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How MMA athletes train in the gym

How MMA athletes train in the gym

I’m Phil Kim, fighting out of Team Perosh MMA and I’m fighting in the One Warrior Series event Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of
multiple disciplines, so there’s striking wrestling and then the ground so
usually as part of striking there is maui-thai and boxing, wrestling is a
combination of life taking people down and defending takedowns and the ground
is primarily brazilian jiu-jisu Phil has been training with us for
around about two years now, and currently he is in a training phase preparing
for his fight in the end of April. With Phil when he first came in, we mapped out his journey looked at what fight has coming up, what fights
he has coming up to basically decide on what type of training program or what
type of training phase we we will jump into. On a typical training day for Phil
he would come in basically see the physio’s first, we do some wellness
measures, take this grip strength, look at his vertical jump, basically determine
his readiness to Train. If there are any issues then he will probably spend a few
minutes with the physio, or a few more minutes with the physio just to make
sure he is moving well for the upcoming session. Once he is ready to Train I
would take Phil through his warmup that we usually progress into some power
movements, then followed by some max strength work. So my work at Precision Athletica
really enhances my core training obviously mixed martial arts combines
different elements and so the example of striking I need to have good hip
rotation good core strength and so strength and conditioning sessions really
complement those areas and try to build those areas up so that when it comes to
striking that I have I guess that extra advantage. From our end and we believe that
Pill has done the necessary work to be successful in Singapore and we wish him
all the best so right now I’m feeling fitter, stronger,
faster and 100% ready to fight.

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