He’ll survive his turn, but I don’t think he’ll run again…

He’ll survive his turn but I think I don’t think he’ll run again I’m of the mind that he won’t run again specifically ran for re-election. He’s already filed Well, he yeah, he’s filing and he’s raising money But I specific that wants Kelly and Conway and these other people that are that Engineered the election for him to begin with well after the midterms, which I think are gonna be interesting I think the midterms actually benefit in some ways the Republicans because of the map in the Senate but I think that When it becomes clear that he cannot win you don’t think he win again III don’t So it’s interesting because I’m friends with some good friends. I went to college with this girl was a lobbyist in Washington she’s a Democrat and she’s pretty well-connected and I had dinner with her a couple weeks ago and she was like Not only will Trump run again He’ll win and and this was when everything was going on and all this and I’m like, I just don’t see him Subjecting himself to the possibility of losing he won once, you know and it reminds me of 2004 when Bush won again But he also won the popular vote, you know, he’d be Kerry and it kind of legitimized himself. I think that Trump is gonna risk Further illegitimate himself by subjecting himself to you know, not only a primary which is gonna happen Which is the death knell for an incumbent? I think general ask Gerald Ford Ashleigh me Carter how that went for them when they were primary because they were so unpopular and then he goes In and there’s gonna be the Democrats are smart. They put someone up that’s really good And but and I also think there’s gonna be an independent candidate that’s gonna screw everything up as well So I think he has a very very high likelihood of running again, and I think he absolutely could win again Do you think he’ll win the primary cuz I’m not even sure he would get through the primary. I don’t know I mean it all depends on what happens over the next three years. Obviously, I’m in no way shape or form a political expert but I think that We got a lot of dummies in this country and all we need is momentum All you need is one event some big thing to happen where Donald Trump solves a problem Do you remember how happy people were with George Bush directly after World War one not World War after September 11th Yeah people right after September 11th And he made a bunch of speeches and said a bunch of things and and his approval rating ninety percent or someone that it shot up and People were very excited and they were like this is this is the reason why we need sort of a good old boy president It’s because when push comes to shove they know how to get the men in uniform behind it and just Take care this problem military might and make America great again and all that kind of horseshit If something like that happens with Trump and Trump you remember how do you get that one? Speech? Jaime can give me another one of these things, please We had of that one speech where Everybody’s like oh that was that was presidential like he had one presidential speech. He spoke in front of Congress and Everyone was clapping and he said a bunch of things like all you need all he needs is one event something that happens where he steps up and manages it with a reasonable vocabulary and and and does things that people approve of especially some sort of a Catastrophic situation or any sort of a military situation if we have to deal with North Korea if we have to deal with something Where there’s this is like real legitimate concerns? Thanks buddy, if that happens and he manages it people get scared and they don’t want change I think if that happens it’s entirely likely if we have to deal with some sort of a catastrophe Some sort of a tragedy some sort of an attack or an event and Donald Trump manages it well It’s entirely likely that he could be President sure. There could be a there could be a moment like that I wouldn’t throw I mean
I wouldn’t throw anything past him specifically because I and many other people were so wrong about his ability to win to begin with I thought I just didn’t I thought he would do I kept saying I he’s gonna do better and get more votes than People thought but I didn’t think he had a prayer of winning But there are certain things you can look at where it’s like Well, it’s about fifty thousand votes along three states that he even won at all The vote was suppressed Pretty’s and I’m not saying he was at I was actively suppressed people just weren’t enthusiastic about this So people weren’t out there to vote. They now people see the consequences of not voting I don’t think that I don’t think that it’s like the I guess what I’m saying, is that the the Prognostication that like this is the end of the world right like that Donald Trump being president We’ve had terrible presents, you know, like we’ve had really bad present, but he’s the worst Yeah in some sense he’s I’ll say that he’s the most incompetent We’ve had some we’ve had some presidents that were just in shitty situations that they couldn’t manage long time ago Yeah, I would say Hoover’s probably the last one and puke James Buchanan obviously is an awful president the in in you know 1857 you know the state started to secede when he was president, so and he couldn’t do anything about it So we’ve had really died or serious situations under presidents that were not that were in over their heads But there also is no footage of them. There’s no film well You have to really go back and read history to understand the consequences of their actions where we’re seeing all this Play out in real time. We’re seeing the poverty of his Vocabulary the way he communicates in the press the way he paths himself on the back like the other day He said he has one of the great memories of all time and like he says things that are just preposterous No one about him being an Ivy Utley. I went to an Ivy League school intellij, Mike I don’t I’m one of the guys that says like I don’t think he’s dumb at all. I don’t I don’t think he’s stupid I just think he’s In over his head. I just never see him in