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Samoa Joe wins the United States Championship!
Mustafa Ali returns! And even though he’s not at work, Big E still watches the TV the
only way he’s been taught how to. And has Dolph Ziggler actually left WWE for super
duper realisies this time? Use the timestamps down below to skip ahead to Oli Davis’ news
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A Smack in the Face. This is the 5th of March 2019 edition of Smackdown Live. After a graphic for the late King Kong Bundy,
Daniel Bryan opened the show saying that he remained silent last week when Kofi Kingston
was trying to sign his contract, and didn’t say anything when Kevin Owens replaced him
– but now it’s his turn to speak – saying WWE “replaced a man who hands out copious
amounts of pancakes with a man who eats copious amounts of pancakes”. Owens came out to
ask why Daniel Bryan was making cheap fat jokes, and continued his gimmick of being
the everyman of WWE. He’s a regular chap, just like you and I. He then got into a scuffle
with Bryan and Rowan, with the Big Redwood laying him out with the Clawslam. Remember
to drop your suggestions on what to call that move down below. The Usos also cut a promo on their Fastlane
Baby challengers The Miz and Shane McMahon, which led to Miz pinning Jey Uso quickly with
a Skull Crushing Finale from out of nowhere. R-Truth and Carmella came out next for more
talking – this time about Truth’s United States Open Challenge. He made more references
to John Cena, asking if he really did this open challenge gimmick every week as he’s
only done it once and he’s exhausted. Lacey Evans seemingly answered the challenge, but
it was just her doing her baffling catwalk gimmick which… I guess will have a point
somewhere down the line? Truth thought that with Evans walking to the back, he wouldn’t
have to defend his title – but he was quickly interrupted by Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio and
Andrade… …Which led to a fatal four way for Truth’s
United States Championship. This was a really good TV match which started off pretty slow
with Joe systematically destroying all of his opponents, and then turned into insanity
in the final third – with a Canadian Destroyer, Rey using the 619 to stop Joe’s Coquina
Clutch and a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. Zelina Vega took out Truth with a hurricanrana,
and Mella laid her out with a superkick. But back in the ring, Joe broke up at Rey pin
with a senton, and hit a Uranage Slam for the win to become the new United States Champion.
I’ve got to be honest, I was really surprised by this. With Truth bringing up Cena in his
promos and using his moves during matches, it seemed like they were going to lead to
a Truth vs. Cena match possibly at WrestleMania. But now that seemingly has been transferred
to Samoa Joe – who cut a promo backstage calling out Cena among others. New Day cut a promo from India – with Kofi
saying they will be at Fastlane, baaaaaby. Even Kofi is on the Fastlane Baby joke. It’s
funny. After announcing that Aleister Black and Ricochet
will face The Revival and Bobby Roode & Chad Gable for the Raw Tag Team titles this Sunday
at Fastlane, Black and Ricochet beat Smackdown’s The Bar quite easily with a Black Mass and
630 combo. Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura attacked after the match, but The Hardy Boyz ran down
for the save. Smackdown’s tag division is stacked right now. Hopefully The Usos can
move past Miz and Shane soon so they can get into this mix of guys. After not having a single women’s match
last week on Smackdown, Mandy Rose took on Naomi in a match that went around 60 seconds
with Rose picking up the win via a Sonya Deville distraction. Was there ever a conclusion to
the Rose and Naomi feud? Has that just been dropped? At least it got more airtime than
Natalya vs. Dana Brooke. Asuka then laid out both Deville and Rose at the top of the ramp
to very little reaction. Rey Mysterio will face Andrade in the kick
off for Fastlane Baby, because why put that bound-to-be-great match on the main card? And Kevin Owens defeated Rowan via DQ when
Bryan jumped up from the commentary booth to beat down Owens. Mustafa Ali then returned
to Smackdown to the make the save – taking Rowan out with a hurricanrana off the table,
with Owens sent Bryan packing with a Stunner. Earlier in the night a cocky Charlotte Flair
said she wanted a friendly chat with her friend Becky, and Lynch came out to respond for the
main event segment – hobbling even more than usual. Which does raise the question about
how she’s even been medically cleared for the match this Sunday, even with Steph’s
Hold Harmless Agreement. After saying she was living inside Charlotte and Ronda Rousey’s
head, Flair attacked and challenged Becky to get up and fight back – which Becky managed
to do, locking in the Disarmer as refs pulled her away. This wasn’t exactly the hottest
go home angle for this muddled and needlessly convoluted storyline, I’ll be honest. And that’s how I would describe the rest
of the show. Apart from the US four way, there wasn’t a lot of great wrestling on the show,
nor was there a lot of build or intrigue for Fastlane this Sunday. This week’s Smackdown
Live – for only the second time in 2019 – is a Smack Bang in the Middle. And now over to Oli Davis with the news, and
has Dolph Ziggler really left WWE for actual reals this time? Great review, Luke.
