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High And Low The Movie 3 Final Mission Sub Indo & English

High And Low The Movie 3 Final Mission Sub Indo & English

Traduction By : Ala Eddine DibSambas, West
Kalimantan 19 Mey 2018 Please remove this Movie and Sub after 24 Hours.
Appreciate this Movie Maker by purchasing a Blu-Ray Disc or DVD. Thank you Looks like we’d better bring the Rude Boys leader. Really?
Traduction By : Ala Eddine DibHey, who goes there? Iemura-san Hah Iemura, yeah? He is very careless yes. This guy, yeah? You teach him well. You do not need to come here. I’m surprised to see you here, Kurosaki-san. Continue. The cement is here, the cement. There is an organization created by Nine Dragons Kuryu Group. Their strength can not be exhausted by the villagers, and also control the police forces. They try to show that they care about the state and injustice by planning a casino development in the SWORD region that will give them rights and advantages. There are five gangs in the area. and they try to fight Kuryu. On the other hand, Amamiya Kyoudai entrusts something to his lamany rival Kohaku. These are the memories of our Brother. It is USB that contains Kuryu’s illegal file related to the casino development plan. If this is leaked to the public, this country will be destroyed. The boy named Kohaku from Mugen has it yes. Kuryu Group plans to damage its USB. Amamiya Kyoudai, trying to fight for the USB that kept his brother up to his death. Kohaku, trying to destroy Kuryu with Kohaku using USB to get justice against his best friend Tatsuya. Amamiya, hurry up! As the game lives off, Kohaku can expose USB with the help of Amamiya. – Still checking casino plans- – This time is Kuryu Group and…
– Still checking casino plans- – This time is Kuryu Group and… President of Kuryu Group, Kuze Ryushin, was arrested. Looks like Kohaku-san did it for us. I have done everything for Tatsuya. Looks like the casino plan is over. However, dark shadows appeared and the president was released. President of Kuryu Group, Kuze Ryushin-san has been released. Why was he released? Hey, have you seen the news? All of the Nine Dragons are moving. This will be the end for SWORD. You kids are stupid. When you are angry, you must have feelings of mercy. Do not you understand that everyone in SWORD should die? The Mugen leader in the past was complete with him and we used his death to warn us. This time, he’s just like you, very determined. He died in vain, did not he? No matter how many of you are dead, it can not change anything. You bastard. Why? Do you still want to fight us? Our battle levels are different. I will show you. We can cover it for you. No matter how many of you are dead, we can make it not happen. All of Kuryu will attack and make you all destroyed. Do you guys want to run away or kneel to us, it’s up to you. That’s my answer. What have you done? Hold it! Your friends want to destroy it? Wait. It hurts. I like your courage. I know your face now. Do not forget what happened today. Do you want to run away? It’s not. It will start now. I’ll show it to you guys… big fight. No, already started. Do not fail well. Do it well. Boss, what should we do? Wearing a gun may be a bit difficult. It’s okay as long as they are not caught. Do it. Hiroto. You make it suicide, right? As always, you finish it quickly. What is going on? It will be rather difficult because of Kamizono Group. What do you say, weak people. But Kurosaki-san… Do your job well. Make sure it’s done. Owner. Yes. I will give you three times as much. Close this place at the end of the month. But the contract with Heaven… Time to go to the next place. Let’s go. Saigo. Please calm! Are you alright? Yes. Seriously, you’re showing yourself. Saigo-san, over here! Hey Saigo, what’s going on? Are you guys leaking the casino plan? they will not let us one. Saigo-san, hurry up! Follow me. That bastard. Let’s go. Cobra! Why are you here? That’s Kuryu right. I already told you. You can not destroy Kuryu. Because of your actions, we were attacked! It’s okay if you want to destroy Kuryu, but think about your friends too. That’s what Sannoh Rengokai should be. And! We left Sannoh Rengokai. We came to tell you that. Let’s go. Look, guys. For now, do not let the crowds out. Kuryu may be waiting. They will start from here this time. First of all, Kuryu may come in small groups, not on the whole. They will fight in our