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How to Defend Against The Jab – 6 Jab Counter Drill

How to Defend Against The Jab – 6 Jab Counter  Drill

Ok folks, Dan Slobodin, First Strike Athletics, Today we’re doing a basic jab defense and then a drill for a bunch of different counters off the jab This is good for Kickboxing, MMA and for Muay Thai So our first defense, the most basic one, for the jab is the Inside Parry. So Aurelian is going to throw the jab at me aiming for my head, my right hand is going to push it in and down. There’s a bunch of different ways to defend a jab you can pull back, you can slip it, you can cross block it, Fro the basic one though, the easiest and probably the one you see the most is the inside one. so, he’s throwing that jab here I will also be using a little bit of slipping as well. We’re going to start with some leg kicks, body kicks and then we’re going to go head kicks, 6 point drill As I parry I’m going to throw a leg kick right away I like this one probably the most for kicks because usually when people are throwing a jab they are more likely to turn their knee in, to get more extension on the jab he throws that jab, especially if I see his leg turn in, I’m going to be able to kick that leg all day long for myself as well, being a bit shorter, when i’m in punching range, I’m able to kick my kicks land pretty well in that range. Second one I’m going to go to the inside. now this one is my least favourite but I know some instructors and fighters who use it very well so it’s worth learning So this time I’m going to be slipping to the outside using my left hand as a little bit of a wedge and kicking the inside of his leg so he throws the jab and I’m gonna get the inside of his leg. I don’t like this one as much because it requires a bit more motion to get away from the jab jabs are usually pretty fast, and that knee might be turned in, and I’m more likely to kick it with my foot. So first two OUTSIDE, 2nd one, Slip and INSIDE Now we’ll go to the body- He throws the jab, I’m going to be parrying it again, and a good thing to keep in mind keep your hand on the opponents hand So we’re going to control that hand put a bit of pressure on it making him think I’m trying to work that hand and keep his focus there, and not on catching my leg (again please) Same thing on the other side, he’s throwing the jab and I’m going to be leaning back a bit and throwing my left kick so almost like the inside one I’m gonna lean back and almost like the inside one I’m gonna lean back and kick from here So the body ones- one to this side, and one to this side. also when you have someone dropping their right hand when they’re throwing the jab, which a lot of people do you can also use that kick to the head throw the jab, and high kick from there. same idea, if the body is open go to the body, if the head’s open, go to the head the last two now, are going to be punches. So as he throws the jab I’m going to be pushing in, but this time a little bit more down with my hand to come over top and this is a fast motion. This isn’t “one, bring it back, Cross” think of your hand, like a rock skipping on water so touch and go! I push it down with my hand, then I use my legs to push off and fire that cross. It’s not going to be a huge power shot, but it’s going to get there real quick and that can set up my hook or my low kick and the last one is going to be with my left hand I can throw the jab of my own or I can throw a hook of my own depending on range. Aurelian is a lot taller than me so it’s probably going to be a jab so as he throws his jab, pushing In and DOWN I don’t want to push it here because that is going to jam me up I want to push in and DOWN, so I can come over top of that So all 6 in a row! outside kick inside kick body kick – body kick Cross to the head – jab to the head That’s your basic 6 point jab counter drill – as you get better you can add more things to it So I can low kick and I can add some more punches behind it I can be using my knees I can be using elbows from here so on and so forth! So you can definitely add a lot of different techniques to this but as a basic drill, two kick to the legs, two kicks to the body (or head) two punches to the head And that’s the 6 point Jab Counter Drill

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