Unfortunately, not so great live attendance, SmackDown.
WWE’s honestly-just-as-important-don’t-mention-the-Survivor-Series-clean-sweep-loss-with-no-follow-up brand SmackDown has seen a few embarrassing
photos come out of its live show audiences over the last year – seeing some venues almost
half empty. One problem is that after SmackDown goes off-air,
fans then awkwardly have to sit through an hour of 205 Live before they can watch the
dark match main event – which leads to a large portion of the audience leaving.
According to Wrestling Inc, that’s exactly what happened to AJ Styles and Randy Orton’s
live show main event last night, as there were apparently under 1,000 people left in
the crowd for the match – not the best sign for their WrestleMania feud SmackDown appears
to be building. And the audience aren’t the only people
leaving WWE. As Dave Meltzer has reiterated the current
plan is for Ronda Rousey to finish up after WrestleMania 35.
Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer revealed that Ronda’s last date with the
company is the Raw after Mania. This fits in with what Rousey has previously said in
interviews, and what Ric Flair let slip last Summer – that Ronda’s initial WWE run was
only ever planned for one year as she wants to start a family.
Watching this week’s Raw, you might think she’s rather keen to get to that date, as
she’s been rushing through her in-ring promos at a sometimes incomprehensible speed. It
turns out, though, there’s actually a very good reason for her slurred delivery on the
show, as her resurfaced interview with USA Today last August reveals:
“I grew up with apraxia, which is a motor speech disorder. I had years of speech therapy,
and I’ve always had problems slurring or mispronouncing my words.
In the ring, it’s so important that you speak so clearly and you’re easy to understand
and that you don’t falter at all, that it makes me more nervous and more likely to actually
mispronounce things.” Of course, the best way around this would
be to not book Ronda in so many lengthy in-ring promo segments, or perhaps give her a more
silent but deadly character with a manager to do the talking for her.
But Ronda isn’t the only WWE star with questions over their future… As Dolph Ziggler is reportedly on a break
with WWE. Despite rumours of his contract expiring at
the end of January, Ziggler entered the men’s Royal Rumble match at No. 28 to eliminate
Drew McIntyre – implying he’d re-signed with the company. But in the five weeks since,
there’s been no follow-up to the Drew/Dolph rivalry, and Ziggler hasn’t featured on
WWE TV at all. Instead, he’s been promoting his stand-up
comedy dates on Twitter, which runs through to August – although the tour does put him
in New York for WrestleMania weekend. PWInsider have reported Ziggler turned down an offer
to become a backstage producer in the company, but he will be “continuing his relationship
with WWE.” Now Dave Meltzer adds that Ziggler is currently
on a hiatus from the promotion, presumably to focus on his stand-up tour, and he’s
not expected back anytime soon. And depending on how you take his tweet over the weekend,
he might not be returning at all: “changing the occupation on my tinder profile
from “in between jobs” to entrepreneur, so i stand out from the pack.”
… What’s the real reason a WWE star was fired backstage? Click the video on the
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