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Guy Shits Himself

Guy Shits Himself

Something’s brewing in there Rob Oh there is something wrong Tragic wrong I feel like there’s something inside my anus or something something inside your anus pushing? Like a finger or something Something ain’t right you guys fed me something apo what what what Oh my god Hello, yeah, that’s awsome hey let me call you right back ok, alright Getting bad isn’t it? He shits himself potent Get out of here! I know he shit himself he had to of It was wet, it was wet it was a horribly wet sounding Rob do I need to drive you to the bathroom I gotta go to the bathroom guys You want me to drive you? Tom can I drive him to the bathroom? Your a dirty bastard

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100 thoughts on “Guy Shits Himself

  1. Well not friends but how about just being nice to each others. If someone says something you don't like. Just tell them you dont like that. As long as they lay a finger in you. You don't have to knock them out. :3

  2. Well not friends but how about just being nice to each others. If someone says something you don't like. Just tell them you dont like that. As long as they lay a finger in you. You don't have to knock them out. :3

  3. It is no funny when someone makes an embarrassing accident, i mean we can have a laugh, but not embarrass him in front of
    150k plus people. Now 7 billion people have access to watch this video

  4. Until I read a book about fat people. I always thought I was being paranoid when I sat down at restaurants booths & my skin touched it. about them having shit on their ass.Now I realize that fat people really don't and genuinely can't wipe their ass they need somebody to do it for them and they can't @ public places so they just don't wipe their ass they can't even use the toilet so they just s*** their pants and walk around I've seen thousands of fat people claim this anonymously online. I even saw one fat lady joke & say that her hobby usually wipes her ass but when her husband aint round she just shit herselves & doesnt wipe & that they call it poopy. Her husband calls it poopy butt!!!! like you're not a dog you nasty ass bitch f**** lose it weight how is it that people go weeks let alone years letting some1wipe their ass before they think to work out? fat nasty fucks, I have no remorse for them whatsoever spreading s*** is exactly what caused the black plague, obese people spreading diseases.

  5. Ah! the wonders of old age….all of you laughing today will experience this very soon, when your body loses its grip on the anal sphincter muscles hence forced to wear adult diapers.

  6. Lol listen to the laborer trying to get out of work. Want me to drive you? Can i drive you? Need me to drive you? No! Stfu and get back to work….jesus

  7. Hes cradleing the turd in his underwear as he walks ….careful not to drop the specimen of fecal matter

  8. Being 25yo Japanese-Swiss male, I have had more than a plateful of such experiences (some produced as survivor of prank) but most were genuine unexpected, caught-of-guard urgent diarrhoea accidents. It IS very embarrassing especially aftermath of having to walk about like a penguin waddling to nearest toilet. This if wearing shorts (in which I have often done) shit dripping or in some cases pouring down out of them leaving a train behind you. This happened to me main concourse of Gare de Lyon in Paris while searching for 'hommes'… Another experience was after visiting friend in Czech Republic, I had two attacks on old express bus (from former Soviet Era with NO toilet on board!) between the Bohemian Mountains area and Prague. (Driver had to pull off road so I could get off to do my business, and get back on stinking to high heaven and with soiled clothing. It was NOT a pleasant trip!

  9. I work in landscaping. When you are on a job, the house is several miles from a restroom, and you have to shit, there is essentially one thing you can do….find a bush to hide in and dig a hasty-hole.

  10. has a person playing sports I, hockey baseball etc ever have to leave the game to have a shit, I know when I use Metamucil I empty b going out because you will have a very strong need to shit

  11. Why I like this video is that 'Big Rob' kinda looks a bit like a dickhead UK DJ called Chris Moyles– it's really great to see Chris Moyles waddling around with a turd in his shorts, if not poor Rob.

  12. He will learn to carry a couple sets of underwear, socks, pants, shirts, behind his seat when shit like this happens.

  13. Oh the good old days at the manor! Haha folks he couldn't keep it in. God I with i was their. 1 of big robs best IBS attacks. Do not worry we will have more of him to show!

  14. Here's my problem with this. How did you know to set the camera up for a guy who "might" shit his pants? I say fake.

  15. I once went to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. They had the bathrooms closed for some dumb reason. I had a sharting accident big time. Everyone was disgusted by the horrible stinky diarrhea leaking from my tourist's shorts.

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