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High School Fight Club Video (Lindbergh Fights)

High School Fight Club Video (Lindbergh Fights)

others are you school district is
investigating add videos that are being posted on face book thing into that
features some of its students engaging in a real life by club now we have a
video showing you what some of these fights look like ad you know it has students sharing out two
fires on an apparently in most of these cases the boys are fighting one another
for the love and affection of apparel let’s watch high-tech version of the afterschool
five and it comes with a longing for celebrity athletes the face book page removed early this
afternoon was called lindbergh fights comparing you to page was up as well all
dedicated to lindbergh students growing fists ana minor for their friends to watch hiking
gets terrible and so do administrators at lindbergh time at the table where the
videos today and quickly recognized synthesis we identified some young man
and and uh… we’re having talks with them as well as including their parents and
advisors to lock in the middle of that i’d just to make their heads at find a
way to a gets some woman’s commentary dimensions
like that’s just terrible hypocrisy is that i tell you bob and you seemed strange but this story is i mean is this something that’s always been
happening but now because of you to it’s it’s more transparent and people are
more aware of it i personally didn’t experiences may
school fights when i went to school but then again and went to a total hit the
school tell me about your experiences you did you ever get into a fight that
couple plates i don’t like that i love it wasn’t for the love afc beloved
affection of a woman but was it was it was over barrel i
don’t think there is still a little over a lost there was a lot of us lover
affection come into me and identify and say i can’t believe the people i was
fighting over and um… but also painfully oversold
that the high-tech version of schoolyard
fight snow that would involve likes glances unlike harbor boards though it
was a regular fight with apart from camera but don’t you think that maybe add the
internet and you two and face book an art session with celebrities fueling it
night yeah i i think they pretty much made it clear where they were saying
this is for you to uh… address there’s no there’s no no
prohibition against violence in videos i suppose and they say here on actually have a quota and no you’re
gonna mention because i found this fascinating cell discourses strict is
investigating and back if you guys can notice out they don’t seem to be on
school grounds uh… and also the police are getting
involved because apparently if they’re two consenting individuals getting
involved in in a fight like that and there are no victims coming forward and
reported to police they just don’t do anything about it and uh… it kevin quinn he’s the president the
national association of school resource officer is he says the following if it’s
in some ways backyard and everybody’s willing it’s really hard to find anything to
hold these kids accountable yeah i guess that’s a good point maybe
just because unlike the live but i think you can just like but yet but they’re leaving the slide if
you wanted if your kid and you can post videos of it um… i think that one way that they could potentially try
to stop it is saying that if this becomes like a ever-present part of the
culture about high school then it could be making feel making other kids feel
compelled to fight in uh… like they say you know if this is your first night
fight club you’ve got a fight estimated that that service dot on tue

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97 thoughts on “High School Fight Club Video (Lindbergh Fights)

  1. ye every guy is bound to have a fight or two in their lives. it's not a perfect world. but this sort of thing will promote regular fights. They will start using fighting as a method for solving all problems, instead of talking. it's just going to lead to bigger problems like isolation, exclusion, bullying and depression…

  2. Well i guess the rest better learn to fight. Bullying is a good thing in fact its a must kids need to learn to stand up for themselves and bullies provide just that. If it was up to you leftist everyone would be pussies shit rainbows and hold hands while skipping through a field. Only the weak get depressed and i do not favor supporting weak scared people.

  3. Everyone man needs to get punched in the face to recognize his mortality, there are too many kids walking around thinking they rule the world, they need to get their asses kicked and stfu.

  4. fucking liberals, let us guys have our fun. America is turning into a pussy liberral country. Fights have always happened get over it

  5. agreed people are to sensitive they run their suck till they get popped and wake up in reality crying like baby.

  6. I don't really get why schools don't allow videotaping fights, they should actually rewards the kids that video tape the fights, because it allows the school to see in detail what goes on, or to get notified of it happening. Without the video on Facebook the school would have never known of the fights AT ALL in the first place.

  7. Let’s get it out there. I’m so very jealous of my nephew these days. He has actually been unattached forever. By a cheat, he has got a model to deeply love him in weeks. Just how is that possible? He laughed and said he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone beautiful told me that… I’ve never witnessed him so positive. Sort of makes me feel bad.

  8. What's wrong with fight clubs? If it's a fair fight, it's an outlet to their aggression. Better then walking the streets knocking out the elderly and weak white boys. 

  9. Fight club is not about your personal bullshit. You fight for the sake of it, not over a girl. You shame tyler you damn kids!

  10. i had one in my middle school, the school was right next to the woods so everyone who wanted to see the fights or be in one just went into a spot we had.
    often times the fights where for fun but occasionally someone wanted to end a dispute so they fought there. nobody ever got very injured except for bruises and cuts and and broken knuckles.

  11. People who disagree with this -.- duh I love fighting not to show off xD everyone thinks it's dumb and just to show off and I'm sure it is for some people but I like to see where I'm at in my skill level of fighting. It's a sport and releases so much stress, especially if it's an even fight. I mean it is stupid not to where mouth pieces, headgear, hand wraps, and gloves but still pretty awesome, I wish my school had something like this, this is great!

  12. Dear The Young Turks,

    Go fuck yourself, This video title is miss leading and doesn't contain the fact its a journalist commentary on a fight video and not actually a fight video. Please take in to account  your pseudo journalist careers are repugnantly worthless and serve no actual purpose,

  13. Nothing wrong with this. The kids want to fight, let them fight. This is an issue for parents to resolve, if they dont want their kids fighting, not for police and school admin.

  14. Eugh, more bullshit,
    let the boys slug it out, all this pissy people acting as if it's the worst thing ever, IT'S  WHAT MEN DO. We've been doing it for thousands of years and we'll keep doing it for thousands of years. 


    FREAK (SPLASH) (@FREAKSPLASH)| I WILL NOT DIE | Audio | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

  16. I don't think they understand the point of fight club. You shouldn't fight over a girl. You fight for fun, just strictly for fighting. There's no hate for it.

  17. Americans fight like little bitchy girls!! A lot if grabbing and dancing! New Zealand with fuck all Americans!!!

  18. It's human nature. We either wanna fight or see a fight. But that's what MMA, boxing, Ice hockey and football are for, to let out that violence in a 'controlled' environment  

  19. I went to this school. Knew all the guys who were fighting. They were a grade under me. Even I know FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB YOU DONT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

  20. I think that videos like this should be taken down.  If you want to see a fight, go see a professional match.   Putting the video on YouTube puts the mental health of the loser at risk.  YouTube has the responsibility to take this down, just like if a man videoed himself abusing his wife.   Take it down.

  21. So…as a kid, you can beat the shit out of each other and if no one complains the police can't do nothing about it…but if you make a sex tape…

    See where I'm going?

  22. There is no fight club. But seriously this is cool. The school should start a boxing club so they can learn how to actually punch haha.

  23. People in fight club won’t talk about it people is not in it they could told campus visors about it u never know it could not fight club people it could be a student or Parent

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