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How to be BFPFilms 2: Hitler’s Reign

How to be BFPFilms 2: Hitler’s Reign

Warning for people who can’t handle satire. OHGOD Ho, ho, ho! *animal abuse.* It’s me, guys! It’s me, Santa Claus. *santa really let himself go online, huh?* And Merry Christmas from Toonster Studios! Cause me… Freddy Fazbear. Fuck it. I can’t fucking take this stuff anymore. Uh. TRANSition!! *well this looks gay.* Well, that was fucking gay. *damn right it was.* Merry Christmas from all of us from Spinature Um. *why is his voice high pitched..* Okay, so today’s video I was recently looking at my video called how to be BFP from earlier this year. And I was thinking to myself. I could make this better. When I decided to do this, that I was gonna make this better by making.. *woah audio hiccup.* A second revision, but with even more stuff to talk about. So.. Here we go, welcome to How to be BFP films. Late 2017 revision. Chapter 1 This is how to be the actual BFP. Step 1 First of all, what you gotta do is You just gotta… *oh fuck i forgot my lines.* You just gotta say you’re gonna make a project, And then, You never end up making it in a long run It’s just like… You decide to make something, but you end up not doing it at all. And you just like Just give up. ‘Cause it’s like… You don’t have to go through this trouble. You’re a- You’re a grown MAN. You a GROWN mAN. yOU GOT BIG MUSCLES Step 2.
*well that was abrupt.* Is to basically do another step from the original. Just grab a bunch of furry profile pictures and change it very often. Step 3
*wheres the text.* Just, um, uh… Say you’re quittin the fnaf fandom. And then like a couple months later. HEY, I’M BACK, GUYS abUHDAAHAHHG aYY- Now let’s go to chapter two. How to be FennecOnFyre. *isnt this a bfp video?* You guys have DEMANDED for me to do an expose video on him. So I’mma do a lot more simple. I’m just gonna do it in the format of
How to be BFP. Step 1 On how to be Fyre. Is… you gotta be an ignorant selfish prick. *harsh* It’s pretty much how you get around in life. You just gotta be mean to others. ‘Cause… They just don’t understand you. Step 2 Uh. Step 2 is basically just… Don’t… Just overall don’t listen to others. ‘Cause. You’re your own self. You don’t care if whatever you do just makes others hate you, because that doesn’t matter. You ARE yourself. And you do what you want No matter if people hate you for it. And that’s pretty much it. And uh… Yes, there’s no other better way to end this off by, uh, Let’s just be equal here. Let’s make fun of myself. Step 1. *oh no* Just scream at the top of your lungs like this. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Step 2
*my ears are bleeding* Just, uh, miraculously make other decisions. Like, oh, I want to do games, I want to do music, I want to do TV shows. I wanna do everything! Just do whatever the fuck you want. Because… You know what? Who cares if you have a low attention span. And you don’t want to focus. Just do whatever the hell you want. Don’t focus on what you want to do. Step 3 Be completely unfunny most of the time, and then post pictures. And then sometimes be serious on your twitter account. And, uh, never commonly vent. Because venting is stupid. Venting is really fucking stupid. Thank you for listening. Uh, I hope you liked it? Make sure to like and subscribe to DaddioFive? And yeah… Merry Christmas, from Five Nights at Freddy’s Studio. Yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, make sure to go watch Top-10 hentai animation memes. And, uh, Top 10 Places on how to get your dick bigger than 10-15 inches. Goodnight, everybody! Subtitles/CC by MikeSulpher.
Revised by Toonster.

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