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How Is That Canada’s Tristan Connelly Stole The Show At UFC Vancouver & Only Had 5 Days’ Notice?

How Is That Canada’s Tristan Connelly Stole The Show At UFC Vancouver & Only Had 5 Days’ Notice?

How is it that Canadians Tristan
ConnellyStole The Show At UFC Vancouver And He Only Had 5 days
Notice… His win over Michael Pierira at UFC Vancouver main core Saturday was one of
the most striking of sense of the year so far it’s certainly the fight of the
night commonly accepted the fight on just five days notice the fight was at
welterweight fifteen pounds heavier then he normally fights in light weight
against one of the most highly touted prospects in the UFC who happens to be
nearly a decade younger than the 33 year old
what’s more despite being dirtied a preparation size and weight advances
against haughtily forever did not make weight on Friday when in a peril over
there unless how many decide to still go through that
bow and then proceeded to out class and outlast Piero over three rounds and
bring his hometown Vancouver crowd to a wall with an underground underdog win
big moment after his impressive big stage performance in his own backyard
the check Mac Vancouver coach and gym owner might very well be on the verge of
experiencing a Bowman business from the locals interested in learning from an
elite fighter like himself that too will be a big moment commonly who won nine
out of his last two fights and three so far already this year he got he got a
good record and now a USC win on his belt Connelly made backstage with
assembly media and assisted that he didn’t take offense in his opponent’s
showboating before and doing their fight still I can’t help but wonder what went
through the Canadians mind at the couple of just
junctures last week Connelly has been magnimous in public
what did he think at the Pereira not only miss wait but then later that day
backflip off of the scale and to ceremony oh wait in first colony
corrects me when it laughs and didn’t land the backflip he specifies true
enough he says I smell weakness he goes on I
thought he gave on game up on making weight I imagine what he’ll do when he’s
in there with me I knew I wouldn’t quit back down I know I’m not tapping now
until my limb is about to break and I’m not tapping to to a choke you have to
choke me out and you have to knock me out because I’m never stopping trying to
intelligently defend myself the next day at the colony may his first
walked into the USC cage he had to wait for a long time as Tierra and his corner
took their time making their way to the ring delayed by the charismatic prospect
leading his coaches into a cardiac cardiac choreographed it dance routine
what went through the mind of Bulldog in those moments he awaited and waited to
finally get his big league debut underway so I am going to like this this
article in my description box so you guys can check it out yourself it’s a
long long story but he goes into how he he went into the past he went into the
future and all I gots to say is that he did an awesome job and he also spoke of
how he knew that us he was coming to Vancouver and he wanted to you know
still train and stuff like that just in case if he was on call and sure enough
he was on call so that was a very good smart move and he was ready for it and
he I’ll sure I’ll do and look what happens so congratulations make sure you
guys like subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video you

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