territory. Hey. You’re looking for me, right? This is our territory. We have plenty of places to lure them in. Hey. Trap them. Cobra. You’re too far away. Stop. Hey Cobra, leave him. Cobra. I have reminded you. Even if you make mistakes, do not forget that you have friends who believe and follow you. I know it… even if you do not tell me. Father! Catch him. You stupid kid. Do it. Jesse! Hey, hey! How are you bro. Tos. Where have you been? It was a prize money for another day’s fight. Hey, hey, hey! Do not touch. We have to share it flat. Stupid, do not touch it. Jesse. You did not come out just for a fight like that, did you? He said he found a sponsor. Bulge. Jesse. It will be fine. When he was involved in a fight in the SWORD, he told me to look for a traitor. Follow me. What the hell? They got away. But now we know who the Mole is. Really? Saigo, yeah? The mole has been identified. These are all first aid we have. That’s pretty good. I want to get out first. I will tell you what you want to know. Before you were born, there used to be a drug factory here. The facility was a problem. Problem? There are many useful yet expensive drugs that show a better effect. However, it was found that anyone who has too many will die within a year. In the end, the factory went bankrupt. Then, bad things happen. The dangerous substance is released into the atmosphere… and it flows into the water nearby. People are caught in the severity of the situation and decide to involve the police and dump the ground, then cover everything. Sensei.
Traduction By : Ala Eddine DibI do not need IPS lesson now. Me, too. I do not listen at all. Even if it is something that happens in SWORD? Saigo. What does it mean? That is the current SWORD. It was a treasure that Rude Boys planted for Kamizono Group. However, a moment will appear something else. It is a harmful substance from the plant that is converted into small sediments. Is that what Rude Boys dug? They hid all their rotten deeds through Kuryu and then destroyed all the evidence. Correct? I do not believe that. The casino plan is actually something like that. They plan to get rid of us. First, I want you to bring this person. His name is Baba Hajime. He is one of the responsible officers. It seems he has all the evidence. At the time of the casino plan event, You must prove the person in charge of the factory, show the victim of the harmful substance, and reveal the old times. These three things are very important. If that’s so important, why do not you do it yourself? That’s too hard for me. Where is that person? Little Asia. That place again? No matter how many times we ask him, he refuses to cooperate. If you are there, there is a risk of being killed by Kuryu. But with help, he can do it. That’s why I ask you guys. If we reveal that, can we destroy Kuryu? This time, Kuryu will be in an unfavorable position. Even if your sister’s USB is maintained… will not be in vain. Kuryu knows we’re here. You better go. Remember, do not forget your life is threatened. Seriously. Can you guys get out? Looks like you guys can survive on their own. They look strong. Hajar them! She again? Anyway, let’s get out of here. You can not go. Come here! Let’s go. Where is he? Get him! Find them! Hey, here! Everything, this side! What about them? They will find out. What would you do? I will find out if Saigo is telling the truth. Then, we will go to Little Asia. He’s coming!
Traduction By : Ala Eddine DibFollowing the news from the Casino project, it was decided that it would be built in SWORD. Construction for casinos should be done in protected areas, therefore Mumei Gai residents, who have no security, can be evicted. Is this forced eviction requested by the state? What will happen now? It smells. Hey, hey. Stop it, stop it! Stop it! Not there! The kids go there. Hey. Do not kill them without permission. Doing business with Iemura is dirty. How many people are left? We started with Rude Boys, and now there are ten. Move them all over tomorrow afternoon. I know. Be sure to check it out. If anyone has something, send it to Fujimori. Understand? That sucks. Why do not we just get rid of him? Then you tell Fujimori. That’s very troublesome. Hey, did you hear about that? The girls are in the Fujimori warehouse. I’m not tired of hanging out with you. As Saigo had said, the factory did exist but there seemed to be nothing. Everything is closed. – Why are there goats? – You are late!
