(electronic music) – What’s up elite THENX
athletes, it’s Chris Heria. welcome to another video of OfficialTHENX. We’ve posted a lot of
videos in the past about abs and how to get your six pack. And still we get requests
and comments from you guys from different
fitness levels with different fitness goals asking
for help and more workouts. Some of you are trying to burn fat. Some of you are trying
to strengthen your core. And some of you are just trying to make your abs more shredded, more visible. And that’s why I’m gonna give you a legitimate six pack abs program to follow. Whether you’re advanced or beginner overweight or underweight, this program is designed to burn fat,
build muscle, teach you how to work every part of
your abdominals and core in order for you to have the perfect six pack abs, and if you wanna know how to eat properly to supplement this program, go ahead and visit my blog where I cover how I like to
eat to stay shredded. So for the next four
videos, we’re gonna have specific workouts targeting your abs. Every week, the workouts are gonna get harder and harder going through different styles of training and at the end, we’re gonna combine everything you’ve learned into one master workout. Now when it comes to getting six pack abs there’s three main components. Number one, building
abdominal strength and muscle. Number two, burning fat, and number three, having the proper nutrition. Low carbs, high protein, and also having a caloric deficit will greatly
increase your results. Once you can pull all three of these together successfully, that is the recipe for getting six pack abs, so for this first video and starting this week, we’re gonna start you off on something very low impact to start strengthening your abdominals and getting comfortable with these style exercises, regardless of your fitness level, a lot of times when you go into something super intense it’s hard to keep that same energy consistently every single
day, and a lot of times that may actually backfire, it may just intimidate you and you may just completely stop thinking
that it’s just too hard. That’s why for this first workout, we’re gonna gradually work your way up. This is gonna keep you motivated to keep going while still making progress. So all these exercises in today’s workout will work on getting you your six pack abs, but they’re exercises that take no equipment and very little workout knowledge and experience to perform them, but they’re still highly effective, so you can go ahead and jump right into them, so we’re about to get started, I’m gonna give you the exact reps and sets, and I’m gonna be doing it with you, so get
ready to follow along. If you need to stop at
any point during these exercises, take a moment to catch a breath then keep going and try
to complete the rest. You’re gonna be doing this routine a couple times this week so don’t get discouraged if you’re fatiguing. The more you do it, you’re
gonna get better and better. And by the end of the week you should be keeping up with me in the video. So if you’re ready, we’re
gonna start this routine. The first exercise is
plank knees to elbow. We’re gonna do 15 on each side. (electronic music) Tighten everything, touch
your knee to your elbow. (electronic music) Alright, so we’re gonna
take a 20 second rest. Now, it was important that you guys kept a solid plank in that position making sure that your hips aren’t too low not too high but keeping
a conscious effort of tightening your core
and maintaining your hips in a straight line position. Alright, the next exercise
we’re gonna go for is gonna be lying leg raises, 20 reps. Legs straight out, point your toes. Tighten your core,
don’t forget to breathe. All the way up, all the way down. (electronic music) Keep it up guys, the
straighter your legs are the more effective this
exercise is gonna be. (electronic music) Alright, we’re gonna do 20 seconds rest and the next exercise is gonna be side plank up and down, now this exercise really emphasizes on your obliques inside of your core, like
your love handle area so you wanna make sure
to go all the way down and push down with your obliques and your shoulders come all the way back up. We’re gonna go for 15. (electronic music) Switch sides. (electronic music) Alright, perfect, another 20 second break and as you can see, we’re choosing specific exercises that are engaging specific areas of your abdominals from different positions
like this next one. We have star crunches,
this is really gonna stretch and emphasize on
your entire abdominals. You have one hand up, one foot up. You’re gonna come up to the top and touch the outside of your ankle. Let’s go for 10 times each. (electronic music) Whew, alright, you guys should feel your abs really firing up. We’re gonna go back to our love handles. Hit our obliques and our sides by doing some reach throughs,
you’re gonna reach in. Come back out in a side
plank, let’s do 15. (electronic music) Alright, 15 on the other side. (electronic music) Alright, we’re definitely
burning fat with this routine. But this routine is focused on building strength in your abdominals for the next exercises to come so that you’ll have developed the core strength and experience to be able to take on the next videos in this six pack abs program, it’s gonna get a little bit harder every week so just focus, follow along through these workouts, and you’re gonna start to see some real results. We’re gonna go for a crucifix 20 times. Come up, touch the heels, go straight out. (electronic music) Remember to breathe,
regulate your breathing. (electronic music) Alright, we’re at the last exercise. This is the last 20
second rest right here. We’re gonna be doing chair sit ups. So as soon as we finish this last exercise wait two minutes, then start this video over again three more times. Let’s go for the last
exercise, chair sit ups. 12 on each side, form
the shape of a chair. Hands up, try to touch the ceiling. (electronic music) Whew, alright, that’s gonna be it for round one, so you have
three more rounds to go. That’s gonna complete
this workout routine. Remember to rest for two
minutes between each round. I want in the next seven days, I want you to do this workout at least three times. If you do this successfully, you’re gonna gain the strength and
experience to be able to do the next workout to
this six pack abs program. In the next video,
these core exercises are gonna get harder,
challenging your abdominals and engaging them with new flections and techniques and taking your six pack abs to the next level with
pull up and dip bars. So start training, if
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and I will see you guys next Sunday, mad love, peace out. ♪ Listen right here Li’l mama you mad ♪ ♪ The way I make you feel ