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Graco Linelazer 3400 Line Striper Review & Overview

Graco Linelazer 3400 Line Striper Review  & Overview

– Okay, today we’re going to be reviewing and showing you the Graco LineLazer 3400. The 3400 is a single gun line striper. It’s ideal for small
to medium parking lots, as well as field striping applications. So if you’re doing commercial
work on a small scale, looking to to do touchups
for commercial lots, doing fields for schools
or managing a school and entire parking lot this is a great model for you to consider. We’ll kind of cover the
features and the options that it comes standard with. The way it comes to you
shipped is just as you see it, straight out of the box. As far as the design,
it’s a piston style pump, supports up to .75 gpm in
the 27 thousandths tip. What that practically gets you, is a slow-stroking pump for the majority of line striping applications. Most line striping requires
about a 3/19ths tip or a 4/19ths tip, is a very common size, and that will cause this
pump to run at about half of its maximum capacity. So that will leave you with limited wear and requirements for
any sort of maintenance, relative to a smaller pump, say a 850 Titan or something similar, where the pump size is only a half gpm, when you are typically running that pump at relatively max capacity. The actual motor on
this is a Honda engine, and as many small engine enthusiasts know, the Honda is a strong engine, comes with a strong
performance and reliability. The unit comes with the
bucket hopper as shown, that you can use, you can
also just put the bucket lid on existing bucket of five
gallon material and get going. Comes with the extra line hose, so that when you’re
ready to begin striping, if you need to take it
off for stencil work, or something similar, you can easily unmount the hose to begin your work. We’ll go ahead and show you
it’s a three wheel design. A lot of people will talk
about why three wheel, why when I do four wheel, if
I’m trying to go straight, and the trouble with the four wheel is, when you do need to
make a pivot on a line, say your line’s a slightly different angle than the one before, or something similar, then you end up having to lift the unit. So the three wheel allows
for easy flexibility and maneuverability, and the
wheel is automatically locked with the handles. The handles have two
primary handles on the unit. The one on the left controls
the front handlebar, right here. And unlocks the wheel. And the one the right here
controls the spray pattern. You can also get an
optional laser guide kit, which gives you a marker on the cement, to show you where your gun is going. We’re going to show you the
locking wheel mechanism, as well as the spray mechanism here, and that way you can get an understanding of the unit operating. We’ll get it started. On the panel here you have the ability to control your pressure right here, and make sure you’re
getting good atomization. Then you have a start
and stop kill switch. So we’ll go ahead and fire this up with some line striping
paint and get started showing you how this unit works. Alright, so a couple more
features before we start it up. The Graco unit comes with
a varied bar here that you can position your gun at
whatever distance you like. Couple quick pointers. When you get started you
wanna make sure that the bar stays far enough away from this tire, so that when you’re striping it doesn’t come in contact. You just loosen these up, that allows you to quickly
change the position of the gun sideways, horizontal, you can do other angles as well. So you can go back and forward here, or up and down here, to get it closer or
further from the cement. Your goal will be a couple inch wide line, so you generally just need a few inches between the ground and the unit. We’ll go ahead and show
you starting it up. Okay, basic engine start configuration. You got a choke here,
you got a throttle here, and you have an on/off here, and you have your pull handle. (engine starts and runs) Once it’s started, you can come over here, and it has a basic airless sprayer setup. So if you’re doing property maintenance and you want to be able
to do your line striping, as well as paint buildings
or something like that, this unit’s gonna give you flexibility to do both tasks easily. With that 27 thousandths
tip, that’ll shoot about any latex up to industrial enamels, a variety of products that
you might find you need to put on in the field. Here, you can see it’s got
a standard airless setup, and if I flip it down,
it’ll use my dump valve. And if I keep it in a horizontal line, that lets me use it as it’s
ready to build pressure. So I’ll show you how it works
when it’s building pressure. You can hear the engine
doesn’t struggle that much because it’s a strong engine
for the size of the pump. That’s the difference between
this and a very low grade, entry level line striper. So if you’re doing a lot a week, or even a few times a year, it’s gonna last a lot longer
with that engine running slower and the piston on the pump for the airless being a lot larger. So we’ll go ahead and show
you the unit in action. As you can see this lever here will let you maneuver the front wheel, so that if you’re going to
reposition for a different line, it’ll let you get there easily. And then this is your
spraying control handle, and you have an on/off switch
here for turning off the unit when you’re wanting to spray, and your pressure control here. This is allowing you to
change your pressure. This allows you to turn
the gun off completely so you don’t actually shoot a line when you weren’t meaning to, and it make it very convenient
to make adjustments. If you’re shooting too big of a line, and think it’s related to your pressure, you can drop it here. Or if you need to turn the gun off you can do it there. So, it’s a nice additional feature. We’ll go ahead and line it up. So that’s the Graco LineLazer 3400. It’s a perfect unit for light
to small commercial work, to municipalities, and a lot of projects. So, thanks for watching. If you have questions, leave
them in the comments below.

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