– Why are there goats? – You are late! – That guy is really strong. – Let’s go.
– That guy is really strong. – Let’s go. I go. The death of the minister has greatly disadvantaged everyone. Kamizono Group was expelled from Kuryu and their leader committed suicide. So messed up. If what Saigo said is true, do not let them go. He should be here. He goes. Looks like he will not come back. Leaving Little Asia meant that there was a place he went to. Mumei Gai. Hey you guys. Do you know the people who live here? Sorry. Hey, wait. Did he kill your brother? SWORD and Kuryu are in full battle now. Did you hear it? Cobra disappeared. Looks like we’d better bring the Rude Boys leader. Really? Who goes there? Iemura-san Hah Iemura, yeah? He is very careless yes. We are the ones who have to throw out the garbage. Just like you. Continue. Yasu! This guy, yeah? You teach him well. What happened? You do not need to come here. I’m surprised to see you here, Kurosaki-san. Kuryu must change. In order for that to happen, we need a new breath like you. How about this? Do you want to join us? Do not joke with me, you bastard. Kuryu does not need anything like a breath. So. That’s too bad. Continue. What should we do? Give it to her. We will go to Mumei Gai. All we want is to protect this city. Is there behind this pain? If we keep fighting like this, in the end we’ll all die together! Why do we swing our fists? What happened to you, Kohaku-san ?! At Mugen, we did not leave friends. I just want to protect my friends. Although I can not boast about the way I live, – This is our city! – It’s beautiful!
– This is our city! – It’s beautiful! the city is like our life.
– It is beautiful! the city is like our life. If it is stolen from our hearts, it will not be worth living on. I just… The cement is here, The cement. It should not be like this. We’re not wrong, right? I never knew it would end like this. There is room for calculation, even to rise again. This is Kuryu’s act. Really, where is he? Why did he go alone? Find him quickly! He kept trying to be cool himself. I will not forgive you if you die. Cobra! It looks sickening. What if you give her indigestion? Cobra. Kohaku-san. They’ll catch Smoky! They are after us. No matter what happens, I will not leave this place! Onii-chan! You have to rest. Be prepared to leave this place. Do you want to throw Mumei Gai away? No! If we go, there is no other place we can go. We… always live for others. We only live while helping each other… for all to dream for others. But we can not do it anymore. From now on, not dreaming for others, I want you to dream for yourself. In a new place. But I want to stay here. – I want to stay with you all forever! – Eri, do not worry.
– I want to stay with you all forever! – Eri, do not worry. Everyone will be together forever. If we are like now, we can survive anywhere. Find the Rude Boys leader. Her illness is unquestionable. Good night. Everything goes from here, fast! Lala, go! Smoky! Smoky! Smoky! Smoky!
Smoky! Smoky! Smoky!
Smoky! Smoky! Takeshi, you too. How about you? Those people will not stop. Take care of everyone. Smoky… Go. Sir, where are you going? Hey, you forgot someone! Bring him. Come here! Your eyes have changed. I do not think you’ll come back. It’s not what I want. The Red Rum factory I strive with is trying hard to move to Little Asia. Shion adores you like a brother. You think it’s normal. I just do what I can. How does it feel to kill someone? Not bad. As long as this city exists, my past will not disappear. Did you come to kill me? This is the command of the boss. I have no choice. You’re there. Hey, Smoky. Why do you keep refusing to give up this place? You will not understand. Kai. Do not say that name. Hajar him! The night was as cold. On the day I was left in this city, I was forgotten by someone. However, I know the real family here. Family connected with strong bonds. Believing in the future, I can live happily with my family. Really, I have lived my best life. How is Smoky? Nice shot! The President is happy with your work. I just did my job. Also, if there are more people who die, it will be inconvenient. Stop making our work more. Yes, if not Minister Hida. Why are you here? You should not be too serious. Since Shinohara-san died, I’m in charge of the casino plan now. Today, I am here for a welcome event. Hida-san. You’re using Shinohara-san to cover up contact