished they would made another batmann beyond/batman of the future series, I realy don't care if they made another animated series, or a real life one, ore even a movie, I just wish for more of that franchise beside the digital comics
    wishfull thinking I know, so I keep myself content with this knew gem 🙂 until someday somebody might picks it up again 🙂

  20. Little nitpick, 3:21 that's not an image for Gotham Academy, that's for the Batgirl reboot this (or next) month. No biggie. The nerd in me needed to point that out

  21. I've always thought of Gotham more as 1920's/30's Chicago more so than New York. Metropolis seemed like more of New York with Star City as San Francisco, Central City as a Cincinatti/more midwest city, and Bludhaven as a Detroit-like city.

    This is all going off the cities' "personalities." I know they've been shown to be all over the place in the lore.

  22. My wife recommended your youtube channel.  I really like your videos, they are smart, concise and easy to follow.  Very professional.  Many thanks!

  23. The only issue I had with last night's episode is: There was a bit where Gordon was chasing a clearly older and overweight bad guy.   The bad guy managed to not only outpace him for most of the foot chase AND when they ended up fighting at the end he showed no sign of fatigue while Gordon was panting.   That kind of bothered me.

  24. before this show was even announced, i always thought that there should be a show that takes place five years after batman begins his war on crime. Now that this show, (which is fucking awesome) is running, the idea hasn't died; i just hope they don't go the route smallville did and instead make a different show and focus on how the relationships change when the super heros/villians don their masks. just an idea, hate on it and call me a shitfilled, fanboy pansy if you want, or don't. that's cool too.

  25. Show has a lot of potential, but the writing is pretty poor, especially the dialogue. I really want to like it. Hopefully it gets better.

  26. Surprised how much I enjoyed it, Didn't feel like they were ramming down Bat reference's down your throat, even though there were tons of Easter eggs. 

  27. i hate this show. catwomen is in there for no reason, the riddler was never a cop, and left riddles because he was proud of his crimes, bullock as far as I know was never crooked, ivy's last name is not pepper. this show could have worked if it was about jim gorden, and Harvey taking down corruption, not just a giant origen story for every batman character.

  28. I read this somewhere, couldn't help but share:  "Sooo.. if you follow the logic of this tv series.. by the time Batman shows up in Gotham.. Penguin is about 50-60 years old, Joker is about 50 years old, Catwoman is in her 40's…

    I guess Batman was born to fight geriatrics in the nursing home."

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  30. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Batman as helping to reverse the downward spiral of Gotham City, at best he freezes it as is.  It's perfect for him.  Gotham City is meant to reflect the mind of Bruce Wayne, who deals with his mental problems in an unhealthy way and, so, since Bruce Wayne can never move on and get better neither can Gotham City.  

    Bruce Wayne is absolutely in a position to permanently erase criminality from Gotham City, but that's not what he decides to do:  he instead uses his resources to ensure a constant stream of bad-guys to punish and make himself feel better.  And this is also why he will never kill somebody like The Joker, who absolutely will escape again and kill more people.

    Batman is not fixing Gotham City, he feeds off of it in exactly the same way as the criminals do.

  31. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the UK. I'm a bit confused though by the premise- my understanding is that Batman was often the one who created or gave the opportunity for his enemy's. This show will take that they are already well established by the time Bruce Wayne becomes Batman

  32. Q:is gotham going to be linked to the dark knight trilogy, and also is the trilogy going to be on its own from the main dc universe? 
    Q:  are the arrow, and flash series going to link with the dc cinematic universe like agents of shield cus i think that would be a great way to introduce the characters,already formed, but not just green arrow and the flash but: deadshot, red hood, black canary, ect..
    i don't know many others as I've not watched flash and have only washed half of arrow season 1  

  33. This is not a review just a compilation of facts about the show. I just watched the first two episodes and they're not really that good.

  34. Hey I started watching you with Game of Thrones videos! Now that i am done with Arrow and Flash (pure thx to you getting me into it :D) I decided to check Gotham. I realy have no idea whats going on and ihave watched a few of your videos about it. That brings me to my main question do you have any idea will we see Batman actualy in a TV show (Gotham) like we saw superman/arrow/flash so far? I want to know shouldi evan bother with this if its not going to a TV show not to mention Ben Affleck playing new batman which i personaly consider a big joke… As this is my first actual comment to your videos could i use my chance to actualy ask you for a bit more details on some specific Game of Thrones videos (Jon Snow mother/Dornsiih Master plan etc/etc). I find your videos realy focused on the shows and I would love to see your opinion on the books in a bit longer and more detail videos then 9-10min. And yes I understand its time consuming 😀

  35. I've started watching Gotham with my husband I am totally not into these types of shows so your videos help me understand! Thanks so much! 😀

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