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Hot Blue Steel Ep 01 (Chinese with English Subtitles)

Hot Blue Steel Ep 01 (Chinese with English Subtitles)

Two hours ago a group of international pirates
aboard 3 high speed vessels left international waters, now
in vicinity of Sha-Wei Island Inteligence reports that they are searching for a
Black Box on the sea floor That’s a way to draw attention the data in that Black
Box must be very important Otherwise they wouldn’t
take such a risk entering our waters These pirates have spread
terror on the high seas Last month they hijacked 3 fishing boats High command has ordered us to end this Dead or alive? up to you Sir Targeted vessels are 2
nautical miles straight ahead Keep an eye on them Seal the hatch, open the air
lock, deploy the divers Aye Aye Main gun – 5 degrees starboard aquire the target and
prepare to fire! Open up a channel to them Quick! Move us in near the
scene of the accident! Move the ship in! rescue the Divers! 3 YEARS LATER… Tie Zi, I’ve come to see you again This year I’ve received orders to recruit good men, a
special kind of Marine I’m partnered with your brother Wu Gang we’re responsible for recruiting
and training these Marines without a doubt we will train them well to be be a warrior like you oh, Si Gou Zi Your mother’s asked us
to visit you Si Gou Zi You were so young, how can you be gone? oh Si Gou Zi Si Gou Zi Your mom asked us to find you a wife So we’ve brought one for you No you won’t have
to be alone anymore Look here, here is
your marriage license I’ll burn it to send it to you Your mom says you two can
share the afterlife together be sure not to grind your teeth Hey Comrade Who you cryin’ for? What? Of course for my Uncle’s Wife’s
Sister’s Son… Si Gou Zi Si Gou Zi? This is the grave of a Military hero! Do you think I’m some kind of idiot? This year Si Gou Zi would only be 16! You recruit for the
Army of the afterlife? Army? This is Captain Long, of
the PRC Marine Corps! Oh, Captain Long, uh… Sorry we didn’t know
you were a Captain That’s ok, but… This is my Marine Corps buddy’s grave It can’t be! The headstone clearly has our friend Si Gou Zi’s name on it See for yourself! right? His name is right there Who the hell sold you
this grave site? Mr. Jiang sold it to us Who the hell is Mr. Jiang? C’mon, give him the business card! This Mr. Jiang Jiang Xiao Yu The house looks great But I heard this area is built
on a revolutionary grave site Sir, you seem to be
a very cultured man You shouldn’t be influenced
by this type of superstition but, in fact that is proof and certifies that
the Feng Shui there is great If not why would so many poeple insist on being buried there! To tell the truith That place is on what is
called a “Dragon Vein” Whoever lives there need not fear death and the whole family will
be protected and peaceful! Sir, he’s in there You two wait here Afternoon Sir How may I help you Are you looking to buy or rent? We’re looking for Mr. Jiang Oh, Xiao Yu Xiao Yu, they’re for you Call me Mr. Jiang! Oh, hey my friend, it’s you! Quick, get some
tea–turn up the AC There’s no need We just want to clarify a grave site issue That’s right Mr. Jiang You better not cheat us! Yes Sir, and you are… Why have you taken my
fellow Marine’s grave and sold it to them? Oh, it’s regarding that issue! Please take a seat! Let me just pull up the account Please Sir, this is the situation We by no means re-sold
your friends plot The property is still under his name WHAT?! Why the hell did I give you $4,500 for? Please take a seat my friend Let me explain This is what’s called
a joint plot rental Like when you have a
home with many rooms so you rent out one of those rooms You don’t let someone
live there for free You always pay some rent, right I guess so $4,500 for 20 years That averages out to
only $25 per month! Is that expensive? Sir, Your friend’s grave Has a yearly administrative fee of $300 This joint rental arrangement pays for that fee and saves you money it’s both economical and advantageous Well, if that’s the case I guess I should thank you There’s no need you’re too kind Sir, here’s my card please, thake it If you need to buy
another grave, call me! I have some very
special, exclusive tombs These models are situated
in a north south angle First year free; warm in the
winter; cool in the summer Rain in the spring and
perfect in the fall to the south is a path to the
mountain of the immortals to the north are the
sacred springs of Buddha! Return my money… and his Yeah! Listen to the Comrade Captain!
