Grupo Cortefiel First Spanish Retailer to Launch on Commerce Cloud

I had a business delayed and my board of
directors and executive committee it’s a double the business and then doubled
again I double again like it’s impossible to do with what we currently
have so I needed something that would be fast I needed a platform that would
allow me to bring five brand online in 25 countries with anywhere we we
currently operate five languages on our first night for Springfield and that’s a
tremendous level of complexity it was through here and brilliant collaboration
coordination from our initial kickoff meeting with Demandware the table group
according to the table and digitized LBI of Amsterdam our integration partner we
were lockstep we were all committed to the deliverable the date and doing this
on time and on budget and we were able to do that since we launched we took a
slow pace for the first couple weeks in terms of emails and SEO just a really
does it really work buy Black Friday we blew up our five brand record just on my
Springfield dot com so it was more than double what we achieved last year on
Springfield and everyone in the team could see that the platform or strong it
was able to be able to now shop a huge jump forward on demand where and to be
the first Spanish retailer one that I know it’s a platform that’s gonna give
us strength and stability for all five of our brands to really make tremendous
growth not only within Spain but within Europe when I think about the expanded
opportunity for my franchise partners how we will offer them a platform that
is flexible when they continually innovate it’s something I can be both
personally and professionally proud of

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