How to Fight off Ground & Pound Attacks in a Street Fight

so defending grounder pound when your attackers actually on their knees depends on your ability to preserve space Simon so if you notice immediately I put my feet forward when he actually pushes me over and starts to throw his punch the first thing I did was I found his arm the second thing was I put my foot up what this does is it allows me to use three barriers as I was explaining and I have explained in other videos the first barriers my feet the second barrier my knee so essentially think it’s past might be I can use my knees to defend and that’s really important and the third barrier of my hands so you have three barriers through there three layers of defense but a key thing is you’ve got to be able to preserve your space using these three barriers so essentially if you get past one just to recap use the other he gets past the other you use the other the last one will be my hands and I always try to recap and get back to this position this is essential because it allowed me to kick him in the face it’s essential and it helps me to tie his arms up so once you’ve obviously used your kicks that make space what he’s naturally going to want to do is to stand up and move away sand natural thing to do so as he does that you should ideally keep the pressure on it’s no time holding the hands by doing that what I’m allowing myself to do is create a slingshot approach where from here as I’m kicking him he’s naturally going to want to try to pull away and as he’s pulling away I can use that as an option there’s an opportunity just to stand up and make some space because ideally in this type of situation I don’t want to be on the ground I don’t want someone over me punching me what I want is a situation where I can get to my feet and actually use my technical skills to defend myself or run okay so for experience grapplers you’ll often see this idea of clothes gods and it works quite well obviously when the person puts a lot of pressure pulling in but I wouldn’t advise someone who hasn’t got any grappling experience whether it be judge it’s through experience or MMA or what-have-you to use a clothes got the thing about the clothes guards okay especially if you’re training stand-up styles like Wing Chun is that it’s an active posture you use the legs you put posture down you’ll close the arms and you track the arms essentially and keep the head down you break the posture so one of the things can go wrong for you if you don’t know what you’re doing is that the guy can either pick you up and slam you or rise up and stop punching you so generally if you’re coming from a stand-up star like Wing Chun it’s far better to start playing with this open guard idea because from here as I said earlier you can kick out but almost certainly you can keep them away so bear that in mind when you’re actually looking at practising or defending against ground-and-pound so final tone is don’t use winch and handshapes in ground fighting foam tie on path months our centerline punching they’re great when you’re standing but on the ground is completely different world and let me show you what I mean the common misconception of many people who winter and think that you can punch use ball and time and hit get your hands up so worse than you can ever do in this type of situation if you can imagine talking me take a mount that I’ve got someone sitting on top and I’m trying to punch up what a match is essentially doing is giving them my arm showing the arm bar and in this position here is one way to get your arm broken so the basic idea is always try to close the space use the barriers of course but it’s not a place to be looking at using these actions of tarpaulin and so on future videos we’ll be discussing this in more detail subscribe to a channel if you get some notifications of it and hopefully I’ll be some helps of some healthier you

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