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How to Do a Basic Single Leg Counter | MMA Fighting

How to Do a Basic Single Leg Counter | MMA Fighting

Here, now we’re gonna talk about how to stop
the single, how to counter the single. We did do another video with the knee; we’re
gonna talk a little bit more about the grappling counters. Alright, so, Chad’s got me in the single-leg
takedown. Alright, now the first thing I wanna do is
have head control or a wizzer–arm control. And I’m gonna grab my thigh right here,
watch guys. See, I’m grabbing my thigh right here; I’m
not just wizzering like this. He’s got the single; I grab my thigh. I drive my knee this way and rotate it. See how he’s almost falling over? I’m doing this. This. That. Okay, ready? He’s got the single; wizzer, head control,
turn. That’s great, take my leg out. If I can, kick and I’m free. Okay, of course there’s the basic sprawl
as he comes in. If you can stop it. If you can’t. He’s got your leg; arm control, leg control,
turn, leg out, kick. That’s the first way to stop it. One more time. He shoots in; sprawl. Great. Awesome. He shoots in; I miss my sprawl; arm control,
head, turn, kick, here, control. Alright, one more time. He shoots in; sprawl. Great. Life is good. He shoots in; I don’t get the sprawl, he
gets the leg. One, two, turn, leg out, kick, control. Drag him down. That’s how you stop a single-leg, grapple-style.

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16 thoughts on “How to Do a Basic Single Leg Counter | MMA Fighting

  1. All of these tutorials are very helpful. I wrestled in school and have been getting into MMA and these are clear and concise. I'm easily able to comprehend how you perform these moves. Another thing I appreciate is the repetition and the different angles as you switch sides. Thanks a lot, I'll be reviewing all of these videos frequently. Great work, keep it up! I look forward to more of your work.

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