us. You’re so messed up. You also use Kamizono-san, right? Did you come just for the welcome show? No. Mumei Gai’s head disappears and it only takes a while before they unpack. To assume that Mumei Gai’s leader is a pollution victim. We’ll leave another victim for you, Kuryu-san. About that. Has the situation with the police been taken care of? Yes, we are great supporters of Kuryu-san. Let’s finish Mumei Gai out of the ordinary. Do we have enough resources for the mass media? Since Mumei Gai is seen as low in SWORD, they will be happy too. Let’s blow something up and greet our casino. Please hide all the evidence. Especially pollution victims. Now, let’s open a new generation !. The Casino Plan has been officially introduced and a press conference will be held. An explosion ceremony for Mumei Gai has been decided. Honey, how do you feel? Is Ryu-san all right? Doing the job is okay, but you do not have much time left to spend with your son. Dear. Dear. Dear. Dear. Hey. Will this be okay? This place is about to explode. I tell you guys, this will be fine. For him, this is heaven. We will not give up. That’s what Smoky said. “If we are like now, we can survive anywhere.” “If that’s you, you’ll be fine.” You have grown up studying in this place. Never give up. You… always… flying higher than the others. I will not forgive anyone who hurt my family. We follow Smoky’s trail. Because of that, we will not give up. Yes. Cobra. Nothing will change if you’re at their level. I already know that. But… to win it seems impossible. I can no longer fight with my fist. Kohaku-san. How do we destroy Kuryu? We must rise again. Should not Daruma rise again no matter how many times we fall? Oya Kohkoh… it will not end like this. Ozawa, take this. I’m senpai! By the way, can you help a little? There is much left. Good. Tetsu? Ah, it’s okay. I just think about how we will not clean this bathhouse again. I used to think it was a hassle. But it can not be helped. With this I will help my father too. You stupid. Father. You do not have to worry about such things. My wealth is the one I meet after letting this place go. The bathhouse is just a bathhouse. But the important person can not be replaced. You. Live in the present. Believe us. We will never leave our friends. Cobra. At that moment, you are the one who saved me. Get up! You are the one who told me to respect my own life. We can start over again if tomorrow comes! Come back, Kohaku-san! That’s why I will not get lost again. I want to live worthily. If we expose everything, this time we can destroy Kuryu. Cobra. Sannoh Rengokai is on your side. Let’s destroy Kuryu. Mutsugi. Been a long time. You have not changed at all. You’re the only one who calls me by my first name. Do you feel the same way with them? We will destroy Kuryu to protect women. Everything. Why do not you learn? It is true. But we’re stupid. Please destroy all the evil organizations out there for us. Do you guys do this on purpose? What? I told you to leave the SWORD party to us. It seems everyone feels the same way. You already know about pollution, right? I’ve heard about it. If we uncover the secrets hidden behind the pollution, we can defeat Kuryu. To do so, we need evidence, testimony from responsible officers, and pollution victims. We need those three things. Then we can protect SWORD right? Yes. First, the officer is responsible. He may have evidence. If we hold back, we can get proof and testimony, which are two of the three things we need. We do not know where he is. But we may. Then, we need a victim. Smoky is not with us anymore. Is Smoky a victim of pollution? Yes but… I have others in mind. Eri? Something chance, Is that Eri? If so, he will be in the examination area. Tsukumo and Sannoh, go with Lala to bring back the victims. I’ll go with Rude Boys and Amamiya to bring the officer back. What do you want us to do? Get rid of who’s blocking it! This is the last battle. Let’s do it. Kohaku-san. We grow up watching you and Tatsuya-san we learn a lot. But our way is still long. That’s why, to fly higher… we will keep learning from you. We will be mature in the near future. Fighting, causing trouble, and even argue with friends. But even if we make a mistake, the time we try to live despair will be our strength. That’s why I want to appreciate life today. You know what to do, right? We’re just the same. We did not learn because all we did was