Return our money! I wasted half my day talking Ok, ok, I’ll return it Take a seat Sir, I’ll go get the contract Hey, I’ll take the house! My name is Jiang Xiao Yu I’m the son of a fisherman This year I’m 21 Because I’m obsessed
with martial arts novels I never went to college For the past 4 years I’ve been
a low rate real estate agent I’m not a con-man I just want to earn a little cash for my sickly mother but because I am so desperate I often get carried away so this ain’t the first
time I’ve had to run off! But it is the first time in my life I’d tried to run from a Marine! Run! Sir, Ah, Mr. Marine Officer Please take it easy If you only knew my situation I swear you would
forget about all this Sir, I’ll please look check this out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 This is the star patter
of the Little Dipper! and draws favor from the Big
Dipper in the sky above Ancient books say This denotes a destiny
of wealth and greatness! This rare sgin appears
no more often that once every 110 years and was the same
mark that Prince Bei Lei had! But lately my life is filled with hardships until my cycle of luck returns but don’t you worry In less than five years
this will all turn around! If you let me go today it would be a greater than when King
Cao Cao took pity on Guan Yun Chang In the future we will meet on the
mystic road and great each other What’s up with all these
preceiption and medical receipts? My mom is old and very sick In the past 3 months she’s
been in the hospital 4 times So you’re conning people to get money for your moms medical bills? I’ve always been a good and reliable person I never intended to con people I just exaggerated stuff exaggerated things to get a head I didn’t see any other way Oh, no Sir Take it! You’re a modern day noble swordsman all the great swordsmen rolled into one Hey son, can you straighten yourself out? Yes, I’ll straighten up I was wrong, you’re not a swordsman Your like a family member like an Uncle Did you swim all that way underwater? Son, you can hold your
breath that long? That’s nothing I can hold my breath for 18 minutes I take my afternoon naps underwater! Cut it out! You’re just BS’ing The longest ever on military record is… Why am I even discussing this with you? That’s because I’ve never competed If I competed the record would be mine! How’s the situation
over at the University? We got big problems we lost the swim champion Wait for me there! I’m on my way! Uncle, don’t please don’t go Give me your phone number so I can return your money Captain Long, this is Lu Yan Hello Sorry, but my hands are wet So, you’re Lu Yan Have you heard of Frog-Men? In TV and movies You should join our unit then Sorry The sports world suits me more As a Marine you can also
win honor for your country Go online and check it out Our new Global Force Recon– Captain Long, I respect the military but my goal is to be an Olympic Champion Thanks for the offer Goodbye Hold on This is my number If you change your mind give me a call anytime The Marine Corps would love to have you in the ranks This kid followed
us all the way here Hey son, what’re you lookin’ at? Uncle, I was trying to find you Here take this What’s this? It’s an IOU Is that you Yang? I haven’t seen you in a while! How dare you show your face after that apartment fiasco! and you still owe me money! About that, Let’s not bring that up around my Uncle Uncle are you here to recruit people? How did you know? Yang Ge is with with
the training command that’s how I know Nice guess It’s not a guess It’s logical reasoning and analysis I’ve had enough of your BS So, Jiang, what’s
your first name? My nick name is FIsh Well, here you go… Fish Uncle, I don’t know quite what to say I swear by the Green Mountain
and the emerald streams We will meet again! We’ll meet again Xiao Yu, you’re back? Hey, Lao San, how’s business? So, so Here ya go This is my business card hold on to it When you go to the city,
if you have any problems just show this card I already got one, you
gave me one last time Oh, you can throw that one out This one is new I’ve been promoted Oh, your card says Vice President! How did you get that post? Let me tell ya at Xiao Ao arena I ran into the Deputy Director of… Are you following me? Amazing Xiao Yu What’s up Ming Zhu? Xiao Yu… Your mom passed out! Please come quick! What? Let’s go, see ya Lao San! Doctor… Considering my mom’s condition,
if she needs surgery how much will it cost? At the very least, $20,000 $20,000? So expensive That doesn’t include the after
care and rehabilititation No problem, if you can cure my mother money won’t be an issue Hey man, interested in joining? get sign up bonus and family members also get benefits and preferential medical care How much is the bonus? It’s not a set amount but if you join you’ll
make your family proud and you get a government stipend Cash? If you pass the physical
and background check then yes, definately Just sign here Hey… you’re that MMA Champ! “Iron Fist” A-Gan, right?! I knew you looked familiar! Hey bro The last time I saw you on TV you decimated that Thai
kickboxer in seconds! You were all like… and then There it is! The fist that could knock
the head off a bear! I warn you… get near this fist and anything under 400 pounds is dead Wow, are you for real bro? A-Gan Can you show us some moves? C’mon guys, give him a hand! Alright, I’ll show you a couple moves Whose bag? Get it outta here… I’m takin’ to you Are you deaf, I said move it! You’re lookin’ for a beatin’ aren’t you! left, right, left — left, right, left Platoon, Stand at… Ease! Attention You will split into two squads 1st Squad, pick up the tables
