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How Much Is Justin Gaethje Getting Hit?

How Much Is Justin Gaethje Getting Hit?

Justin Gaethje is known for his ‘fan-friendly’
style of fighting. A style that emphasizes taking a shot to give
one and, lately, has resulted in the ‘Highlight’ taking too many to give any. Win or lose, the damage has been adding up,
and that could be a real problem. Gaethje is only three fights into his UFC
career but the shots he has taken even in that short time could have major repercussions. He’s a great athlete with an incredible
wrestling base and the ability to create moments of dynamic offense. Yet Gaethje largely refuses to rely on any
of these tools. James Vick, his next opponent, has made it
abundantly clear he plans to take advantage of the Coloradan’s flawed style
of fighting. So, how much damage has Justin Gaethje taken
in his short career compared to some of his fellow top UFC lightweights? In his last three fights the Genesis Training
Center talent has taken 492 total significant strikes. That is a lot. To compare, Eddie Alvarez, in his last 3 fights
(including Dustin Poirier twice and a war with Gaethje) has taken 249 significant strikes. That’s almost exactly half as many. Taking a look at Poirier over a similar stretch
(including Eddie Alvarez, Gaethje, and Anthony Pettis) he has taken 175 significant strikes
– or just over a third, at 35.5% of Gaethje’s total. Considering that, for both Alvarez and Poirier,
most of the damage they took was in their fights with Gaethje, in both bouts he still
got hit more. Additionally, in that time, Gaethje has taken
302 significant strikes just to his head alone. That’s more strikes than the other two men
took across their head, body, and legs all together. Poirier took 95 head strikes total, which
is less than a third, and Alvarez took 174 to the head. Still only just over half. But, two isn’t a very large sample size,
so let’s add another fighter into the mix: Edson Barboza. The Brazilian has been in two absolute wars,
both of which saw him totally dominated for 3 plus rounds – against Kevin Lee and Khabib
Nurmagomdov. Add in a third fight, a win over Beneil Dariush,
and altogether Barboza has been hit with 282 total significant strikes. Even still, Gaethje has been hit 43.7 percent
more than Barboza, over fewer rounds. Admittedly, the ‘Highlight’ has fought
more rounds than Poirier or Alvarez in that same stretch, but that doesn’t account for
his absolutely massive increase in damage taken. The Coloradan’s 39 minutes and 20 seconds
of cage time is only about 3 more minutes than Poirier or Alvarez. Barboza, who fought over 5 minutes longer
than Gaethje (at 45 minutes and 53 seconds over 3 fights) still ate fewer shots. Right now, Gaethje is eating nearly 8 significant
strikes to his head per minute and just short of 13 total significant strikes per minute. Barboza, who has been absolutely blasted as
of late, is taking 6.1 significant strikes a minute in comparison and 5.4 significant
strikes per minute to the head. These numbers are astounding. The Genesis fighter is taking three times
as much damage as some of his fellow athletes. And while Gaethje has a style fans tend to
love, it all has a price. If history has taught us anything, that price
will be the health of his brain. It may be something he’s already taking
into account, as back in April, he had this to say
on what’s left for his fighting career. Gaethje has been using his action-oriented
style for years and, on the regional level, he blasted a lot of guys out of the water. But, even in the World Series of fighting
his style resulted in back and forth brawls that meant he took a lot of shots. His first fight with Luis Palomino looked
quite comparable to his UFC run. As a viewer, these have all been “fight-of-the-year”
type performances. But at some point, he will have to adjust,
use some wrestling, and fight a little smarter if he wants to keep his career going, or stay
healthy into his old age.

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100 thoughts on “How Much Is Justin Gaethje Getting Hit?

  1. Those statistics are flawed because most of the "significant strikes" are so broadly interpreted. The dude is an entertaining fighter. He knows what people want to see. He knows all about what everyone says. He knows what he is doing. He understands that this a short game. Just maybe, Justin knows exactly what he is doing and knows the risks and rewards. Maybe he doesn't give a shit what anybody has to say because he is in the business of living his life how he sees fit.

  2. He chooses to fight this way. Nothing but himself is gonna change that. He's totally capable of getting better at defense. It's kinda who he is I guess. However,, he has taken so many shots that even long time fight fans like myself are jaw dropped at how many shots he's taken.

  3. I don't think it matters that much unless you get knocked out cold. Training is what used to make fighters into retards

  4. Lol we get a playnit safe wrestler and people complain hes boring…we get an exciting brawler like gathje who never has a boring fight and we complain he gets hit to much…mma fans people!

  5. It is really sad love the sport and fighters but the brain damage is a serious shady side of the sport i hope geathje retires and keeps his health

  6. A lot of concern when it comes to gaethje, but when chris leben was doing that shit everybody just adored it.

  7. Looks like Justin Gaethje decided to start taking less damage. A little more patient and still got the W and a nice 50K bonus with minimal damage. This mean Old Dog got a new trick, and beat down Vick.

  8. Whats it like to be completely wrong like every other horseshit mma reporter. If you dont fight, you dont understand. And you clearly dont understand

  9. Guys that walk into punches walk around with a lot of anger in them. It's not the fight it's life that makes him do that.

  10. Overeem & Belfort fought for years. Took a lot of damage & been knocked out numerous times. Idk im not an expert. Just don't want to lose my favorite fighters'😣

  11. This is nuts. I wouldn't want to take a single significant strike from anyone in the UFC and these guys are racking up 100s a fight… Idk.. I watch a lot of fights, and it never seems that active. What do they classify as significant strikes?

  12. I was always impressed the most by those fighters who play by the golden rule of striking:hit and not get hit. It might not be casual crowd pleasing but it is the safest way

  13. Guys fun to watch but he's an idiot. When your careers over and youre brain damaged and can't remember your own name do you think Dana will be there holding your hand? No, he wont!

  14. everyone is different look at Ali Justin is a beast and knows he's not the best so he went a different rout to get paid….become a fan favorite put on a great show make $$$$ buy houses and live off ppl paying him rent

  15. Do more videos about brain damage CTE cuncussion. Very interesting! Mike Tyson shows signs of brain damage big time nowadays. Would make a great content bro.

  16. Everyone likes to talk shit about Justin. However people don't realize he's heard the criticism but he's made a conscious decision to make every fight a slugfest. It's not like he lacks the skills to fight methodically anf tactically. He simply wants to put on a show for the fans and that's why he does it. He's even said it himself that he doesn't see a long career ahead of him. He's here to fight for our enjoyment win or lose he wants to put on a show. I honestly can't see why people talk so much shit. I don't see you guys in the UFC outstriking him. I just see a bunch of pussies shit talking behind keyboards. Justin deserves a little more respect then that.

  17. its so funny how most people seen Gaethje fight 2 or 3 times tops! & now everyone has full analysis on him lmao! RIDE THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. you cant really just count significant strikes. the is a wide range of strikes that count as significant but some hits are clearly more damaging than others. a nuts significant strike could be like 100 times more damaging than another significant strike, so counting them doesnt really show much. that said you can see from his fights hes taking a lot of damage

  19. You should of done significant strikes based on time fought besides fights. Much more in depth stat for this topic, but still the video is awesome!

  20. But the difference between Gaethje & everybody else he knows how to take a punch 🤛😂 he’s a Warrior & the people’s champ🥊

  21. Justin Gaethje should use Novothor Photobiomodulation therapy machine & implement Yoga and meditation to avoid getting CTE or Parkinsons

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