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  1. I don't think it lost its cool par se. I just think longevity is hard for someone branded as a gangster artist. Hip-hop is in a space where everyone has a lane so much so that even people who rap about gangster lifestyle don't have to be gangsters in the eyes on the current populace, I.e 6ix9ine and generation Z. When you're young it's cool then you grow out of it

  2. Very informative and very true video. I like that gangsta rap is a relic of the past and that the 2000s opened up new rap.

  3. Part of me now wishes 50 would have gotten the best of that rivalry with Kanye..now that I’ve seen were Kanye has went with his career.

  4. Honestly growing up on the early to mid 90s which was the height of hardcore hip-hop it was getting watered down and every Generation don't like what the last generation was into this is the Era of the sensitive nigga this reminds of the mid 80s where nobody was frontin they where tough they just wanted to have a good time it's history just repeating itself that's all

  5. I think too many people were faking in the gangsta rap genre! With the introduction to the internet many people who ‘talked that talk’ were exposed with good ol 240p mobile phone footage from the early 2000s to crystal clear 4K mobile phone videos of your favourite rappers getting their ass beat/chain snatched … also the big gangsta rappers started to chase money and doing rnb/ pop songs features and it leads to
    fans questioning their moves (I know, cause I was 50 Stan 🤷🏾‍♂️) and now anyone can be gangsta on a trap beat so as long as it has a cool melody bouncy 808s and a crisp snare oh and don’t forget dem hi hats.. anyways it just seems inauthentic to its audience

  6. I think its more like its sorta between lyrical and gangster rap are moving up more than gangster rap is, u saw hi-rez made a song with vinjay, thats one sign, while we got dababy doing songs and making them about whatever the heck he does, the point is, some things people do when it comes to rap can kinda take it to far, not really enjoying it as much nust putting it out there, at least thats what i think

  7. How so when nba young boy has the number 1 album and da baby is one of the hottest gangsta rap hasn’t lost it’s cool

  8. I'll tell u why it's losing its cool. Nipsey a guy who tried doing good for the Hood gets killed by a Rat. Then Kodack Black is cracking jokes about it. Gangstas are doing all this Gang Banging and not really rebelling against racism. Gucci does Black Face and Hood Dudes are still their biggest supporters. DaBaby is the Hottest in the Game yes but it's really his Charisma why he is.

  9. So Kanye outselling 50 over 10 years ago and Kendrick Lamar's lone success within a sea of gangster rappers negates the general dominance of Trap,which was born out of gangsta rap?

    And how does Kanye's chart dominance translate into chart dominance by Tierra Wack and No-Name,both of whom have been mainstream for all of five seconds?(Assuming they could be considered mainstream at all.)

    I've hated gangster rap ever since it was de-radicalized and codified into a genocidal subgenre back in the early '90s but this is just sloppy analysis by Hip Hop Madness.

  10. Thank you Kanye. People can actually be rappers and rap their truth. They don't need to have any fake street cred or none of that. You can literally be raised in a house with loving parents and rap about anxiety and depression. Beautiful

  11. Hip hop ain’t gangster anymore. It all this repetitive, emo, sad face tattooed colored dreads and oversized chain bullshit

  12. Gangsta rap lost its cool around 2015 leta be honest. And the few people who are about thaf life and can be considered gangsta rappers dont rap about it. Nowdays people fake being a shooter or being a hitta ex: 6ix9ine,trippie redd,blueface,ybn nahmir and almighty jay, ayoo kd,soulja boy and a few you dont know of like icy narco. People act hard nowdays so gangsta rap lost its cool when people find out half these people aint about it.

  13. That’s why I figured a lot of the 2000’s rap was very corny to me. Everyone would put on a whole fake ass gangsta persona and you could really hear it in the music. It all comes across as corny to me. The 90’s and 2010’s to me was all about authenticity. Although in the mainstream there is that typical formulaic song or rapper but those eras memorable artists are the ones who are themselves and make unique music.

  14. Gangsta rap didnt lose its cool, it died, it died because most of the rappers are locked up or dead or just don't do that music anymore.

