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How long until I can cage fight? – Fred Mergen

How long until I can cage fight? – Fred Mergen

How long before you can actually get in the
ring and actually fight a fight if you want to do cage fighting? Now that’s a very good question and you’ll
get a different answer from all the coaches I guarantee you that. I’m a little bit different
than most coaches, I won’t put you in the ring if you have no skills at all and my main
concern is a fighter’s safety. So if you have skills in which I feel comfortable you’ll
be able to defend yourself or do pretty good I’ll put you in the ring as an amateur. Always
keep in mind your amateur record is not going to count against you so if you ever decide
to go pro, that record doesn’t count. So if you were to lose your first fight you
want to get those butterflies out of the way. Of course we don’t want to lose our first
fight, you always want to have a winning record but as an amateur your record doesn’t matter.
So if you want to get rid of the butterflies when you get into the ring, it’s a whole different
world in the ring. Once that cage door shuts and they lock it it feels like you’re trapped. So back to how long before you can become
a cage fighter it’s really up to your coach. Always trust your coach because your coach
will always make the right decision for you hopefully. Most coaches are out there looking
for their fighter’s safety not for their egos. So check out our website to find out more
about our cage fighting and lets see if you can become a cage fighter.

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