and chairs at the warehouse 2nd Squad prep parade ground
and clean the bathrooms Clean toilets? Drill Instructor, we
came here to be frogmen not to do crap jobs You guys are new recruits, obey orders! We need to prepare for
the Blue Steel Ceremony You don’t have a choice here Now get to work! Excuse me Sir! What is Blue Steel? can you tell us? Shut your damn mouth! Platoon… Right face Freakin’ idiot! This is BS! we got all the tables and chairs we even arranged the flower pots Why are they dressed differently up front? I guess Recruits don’t
count as real Marines Yeah, this is BS What’s BS? Huh? Oh so you want to call
yourselves Marines huh? In a few minutes you’re gonna see What a real Marine is! Eyes front! Formation….. Attention Let the Blue Steel Dagger
award ceremony begin Ba Lang Here Step Forward Aye Aye Sir Brigade Commander Xiao, present Ba
Lang with the Blue Flame Dagger Remember may your blood spill into the
sea in defense of the Mother Land and the sea run through your veins Aye aye Sir I hereby swear I hereby swear I will spill my blood into the sea
in defense of the Mother Land I will spill my blood into the sea
in defense of the Mother Land That day many Recruits asked Why was that stunning dagger
known as “The Blue Flame” Later, an old Marine told me Fire comes in many colors Of all the colors the blue
flame burns the hottest It takes the most intense blue flame to create an unrivaled
and razor sharp blade The Blue Flame Blade represents a baptism of blood and fire disciplined training and an iron will that forges you into the elite of the elite the best of the best Are you the one named Zhang Chong? Why? Step forward! Whassup? Why didn’t you clap? Why would I clap? What the hell did you say? What? Say it again, I dare you! I didn’t clap — SO WHAT! Alright One on one just a little competition One on one I ain’t ‘fraid of nothin’ Little boy, you afraid to get hurt? Hey sweetie, you’re just a Recruit people might think I’m picking on you wanna friend to help you? Hey little guy I’ll let you hit me five times
for everytime I hit you I’ll make you fight! Man! Awesome moves! Hey little boy comfortable down there? I ain’t done yet Still a smart ass huh Let’s go again! not happy, let’s have
another round then! Let me go! Let me go! Ba Lang — Zhang Chong! Get back in ranks! Listen to Chief Instructor Wu!
Back in ranks! Aye aye Sir Let me go! he won, he won Hello Commissar the Recruits are already in place we’ve got a good bunch have they already started training? Don’t worry, the training
is going according to plan Just continue with
your advanced course This is sucks! I’m sick of cleaning toilets too! Untrained recruits get
buried up to the neck in work complaining won’t solve any problems yeah, you’re right who you talking about? You asked who I’m talking about? everyone is just complaining what the hell? c’mon If you got problems why not blow off steam Calm down, calm down but you pretend you’re better than everyone enough enough If you want to be a man you must first know yourself if you remain ignorant
everyday will be the same more importantly you lose face and cause your fellow
Marines to lose face You need a beatin’ stop! stop! Stop fighting calm down! calm down! stop it! stop it! Ok, ok, stop! Get to work! Is beatin’ the hell out of our
fellow Marines part of our mission? Welcome to the Marine Corps welcome to Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance Training I’m your Chief Instructor, Wu Gang Over the next two years,
everything that you do will be under my command understood? Understood! I couldn’t hear you Use your man voice when you answer me! Understand? Understood! You men have just finished 3 months of recruit training You were all hand picked; intelligent and skilled men What did we choose you for? to join the Marine Corps to join Amphibious Force Reconnaissance What is the Marine Corps? The Marine Corps is an iron
fist; a deadly knife the supreme mission is
to attack, to assault and Force Recon we are the hard knuckles of that iron fist we are the razor sharp edge of the knife You men are the most
qualified and outstanding candidates chosen to carry
out this sacred mission So, from today forward you men will be put through the
most rigorous training known to man Understand? Aye aye Sir This training will be very painful Pain is your best friend Do you know what the best
thing about pain is? Negative Sir Pain lets you know you ain’t dead yet and you can continue to fight! I will be very hard on you You won’t like me You may hate me; but you’ll learn quickly I want you all to learn How to rise above the battle I want you to kearn Any hesitation could cause your fellow Marine to lose his life And finally, I want you to learn the meaning of comradery the meaning of duty the meaning of dedication Do you still want to go forward? Do you still want to become a true warrior? Yes Sir! LOUDER! YES SIR! Get up! Get outside! Let’s go, faster, swiftly! Get up! Outta bed! Move! If you don’t hurry up No breakfast Let’s go! You move like a bunch of old women! Move! No time for breakfast! C’mon! Swift, Silent, Deadly! faster 87… 88… 89 90… … … 91 Hey, Yan Yan Look at that, why is the
first name marked out? I don’t know maybe he retired What are you two talkin’ about? Uh, nothin’ Drill Instructor We were discussing what
