Harrods Christmas Shop Windows lights London Luxury Shopping

HI guys welcome back to London tonight I’ve
come to South Kensington there are three ways out of the station tunnels there which lead
to the museums we are headed to and fortunately one set of steps so you can either turn left
or right you need to turn right the tunnels actually come out where we need to go if you
turn left you will come out at a Lamborghini dealership and you’ve gone the wrong way if
you come out this way you’ll come out at one of London’s renowned nightclubs Boujis renowned
for all the wrong reasons actually you may not it has shut someone told me it is not
reopening it is going to become a burger restaurant but that is another story the reason I’ve
come here this evening South Kensington I’am actually headed to Harrods I want to check
out this years Christmas lights Christmas decorations now the nearest tube to Harrods
is Knightsbridge but I’ve made videos about this before I would suggest you come here
to South Kensington it is a more interesting way slightly longer but as I’ve made videos
along the same lines before I don’t want to labour on it too long for those of you that
have seen all of my videos we will just but for those of you that haven’t seen them I’ll
show you the reasons why but yeah when you come out of South Kensington you will effectively
once we walk across this pedestrianised square full of restaurants and bars that is one of
the reasons I would come this way on the odd chance you don’t find anything you like in
Harrods which would be pretty tricky there is a lot in there yeah there is a Tapas bar
Middle Eastern food coffee shops its pretty good but yeah the main reason I come here
is at the top of this street if you keep going you end up at the Royal Albert Hall I think
but there are two museums here the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert
Museum and yeah it is just a more interesting walk slightly longer but just across the road
here is the Natural History museum and especially at Christmas there is an ice rink at the front
of it so it is a super festive way to get to Harrods the tunnels if you turn right just
outside the ticket barriers at South Kensington station the tunnels effectively take you underneath
where we are walking here and bring you out right in front of the ice rink just across
the road here I would only do it if it is really hammering down with rain but there
again if it is really hammering down with rain you probably want to go to Knightsbridge
anyway which is the shorter walk but Harrods is effectively down there but first of all
I’ll give you a quick look at the Natural History Museum there is an ice rink here right
now super popular but there is also a cafe inside it you can get coffee food drink the
same with the V and A which is there there is an amazing cafe and coffee shop on the
ground floor which I definitely recommend but lets take a look at the ice skating first
of all OK we have the ice rink there is actually a bar and restaurant overlooking it so you
can come here spectate enjoy a warm drink or cold drink but yeah just down there that
is where the tunnels from South Kensington station come out so you can head back that
way Super cars it is that part of town lets go and see if we can take a look in the museum
it is quite late I’am not sure how long it will be open for but lets go and see OK the
main entrance is closed so walk along side the ice rink to see if we can get in OK the
ice rink looks great fun super popular yeah you get better views up there inside the balcony
of the bar and restaurant (music)
OK welcome to the Natural History Museum luckily there are no queues it is quite late but yeah
during school holidays this will all be filled with people queuing up to get in let me show
you why it is a great spot to pop in if your on the way to Harrods OK pretty cool huh dinosaurs
all sorts in here it is worth popping in just to admire the main hall the best views are
actually from up here but they are doing a lot of renovation work at the moment so you
can’t get up there right now but yeah it is definitely worth if your in this part of town
pop in it is free to get in they just ask for donations and check out the dinosaurs
and amazing architecture (music)
right lets head to Harrods (music)
OK that was the Natural History museum the smell from that guy roasting nuts is incredible
the Natural History Museum you can spend days in there and not see it all it is next to
the V and A the Victoria and Albert museum here again you could spend days in here it
is definitely worth popping in both of them just to take a quick look if your on the way
to Harrods well it is definitely worth popping into both of them as a destination but yeah
you can get coffee in there food drink and there is like a court yard in this museum
the V and A particularly good in summer I’am not going to pop in the V and A again like
I said all of these things are day long destinations and this video will be long enough but yeah
I just thought I would show you that this is definitely the more interesting walk if
your heading to Harrods by public transport in particular tube check out the V and A OK right next destination Harrods hopefully
we will be able to do a lap of the whole building we can check out this years festive and Christmas
decorations and yeah I’am not sure I’am going to pop in this will be a long enough video
as it is and that is a whole video in itself well it is multiple videos but yeah we will
definately check out the festive decorations (music)
OK welcome to Harrods instantly recognisable lets head over there I think I’am going to
start in this corner and work my way around the back of the building there are sort of
entrances to apartments and the windows sort of stop just off the back but then they start
again on the main entrance on the back and we will probably actually begin again at that
end of the store and we will walk all the way along
OK right we are at one corner of the store and what I want to do is do a complete lap
of the building however the first bit will probably be a little bit boring I’ll put over
some festive music I’am not going to talk through each window that will take all night
so yeah I’am going to walk around first up there are some entrances to apartments on
the upper floors then the windows will start again around the back I might time lapse some
of it and yeah there is no good time to do this the streets are always filled with people
so there will be people in the way of the windows and hopefully you’ll get a feel of
them I’ll try and get a good shot of them but yeah this is video so you can pause and
rewind and take a closer look but yeah lets get started the key thing to take from this
as I walk and do a lap of the entire perimeter of Harrods is the sheer scale of the store
it is big by anyone standards and considering this is some of the most expensive real estate
some of the most expensive land not just here in London but in the entire world it is an
incredible shop OK as I was saying those are the entrances there to the apartments and
this part of the store is not anything to look at except for architecturally I think
originally a lot of the upper floors were apartments they commandeered more and more
for shop floor but it must be an amazing place to stay and to live also the one of the bigger
entrances is on this back corner of the building and a Laduree patisserie I think take a look
there is a small crowd up here admiring a Lamborghini now if you spend any time in these
parts of town you kind of become oblivious to them they are common as muck not just Lamborghini
but super cars in general the one thing you don’t become oblivious to though is the noise
and they are the bane of local residents lives if someone starts that up and they race them
about in these back streets the noise you know about it OK Laduree super popular for
there macaroons little meringue two half round meringue sandwiched together with cream and
brightly coloured OK the windows are gong to start here so I’ll shut up and show you
the stores festive windows I’am going to run through these windows at the back of the store
quite quickly they are not all that festive the real festive windows are on the other
side of the store on the main road so yeah I’ll go through these quite quickly you can
pause rewind if you like but they are not all that festive they will get better
(music) OK I’am going to take a break here I can’t
even see the windows for people so lets take a break hopefully the crowd will die down
a bit there is someone performing just there when they stop performing hopefully there
will be less of a bottle neck and we will continue OK it is a little bit quieter it
is as quiet as it will ever be as quiet as it will ever be so yeah I hope you like people
watching as much as Christmas windows lets go
(music) OK back where we started the corner yeah like
I was saying hopefully they came out OK this is video so you can stop rewind pause there
is no good time there will always be people in front of the windows taking pictures of
the windows themselves selfies yeah they are super popular yeah I hope you enjoyed this
look at the windows hopefully I picked a good moment to do a lap of the building but yeah
until next time Toodles! If you want to see more inside and more about getting to Harrods
I’ve like I said earlier I’ve made videos before so I’ll put a link at the end to maybe
last years which would have been longer and more involved but I really just wanted to
capture this years Christmas windows and decorations so until next time thanks for watching Toodles!

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