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How to Develop an Explosive Kick – MMA Training & Drills

How to Develop an Explosive Kick – MMA Training & Drills

Alright what we’re going to do today is
a drill to develop more power in your rotational kicks.
One of the keys to doing this is having an explosive core. You have to have really good
starting strength, and good start speed, meaning you have to be explosive instantaneously.
It’s not really a gradual thing, it’s just an immediate explosion, kind of like
any kind of punching, clean and jerk, power clean, things like that.
This is a drill starting from a neutral position. All you’re going to do is open your hip
up and throw the kick. The faster you open your hip up the more power
you’ll have; the more of your core that you will use.
So what I’m going to do is line up off the bag. I’m kicking with my left, so I make
sure my right foot is in line with the bag. So when I step out I’m going to step out
at a 45 (degree angle) to load my hips and open my hips.
I’ll step out towards a 45 degree angle. This does increase tension across my entire
hip. The faster I step, the faster it’ll load.
So what’ll happen is, I’ll step and fire right from there. Just one quick motion.
This will be to the thigh, I’m using more of a Thai kick with this.
Of course you can kick higher. You can kick to the ribs as well.
With this drill, you really got to make sure you’re going 45 and that you’re deep enough.
This is a 100lb Muay Thai bag, so I have to make sure I’m not kicking the top of my
foot at all, and that I’m landing with the shin.
This drill will work with any type of rotational kick, whether it’s a traditional roundhouse
karate or anything like that. Even if you’re kicking with the top of the
foot, I just don’t suggest kicking with the top of the foot on a Muay Thai bag, especially
a leather one. It’ll hurt your foot pretty badly.
Regardless of what system you’re from or what martial arts you do, this drill will
build power in the shortest amount of time. You don’t always have time to get into your
fighting stance and out in the street you may have to kick from a dead stop; from point
of origin. You may not have enough time to step back
to gain as much distance as possible. So you should be able to generate power right
from where you’re at. The general rule is the faster you step, the
faster you’re kick will be. You just have to make sure that all of your body mechanics
are correct as well as your technique. One more time.
That’s one drill for explosive kicking.

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