happened to the first name As long as he’s around everyone else is just second best What do you mean? Shut your face! Oh, you guys are all sweating I’ll help you cool off! Proper form! don’t be sloppy Sir Captain Long, someone
is looking for you Says he’s your nephew My nephew? where? it’s you? Uncle Long! Why the hell did you join up? To “defend the country”, and
I needed to get in shape Which unit are you assigned to? Service and Support I do purchasing I’m in charge of all the food and
drink for hundreds of Marines Lately I’ve been helping
out in the cafeteria I’m also in charge of the theater
and cleaning the bathrooms I’m in charge of a lot of stuff Why did you say you’re my nephew? You’re a busy man If I didn’t say I was your nephew there’s no way they would tell you but they always let family through You sneaky little… So, do you need anything? My mom told me many times to be sure to pay you back! 1, 2, 3, 4… $500 count it How did you know I was here? I used my connections I just had to listen Everybody knows you’re one
of the Battalion Commanders You sneaky little turd Your nickname shouldn’t be Fish It should be Slippery Eal Well, seems I have some money I’ll treat you to lunch Hello, this is Captain Long Roger that Contact Ba Lang and get a team out there What’s up? An accident? There’s a scuba diver trapped underwater The authorities have
requested our assistance Why don’t you go with me to check it out later we can go eat we can skip lunch, this is more important About an hour ago some sport divers got curious and ventured into a small cave for a look unfortunately, after this discovery one of the girls legs got stuck between some of the rocks A professional diver
happened upon the scene while attempting a rescue,
she too became trapped Now both are trapped more than
10 meters below the surface What’s the situation? Right now they are still alive but they have less than
10 minutes of oxygen left Good afternoon Sir The mean and equipment are ready Get under the water get a clear understanding of the situation Have everyone else stand by Aye aye It’s too small If they can’t get in there what will we do? too small Try it without the tanks Ba Lang is already on his way up Let me give it a try You can’t go on your own I’ll go too Shut up rookie wait on the sidelines Who the hell are you? dare you to say that again got a problem? Yeah! It ain’t about who gets to go Look, the hole is too small the tank will get stuck We can’t just sit here and do nothing Alright I’ll give you two a shot Go for it Aye Aye Sir But becareful and be safe Yes Sir we’ll be sure too Hey, Chong, Yan This will make you guys famous! yeah! Show those guys how it’s done then they’ll lay off of us! That’s right! Be careful! Maximum time underwater is 5-6 minutes That won’t get them much past the opening let alone save the victims Captain Long, we don’t
have anymore time to waste Their oxygen tanks will be empty any minute Commander, what about
underwater explosives? Blow the cave open absolutely not explosives are too dangerous then, a grappling hook Let Ba Lang go down one more time Can you guarantee the hook will work? If not, what then? Without tanks we can’t even get down there but with tanks we can’t get in the opening Even if we take them off down there We need them inside the cave What do you suggest? Sorry, I kind of spaced out what’s going on here? When you said you could hold
your breathe for 18 minutes Were you BS’ing me? I was telling the truth Go back to my village and
ask Lao San and Xiao Long They’ll verify it Wanna try to save these people? Save who? What? Uncle, I’m just good at holding my breathe I ain’t never saved anybody And ya know, What if something happens to me? what would my mother do? Uncle, I paid you back the money I have to go Don’t be afraid, I’ll
go down there with you but… I promise you If you save somebody you might get a reward huh? how much? $2,000 Really? You save people and you get two grand?! Don’t believe me? Never Uncle, your a modern day Noble Swordsman! How could I not believe you! Then let’s get ready but, but, but… First you have to pledge in writting and official with black ink on white paper Look around, I don’t have any pen or paper But I have… Uncle Long, I’m ready Let’s get in I’m coming Cammander, who’s that kid? a friend Captain, this isn’t a game! Look at that guy! He can’t even use a tank He’s not using a tank In fact, he’s not using ANY equipment Skin Dive Skin Dive? That’s not possible! Captain Long! This is life and death! Have you thought this over? Unless you got a better idea This is the only rodeo in town Fish No pictures please Let’s go Be careful Where the hell did this come from? Freakin’ dork! What a joke! I know him He managed crappy apartments What is the Battalion Commander thinking? I think Captain Long is nuts Yeah, why didn’t he use us? But he takes that turd on the rescue! And Skin Diving?! How useless! Those two tried it They couldn’t do it Shut your face! Actually it wasn’t for the $2000 reward money I just needed to give myself an excuse I’d never attempted an
underwater rescue before I couldn’t even imagine it Under Captain Long’s direction I became like clay in a sculpters hand from the moment I plunged under the sea My destiny was forever changed the direction of my life
changed 180 degrees for the better Still many years later I often wonder If I had it to do all over again standing there on that beach what choice would I make and everytime my answer is the same My mother often said destiny doesn’t choose the man and
man doesn’t choose his destiny It’s just fate

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