fight. It can not be helped. But you know, than someone who does not care about their friends and just fights with others, it seems that we, who know our own suffering, will make better adults. Speak to yourself. I will be away for decades with these people. Do not mess with Oya Kohkoh. This may be the last party. Let’s go! Incredible party. Even if I live or die, this time in which we barely survive and shed unbearable blood. After all everyone died in the end. You may also enjoy your life by doing whatever you want. I’m not saying that nonsense makes no sense. Let’s do this pestal with all our strength. What do you mean “party”? You’re just pulling a bond for revenge. What do you say? When we hang out with you, we do not fit. In fights between men, it is usually better about girls or money. But… Your fight is a bit outrageous. We will not be tainted by any color. It’s not our ego. These guys will protect women now and forever. And we will never be stained by the rotten colors. We will avenge our family. Brother, keep an eye on us. We live strongly. Kohaku-san, I followed you to the end. Once the casino is built, the city will be reborn. If it helps everyone live comfortably, then that’s fine. But I will not forgive those who use to cover up the truth to get the dirty money. We will hold an explosion ceremony for a casino plan. Balze has lent us a hand. In this case, we will also reach it. Hari Kuryu… can not be deleted. Onee-san, I will leave a successor problem for you. Ryu. You go too. OK. Do not you guys go away? Before my father gave in to his illness, he told me a few things. Hey, Kurosaki. Yes. It will be a difficult generation to live in, right? Yes. At this level, Kuryu will sink. To prevent that, we need a new breath. The new breath? I wonder when… we begin to steal, instead of protecting those who are weaker than us. Everything will change. Those people have things I have forgotten. Dad, you can not say that. Onee-san. We will follow Kurosaki-san. I also. Let’s talk to the minister. Hey, wake up. I will sign in. What? There is only a girl there… so i will go. Are you alright? Find the boy Eri quickly! Quickly find him! Hey. You are Baba, right? Aunt. La la? What happened? Eri… What are you doing? Hey! Please do not kill me. We will not kill you. If you live in Mumei Gai… we are Family. Where is the proof? What? What do you mean? Leave me alone! Nothing will change if you run away. You must be responsible for what you have done. During examination, Eri symptoms appear. The girl again… – Is Eri in there? – It is…
– Is Eri in there? – It is… He ran away on his own. They say he went to Smoky’s tomb. We will go to Mumei Gai. So you mean, there’s a underground lab in Mumei Gai… and if we go there we can find evidence. It is the only place that can be hidden. Mumei Gai will soon be blown up. We must be quick. Tell everyone. We will deal with this person. Hurry off. Take the man to the scene. Members of the press… and the audience that gathered here today, Thank you for waiting. First of all, the casino will be built in this area. You will all witness a change in history! Shit, that’s all Kuryu. It’s the only place we have to go. I will knock anyone who is blocking! This is a SWORD city! Even if you die, do not let Kuryu-chan go! We will support Oya Kohkoh. Spread! What is this? Which direction is that? They are here! You go upstairs. Let’s go. Hey, if we go in, we’ll be blown up! We can stop the bomb. How do we do that? – Look for the bomb! – It is impossible!
– Look for the bomb! – It is impossible! Let’s go in that direction. Here! Which way is this? Even farther! You’re Eri-san, right? Alhamdulillah. I have some questions. Goodbye. From king Oya Kohkoh. Great, Seki-chan! Everyone, thanks for waiting. Now, we will start the blast ceremony. We will blast twice. Go! Not here. It’s a dead end. Did you find her? No. There’s something here! Hey! I found something. Let’s open it. Do you have anything to open it? Yes, back off. Hey, wait! Be friendly. Sorry. This is.. This is a bomb transceiver (transmitter-receiver). What we will do? – Let’s wait for Noboru-san. – It’s easy, we just have to cut the rope.
– Let’s wait for Noboru-san. – It’s easy, we just have to cut the rope. Let’s see. The ropes are arranged according to the pattern to indicate which one is cut. This is the place. Look around. – Shit, nothing! – I do not know what this is all about.
