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How to Arm Wrestle : Professional Arm Wrestling Tips

How to Arm Wrestle : Professional Arm Wrestling Tips

Hi, this is Johnny Rambo of New York City
and today on behalf of expert village I’m going to teach you how to arm wrestle. Another
technique that competitors like to use to intimidate their opponents is slamming their
elbows on the table. This is no good. This takes away from your strength. The shock of
your elbow from the table simply takes away from your advantage. Remember that we’re only
flesh and blood. We don’t want to smack our elbows onto the table. It’s not going to intimidate
anyone. It never intimidated me. What we don’t want to do is….if Richie gains his advantage
as he’s coming down on me like this and bends my wrist, I don’t want to try and reflex my
wrist as far as I can because I’m a hook wrestler. My wrist likes to be hooked. So he’s got me
like this, the best I can do is just hold on until he loses his momentum and then I
can start gaining mine back because that’s when he’s weak. Otherwise I end up straining
my wrist and it’s a sure thing that I’ll end up losing the match.

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78 thoughts on “How to Arm Wrestle : Professional Arm Wrestling Tips

  1. No, he said "HOOKER" it means he pulls inside, even though he has no clue what he's talking about.

    Also, he's (wrist)wrestling, not armwrestling in the video.

    He has no clue!

  2. this tips suxx… i'm an armwrestler and all the things he said are absolutely wrong…. better don't watch this 😉

  3. I agree it is not too hard to do, but you certainly need to learn the techniques if you want to win. It's not as easy as you think it is.

  4. thanx man. I took all of your tips. Within 3 weeks(he wrist workout) i was able to beat the strongest guy at my school.

  5. My buddy and I used to arm wrestle at family get-togethers-he won all the time. His upper arms were built the same as mine, but his forearms were bigger than mine.

    I think that is one of the keys of winning at arm wrestling, might be wrong though..

  6. i really dont see why the 2 compeditors just see who can lift the larger amount of weight say maybe for the longest amount of time?
    this way arms wont be breaking as much,tons of videos were bones are snaping like dry twigz

  7. @xIegionx

    Not so. Many tremendously stronger guys I beat because they dont have good technique. You have a HUGE advantage over a stronger man if he has no technique and you do.

    You get more power pulling an opponents arm towards you and in a diagonal put down area than trying to win by a parallel (straight line) put down area. The majority of people do not realize this. A wrist roll, rolling towards you (your thumb) gives advantage even if they begin getting your arm to go down. Try it.

  8. @xIegionx look up videos of john brzenk. There are hundreds out there. You might find about 5 that he actually looses. And he's not that big of a guy.

  9. @TehLightBlinds there are videos of that on youtube. Have you not encountered any? It can happen easily with newer armwrestlers. There bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments are strong enough yet to withstand the pressure.

  10. @trashbash2001 If it's that easy then I'll believe it's technique. But arm wrestling really is about who's stronger than the other and who can push more. If a guy can lift 5x as much as you, he already can push your hand out of the way.

  11. @xIegionx do you armwrestle? just curious man….. and what i mean by that is not on table tops, but at a professional tournament have you ever competed?

    If two oppoents are the exact same strength but one has better technique, who do u think is going to win? Also, back when i first started competing, i took on my roommate who was in way better shape than me but didnt have technique. He could curl 55 lbs for 10 reps no problem. I DEFINITELY could not. And, take a guess at what happened…….

  12. @trashbash2001 I still don't think you won.

    However your main argument is if they were the same strength. 99.9% of people do not have the same level of strength AT ALL. There will always be a difference. I'm quite sure if a guy who could lift your entire weight with one hand had NO technique armwrestled you he'd beat you.

  13. @xIegionx well, believe what you want but i pinned him easily. And he was shocked. Proper form and technique go along way.

    I like how you avoided my first question, then turned my scenario question around to fit your way of thinking. I was asking it hypothetically, not realistically. But say what you want. All ppl who've never competitively pulled think the way you do. Not trying to be a dick, it's just the truth.

  14. @xIegionx Did you happen to look at my videos before you posted that comment?Technically i DO have a video on youtube of me beating mr. Incredible. Does that count? (haha, probably not)
    OK, How are you supposed to "prove" you are stronger if you beat them? Does bigger mean stronger? Dude, just search "john brzenk vs denis" and click the first video. John brzenk (the overall best puller ever) goes against and beats the much bigger Dennis Cyplenkov. And there are PLENTY of videos to choose from.

  15. @xIegionx youtube doesnt let you post links on comments. If you're referring to my video (which is a bad example cause i dont know how big the guy in the costume was), search "dirk ellis vs mr. incredible".

    But seriously, check out the professional videos and you'll see what i'm talking about. Search "john brzenk boomtown"!!! You will see him kill every competitor at the table, including one guy twice his size.

  16. @xIegionx ooooh kay….. deception? technique? hmmmm….. lol

    I'm guessing you watched the videos which is why you claim to be using "technique" now?

  17. you "hold many titles" (as mentioned in your description)?? Yet there aren't any videos of those but you have these videos of training where most of what you teach is clearly false..just wanted to point that out.

  18. Omg I hope I see the litto girl in the bar ne day so I can smash is knuckles into the table Gimme a break

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