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Heavy Bag Workout for Power Kicking 💪💪Kickboxing and Muay Thai Drill 3 Stages Easy to Hard

Heavy Bag Workout for Power Kicking 💪💪Kickboxing and Muay Thai Drill 3 Stages Easy to Hard

Hi! I’m Lee, how are you today? Lets improve
your skills. I have this kickboxing heavy bag drill for you, It has 3 stages so you’re
going to train up to the level that you are comfortable with! Start by throwing a jab into a right roundhouse
kick, then time the bag and throw a right cross into a left roundhouse. Your punch should
turn your body into position to kick, that’s the whole idea here. When you kick with the
left leg you can switch your stance for power or just step out with your right foot. After
each kick return to your stance and guard. Now as soon as you are comfortable kicking
on both sides you start putting them together. Jab, kick, cross, kick, reset stance and guard.
Each combination you work with the swing of the heavy bag, throw your roundhouse kicks
hard and fast right off the punch. Turn into your punch so you can spin right back with
the kick, plant your feet firmly as you throw your next punch and twist right back into
the kick. This stage will get your heart rate up more! Stage 3 is the real cardio workout. This is
the workout that will build your stamina for power kicking. Stage 1 and 2 build up the
skills and balance, now you keep going. Jab, kick, cross kick, repeat! Time the swing of
the bags for more impact, this will build more power and it’s better shin conditioning.
Some of the camps I’ve trained at in Thailand can do this for a long time and they don’t
lose any power. To start with you might want to keep to 30 second rounds to keep your pace
high and the quality of your technique high. I really hope it helps your training, give
it a thumbs up if you like and subscribe for more training videos. Post your comments or
questions below, and let me know how your training is going. How many rounds do you
think you can you do?

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8 thoughts on “Heavy Bag Workout for Power Kicking 💪💪Kickboxing and Muay Thai Drill 3 Stages Easy to Hard

  1. How do you think the David Haye fight is going to go this weekend? Hopefully after saturday, he will be 1 step closer to being a vegan heavy weight champ…I cant see Bellew stopping him without a stroke of luck that is on par with winning the euro millions!!

  2. Its always a pleasure connecting with other vegans online. I am your new subscriber. Great video, my friend =)

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