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How to do a Cobra Punch in Muay Thai Kickboxing

How to do a Cobra Punch in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Hey everybody, this is Kru Shoemaker here,
and I’m going to go over the history of the Cobra Punch for you. When this punch was created, by a guy in Thailand,
named Master Toddy, who still trains world-class fighters today, The reason the Cobra is such a great punch,
is that it’s not like a regular boxing cross that you’d see in Muay Thai or western style
boxing where they punch in like this with their rear hand. Instead, the Cobra is meant to not only clear
the front hand, of the person, here, and then it corkscrews down into the chin. So in order to set it up, I’m stepping out. Just like I would be if I was doing a kick. I’m
stepping out and letting the punch go here… it corkcrews through, elbow comes high, and hits
with the two biggest knuckles. Let me show you a little demonstration… So as you can see, the power is created not
only by the corkscrewing of my shoulder, but it’s created by the stepping out, which allows
me to turn my hips and put more power into the shot. The beauty of it is if you’re going to…
if I sidestep Ben here this shot is going to go right over his shoulder and connect
with his jaw. Whereas a regular style boxing cross would
get jammed in. One of the reasons the cobra is so great,
is if Ben goes to defend this with a single pillar I can sneak this punch right here…
or, I can get a little bit of a better angle, and go right here to the jaw. That’s a great defense for a straight boxing
cross, because I can’t get through his guard here. But the Cobra will break through that guard. Also, if he double pillars, I can cut right
through with this corkscrewing action here. Bang. And that’s gonna hit, whereas a boxing cross
would get stuck. It’s meant to fit into a lot of different
places and it’s an extremely powerful punch. And it’s usually the type of punch that ends
a fight.

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