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How to Do N/S Escapes | MMA Fighting

How to Do N/S Escapes | MMA Fighting

All right guys. Now. A couple more escapes.
The North-South escape. All right. I have Chad in North- South. A Very bad position.
A very bad position. There’s a lot of things I can do here. Elbow to the head. If it’s
allowed, knee to the head. Knee to the shoulder. ultra submission. Boom. Chokes. Very bad.
All right. So. I’m in North-South. The first thing Chad is going to do is he is going to
pop up, to get his arms in the Pledge of Allegiance position. So here he pops, and on the down
beat he puts his hand in this position. So I’m like this. Right. He gets his arm in.
Now, he is gonna turn this way. Now this is very important guys, the footwork. OK. Here. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. It’s
very hard. Do this… ‘K. Watch Chad. He pops. Pledge of Allegiance. Slip your foot through.
Now. Grab my legs. Now, he’s got the single leg. He’s gonna grab my foot and take me down.
Drive it. OK. One more time. Pop. Pledge of Allegiance. Shoot up, and sit through. Come
up and single leg. ‘K. Now. Look at his elbow. Do not do this with your elbow. ‘K. Watch.
If he does that, that ? Here. Keep your elbow out. He grabs my foot. Drive. If I stay up,
he pops out. Starts taking my back. Boom. Boom. Boom. Choke. Choke out. Right here.
Finish him. OK. One more time. That’s the escape, North-South.

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24 thoughts on “How to Do N/S Escapes | MMA Fighting

  1. worst commentors ever. thanks guys for your work. appreciate the video. ill add the foot grab and see if it changes things as i always lose the single leg to a sprawl. ive got about 10 ns escapes but still havent perfected the position. i like all tge ns escapes that dont expose arms. this will be added to the mix.

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