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How MMA Fighters are Matched? – Fred Mergen

How MMA Fighters are Matched? – Fred Mergen

Hi I’m Fred Mergen with Mergen Mixed Martial
Arts and in this video we’re going to talk about how MMA fighters are matched. The way MMA fighters are matched is by weight
class. Let’s take light heavyweight which is 205 – 215 so if you are in that weight
class that is what you’re going to be in. You’re going to be a light heavyweight. Now if you are fighting for a title, if the
title is at 205, both fighters have to be at 205. If they are like 206 then they’re
going to lose money on their purse. Same with amateurs if they’re off by half
a pound or a pound, the fight won’t happen until one of the fighters either gains or
loses the weight they need to to get to 205. Weigh ins typically on an MMA fight are the
night before or the day before. Usually 12 hours before so if you fight on a Saturday,
you weigh in on Friday night. And what happens right after you weigh in
you want to go and bulk back up the weight that you lost, either by eating rice, chicken,
you want to stay with the proteins. And then get your weight back up and get all healthy. Some MMA fighters go as far as to get IVs
in to replenish all the fluids. Most fighters are going to try to lose weight
to get to the weight class and then gain it back so they can have an advantage on the
ground. If it’s a ground fight and they get on the ground and they have 10 extra pounds
that makes a big difference. So basically most fighters will try to drop down weight. For a long time, MMA fighter or UFC Fighter
Frankie Edgar fought at 195 and that’s what he fought at, he’d walk around at 197, cut
2 pounds and fight and 195. And he did a phenomenal job at it. Now I think he’s cutting a little
bit less he’s cutting about ten pounds just to get to his fight which is phenomenal. It’s very dangerous to cut a lot of weight
for MMA fighters, I actually have a friend of mine who just fought pro and lost 20 pounds
in one day and was dry heaving the whole time at weigh ins and he ended up losing. What
ends up happening is you lose all your nutrients and you expect to get them back in one day,
that’s a really tough thing to do. So you want to try to be smart about cutting
weight, don’t try to cut too much weight. That’s how you can get sick and in the future
you could have some health issues that you really don’t want to deal with. Thank you for watching how MMA fighters are
matched and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below in our comment area and if
you are interested in the weight divisions, click on the link below and it will take you
to the page where you can see where the divisions and what weight classes and everything.

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