the 90s talk about running for president you ever see that video footage and Starting in 88 he start talking about it Yeah all the way through and when you go back and listen to that like he first of all did something happen it was brain Like why is he so clunky now? Like why are his sentence is so poorly formed another was a speech pattern. So shitty now Maybe if that’s so I kind of wonder about like old dudes they get to a certain age Especially guys like him who don’t exercise don’t eat. Well, right. Yes, Cassie bucket in the one He’s got a big fat gut and he’s like well, how well are is neurons firing? You know? Yeah, he’s he’s See we could find that video of him back from you. Got it like watch so guys Listen to this. I think that if you had to do it again I’m not sure you could I went through a period of two years That was truly tough Well, you know you have parents and you have people that adore you and you have people that for 15 years Nothing went wrong and then all of a sudden the world seems to be coming to an end and when it just seems to become and It’s just it was just sort of an incredible experience for me. This is him Talking about going bankrupt how I like to hear me talk about like running for president But he certainly helped and you know Marley and it’s the whole interview She’s very Just listened to listen to his speech pattern ever knew as to loyalty whether or not you’d be there Be there and she was there in spades other people were there, but you know The the incredible thing is you can’t really tell you can’t really tell who’s going to be there. Who’s not I would have bet my life on certain people I would have said politically speaking that somebody that you know Andrew Stein would have been there and he wasn’t I would have said that other than for what he wasn’t there in terms of For 15 years. I supported Andrew Stein supported him I never asked him for a thing when I needed a vote on Riverside South until the very end when everybody else was on board Andrew was not there and I was I was really surprised at that now ultimately He was there but it shouldn’t have been so difficult I really shouldn’t have mentioned but here comes one of the things they say about you is that they’re ticks within you of vindictiveness? About that and you’re not going to forget that and part of the Trump style used at some point You’re gonna try to get Steinbeck. Well, I don’t think I’m gonna train gets died back. I’m just disappointed I’m disappointed in other people and I’m not disappointed in some I’m either, okay Boyd point is he seems like a much more reasonable person yet cogent like yeah. Yeah it Eh, maybe he’s going smear. You see a little see now. I have no idea. Also, I think and this is something I’ve been really battling not battling but bouncing around in my head a lot lately is that I think this This hate of him the the constant insults the attacks on him the constant I mean he blocks people on Twitter all the time because people and now people are suing him to say that he can’t walk them on Twitter anymore for being great petrol about that but this all of this like the center live satires of them all although the shit that they do is Ramping up his mania and It’s it’s actually bad for all of us, you know, and that you don’t get someone to change by going Hey fucking change, you know You’re a piece of shit like that doesn’t make people change that makes people aware that you hate them and depending entirely upon their personality whether or not they’re reflective or Introspective how they how they react to that. He seems to react to it by By like doubling down and by getting more aggressively defensive and more self-aggrandizing and more self-congratulatory You know, he seems to get more Trump. Yeah, you know, it’s almost like he’s the Hulk like you ever see wouldn’t they? Shoot the Hulk. He gets bigger. Right, right. Yeah, it’s you know, he definitely he doesn’t deal with He’s in a situation where someone needs to lower their rifles right and point and after he was elected I thought for sure that smart people in his in his transition team and he’s not surrounded by dumb people He’s surrounded by inexperienced political operatives But he’s not surrounded by dumb people that someone at some point what it said like we can now get down to the act of governing and I’m of the mind that if he just started acting more normal if he Stopped tweeting so much if he just spoke in a more normal in a more normal way did normal things People would have forgotten a lot of what happened during the campaign and he would have been in much better shape To get legislative goals through and stuff like that But he he can’t help himself like he and that’s why I think like this destructive I don’t I just don’t know that the American people are gonna want this again like I think that I think that he has a base of 3035 percent that will be there but isn’t that what Obama had it is lowest? For approval ratings. Yeah in his second term. I think he was down down to that I could think his lowest approval ratings were were higher than Trump’s lowest, but he’s in the neighborhood Yeah, I’m not even saying because approval ratings are fickle You can do all sorts of shit to manipulate those numbers And and Trump would you know interestingly and rightfully maybe say like look at the economy. It’s doing great. Look at the stock market It’s doing great. The economy was on this it’s sort of deceptive. Right right. The economy was on an upward trend, right? and again it’s also caught that wave right there is a Real belief by business people that Donald Trump is going to make things easier for them because of his nature the Fuckers with their ads that we have this sense that the business people think that he’s going to alleviate restrictions He’s gonna make things easier Cuz he had to open up doors and he’s gonna do things that some people think are very unpopular like one of things he’s done Is he made it so you can bring back lion trophies now? Again from Africa Sophia. We want to go to Africa and shoot lions you could bring them over its which is bizarre doesn’t make any what what is