GSP ‘sad’ to see Nick Diaz waste his UFC prime: ‘It would’ve been a nightmare for Tyron Woodley’

George st. Pierre “sad to watch Nick Diaz
waste his UFC pride it would have been a nightmare for tyron woodley okay coming
into his George st. Pierre title fight at UFC 158 back in March 2013 former
Strikeforce what’s wait champion Nick Diaz was ranked number three in the
world at 170 pounds thanks to 11 one run that produced his
nine finishes not too shabby but his inability to stop the French
Canadians takedowns ended his quest to become what’s away champion two years
later he returned to fight Anderson silver and middleweight and once again
went down on the judges scorecard I think just it’s sad to see a guy like
him waste his best years Saint Pierre said I think he couldn’t have been
champion especially when Woodley was there it would been a nightmare for a
guy like tyron woodley he’s one of the best fighters that i fought
who knows maybe his best years or to come
USC president Dana White told the combat sports community that like Ronda Rousey
the Stockton striker was never coming back to mix martial arts
probably because there are better things to do in life than get punched in the
face like smoke giant gold blunt regardless of what the future holds Diaz
26 9 – hasn’t seen action for nearly five years any potential comeback will
first require him to enroll in the United States anti-doping agency program
and we already know how well that ended the first time around so you guys coming
below let me know what you guys think and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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