– Shit, nothing! – I do not know what this is all about. Not here. We have to find it quickly before it explodes. Hey, over here. This is it. Take it all. Hurry up! Now, the first countdown will begin.
Hurry up! Now, the first countdown will begin. Is there anything to cut? I will do it. Let’s do it one by one. Wait, we have to wait for Noboru-san! We do not have time. The colors refer to different SWORD sections. In this case, it has been decided. Sannoh Rengokai… orange! Takeshi! Are you alright? We’ll get you out. Do not worry about me! What you say, let’s go! We’ll get you out. It’s okay, just go! – Hurry! – We’ll get you out!
– Hurry! – We’ll get you out! Shit!
– We’ll get you out! Shit! – Come on, Pi! – We’re gonna get you out!
– Come on, Pi! – We’re gonna get you out! Takeshi! Go!
Takeshi! Go! Shit. We’re late. Where is the proof? Not available. Amamiya! This is proof! We will leave the rest to you! We will return to save Takeshi. Let’s go. Wait! Just go! We’ll catch up. Amamiya, get going! Leave these people to us! Hurry, do not forget it will explode soon. Shut up! We know! You have to calm down! Everyone picked it up. Now, the main event of the ceremony, the countdown to the second explosion will begin. Hey, what are you doing? You are late. You guys are a great ending. We just go to that place and surrounded by the evil Kuryu. You could have split up. We do not have much time. We will pave the way. You can go when we give you a signal. Israyat what? You will know after seeing it. This is Daruma. Let’s go! You wait here! The bombing has stopped! Wait, you can not be here! The Casino Plan is all fake! We know the truth! Evacuate the minister! Shut up! We are the police! Take them out! This casino plan is used to cover up the secrets of Kuryu Group. The man will tell you everything. Let him pass! Saigo! Those boys! Let’s go! Now, this man will give evidence. Make way for him! What does this mean, you rotten kid! Let it be. It turns out you’re still alive. Do you know what you just did? You’re over. This is the last time we will meet each other. It all ends here. This is evidence of pollution that is covered up! Stop interfering, you little boy! Do you think Kuryu can be destroyed so easily? Adult battles are not about winning or losing. It’s about life or death. But we are here. Look at us. You lose. Please find research on this. My body is proof. Not just me. There are so many people in Mumei Gai who are also affected. So destruction can not be avoided in regeneration. This time, we lost. We will continue. It is very painful. – Is Casino planning it to hide everything? – No!
– Does the Casino plan how to hide everything? – No! Casino plan for this country! If you really care about this country, live right and do not escape the truth. Smoky… Stupid. What do you say? We have not gone yet. You. Let’s go. I want to talk to him. We only accept family for now. Naomi-san! Did you see this? Yes, I have seen it. What the fuck is that. – I think we’re the first. – Thank you.
– I think we’re the first. Casino will not be built? I think so. Let’s go to pachinko. Sure, I still have time. I think they protect the city in their own way. I think all they do is fight, But I guess they’re a little grown up. You are right. They worry and think for themselves, and after finding their own answers, they grow up. Though it’s just a little bit. You never showed your face recently. I think it’s the money. I know. Let’s go to pachinko. All right, let’s find money in pachinko. Let’s take a little. Hey. Cobra-chan. Good time. Thanks to you, I’m getting closer to retirement. What do you want, Murayama? I’m thinking of buying a motorcycle. I would like to ask if you have any recommendations. Do you have your license? I’ll come back and consult you. Good work. Murayama! Once you get the motorcycle, come on together. OK. It’s Murayama-san for you. It will be a new paradise club. I want to talk to you about it first. How is that? Very spacious so it is quite crowded for us to never go bankrupt. Because it’s been a long time, we must go around to find out. I will ask for the rest. That’s some fireworks. Hyuga, what about the next party? Onii-chan. Smoky is gone. From now on, we must protect our families. Next stage. Well, should we start? Okay. Let’s get it.
Traduction By : Ala Eddine Dib

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