No other president. What is this Trump’s approval rating is bad day 197 of his presidency 530 peg that is just 37% No other president in history of monitor polling had an approval rate. So dismal on day one 197 according to 538 tracker former President Gerald Ford came close to matching Trump, but could Have boasted an approval rate of nearly 2.5 percent points higher It wouldn’t be super surprising to have Obama fallen to that high 30s or low 40s in his second term because that’s when they don’t Care anymore. Yeah And that’s when they really start to take initiative and do certain things. So I was approval right? I didn’t see it below like 47 percent Obama. Yeah. Hmm He must’ve been lower than Oh is this this approval is a little different than our approval. So Oh dis proven. That’s true Yeah, okay. There’s a disapproval rating. Yeah disapprove or do you uh prove? neutral So if like there’s a disapproval rating of 50 percent that doesn’t mean as an approval rating of 50 to correct, right? okay, I think you know it’s it’s funny because I I think with with Their there are certain things that I think people don’t Understand that are unpopular that do need to be done specifically for businesses, right? I own a business. I’ve owned two of them You’ve run your own business It seemed like with your you know, all of your adventures as well, and it’s very hard and and a lot of people look at Just from an administrative paperwork standpoint taxes all those kinds of things that’s awful and I think a lot of people point at business big and small and they look at them as like these ways you Can kind of like get blood out of a stone and take an extract as much money out of them as possible on all these kinds of things and a lot of people are not sympathetic to it because no offense they have no idea what they’re talking about and I was well, I’ve been watching the west wing again, which I love I love that you never won Oh, it’s fantastic. You probably love it. You should you should check it out. See it’s just a great show And one of the things they say in there is that the major difference we are people call us a democracy But we’re not a democracy We’re a republic the idea is that you send you vote for people that go make decisions on your behalf And sometimes those decisions are going to be unpopular but some people do know better than others. And so there are certain things I don’t necessarily judge a move based only on popularity because what does what does society at large and about running a business? Nothing, so you have to ask people that understand what it is to run a business and how you can make that easier So we can’t judge things based on that only my major concern with him though Is that he’s so unpopular even in his own party and even specifically with the house that because they are constantly up for re-election That you know, it’s it they haven’t had one legislative like when in in in the entire time He’s been president doesn’t have all the positions fully staffed as well Yeah, there there are things then that’s not uncommon either that sometimes things go for years without being staffed or whatever I think part of the problem so crazy like how the fuck do you take office without all the pieces employees because they die Who knows the conspiracy theories run deep on this one? but I don’t think he was gonna Dottie was gonna win and I’m not even sure he wanted to win and I and and I Don’t think that they had a real transition Like, you know, I read Hillary Clinton’s book what happened, which is an interesting book. You read the whole thing. Yep you okay? Yeah What happens well, because I’d be interesting hi. It’s part of the time Yeah, this is out laying in the you know in the bathtub reading Right, like I think it’s just interesting and and well there’s a lot of things in there But one of the things she was talking about was that she had they were fully prepared for their transition So you’re dealing which is not a surprise like she was actually talking about in October She started taking regular meetings because they assumed that she was gonna win about how she was gonna staff things and the decisions they were gonna make in the first 100 days and I think you just have Something that’s like over-the-top Roboto, right and on the other end Ironically for someone with so much Bravada you have someone that just was totally not prepared to win Because I don’t think anyone inside except for maybe Kelly and Conway was don’t think that’s the case where do you think he was just concentrating entirely on winning and then figured out once it gets in there, maybe but you’re so Good be anything we’d the definitive book on This has not been written yet, unfortunately and actually Mark Halperin I was writing that book and now he’s he’s finished with it I mean you realized that he has such a limited understanding of what even his powers are and what even like What was the guy he spoke to we said I had a conversation with the president the US Virgin Islands like hey Yeah, he makes he makes some stupid he makes some stupid mistakes He he doesn’t I mean I remember during the base week for yeah That was there’s some moments like that where I’m like, you’re fun you’re funny. But but unfortunately the situation doesn’t get fun Yeah, it’s not humorous. It’s not a humor situation and I feel like specifically with In terms of governance. I think he just like I remember the the debates where he didn’t know what the nuclear triad was which is like Brian fuck you not know what the nuclear triad is, you know and where he’s speaking around issues that are somewhat basic right and that someone that’s running for president should know and when you multiply that by not being a candidate but by being the man in the office and then being inundated by the realities of the office he was just ill-prepared for it and he part of the reason he won is because he was an outsider and part of being an outsider is Alienating everyone around you. That is an insider So he has no one for very few people that are willing to work for him that are capable

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