How to Do MMA with Phil Nurse | UFC Training

My name is Kru Phil Nurse. I run a Muay Thai-style fighting gym in New
York City called The Wat. When people leave my gym, I want them to leave
feeling confident about how they walk down the street, and I want them to feel that they
can defend themselves, and I want them to feel better about their day. UFC fighters come to me for my style of Muay
Thai. John Jones called it “Kru Philosophy.” What is Kru Philosophy? It’s not about brawn, it’s not about, you
know, hitting as hard as you can. It’s more about how to make him do what you
want him to do, how to make him think that you’re going to do something that you’re not
going to do. It’s more about using your mind and being
a very, very technical fighter, and, at the end of the day, to win that fight. That is my Kru Philosophy. You know, I have three of the champions right
now, so it’s a style I think is working for MMA today. If you want to find out more about The Wat,
you can contact us at Today we’re gonna be talking about the UFC.

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