  15. I mean gangsta rap is still there if you have emcees/rappers out there talking that shit and they really did some shit before becoming a rap star

  16. As a person that is from a different era who is from that gangsta era of lyrical rappers. I kind of hate today’s generation. I understand that it’s a new day and everyone not gangster but niggas sing and cry too much on tracks for me. I’m a grown man dawg.

  17. How about a new Sub-Genre ! Gem-Hop ( Hip-Hop made by Geminis )
    Coz Geminis are really good at Communication !
    Ice Cube
    Remy Ma
    Andre 3000
    Kanye West
    Kendrick Lamar
    Fetty wap
    Trippie red
    Kodak Black
    They are too many so etc etc !!!!
    It will be crazy !
    Imagine a song with Kanye West X Kendrick Lamar X Scarlxrd X Trippie Red X Mackelmore X Geazy – Gemini ♊ ( name of the track )

  18. You guys should have went more into Tekashi 69 , Dj Akademiks, & Nipsey Hussle

    I know people hate 69 but he seriously made a mockery of the game to now anything gangster is not taken serious also now people condone snitching which is a taboo of the gangster lifestyle.

    Dj Akademiks essential got famous for clowning gangster shit and was REWARDED a seat on complex. When he and Tekashi teamed up they both had the youth which is key because even now Dj Akademiks is lowkey vouching for 69 while he’s in jail.

    Also Nispey Hussle being killed showed how lame and uncool the gangster persona could get. This year ( 2019 ) was the pivotal nail in the coffin for gangster shit

  19. Nah, it’ll always be cool. It’s music with balls. I’ll be damned if I’m lectured to by a generation that embraces mumble rap.

  20. I think your missing the point that Trap Music is the new gangster rap and that sells very well still… like Migos, Young Thug, 2Chainz, 21 etc

  21. Young Jeezy Gucci mane ti yo Gotti and boosie was the last gangsta rappers these new niggas is wearing skinny jeans and choker chains and dying thier hair ain't nothing gangsta about that

  22. Iunno man, migos, future, young thug, cardi b, Casanova, and whether he was a real gangster or no 69 was definitely making gangster music and well he was the biggest artist while he was out less than 6months ago.

  23. Or more white people listen to hip hop now. Not that drake, kendrick, etc. don't get love in the hood, but niggas still play heavy meek, etc. Put another way nongansta rap is for a wider audience.

  24. Gangsta rap was killed by Rick Ross with his reality being shown and well… rapping about date rape like it was cool. So not only was he a massive phony, but Drake's career goes way up. So what you're stuck with is fake gangster or corporate bootlicker with hot hooks written by suits. This of course is from mainstream appeal.

  25. im so confused wtf
    trap is gangsta rap and drill and shit like that niggas still walking that talk smh gangsta rap ain't dead if anything niggas more serious now with they stupid crimes then back in the day

  26. Bro, snitch9ine blew because of gangster rap, it may not be as popular as it was back in the 90's or early 2000's but it's still quite poular

  27. people just talk about the same shit with no individuality. the same gun bars, drug bars and weak beats. its a joke now

  28. Kanye defeated gangsta rap when he took over from 50 in 2007 with Graduation. He put backpack rap back on top and that paved the way for Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, J Cole etc.

  29. I feel like one big thing is that a lot of people don’t feel like being angry all the time. People just wanna feel good and have fun. But street rappers still going in. Maxo kream for example ain’t slowing down. Freddie Gibbs and YG ain’t either

  30. gangsta rap these days are bunch of lean driven, Chain flexin, adlib lyrical 2012 cheif keef drill clones. Who like to post they life away on Media for soundclout. When the fuck did OGs move start moving like that?

  31. Please don't stop doing what you do, you're the most informative hip hop journalist out there.
    Love all the way from Sudan 🤞🏾

  32. Between the rise of rappers like Griselda and DaBaby and ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Nipsey having albums/songs nominated for Grammys I would say gangsta rap is doing alright.

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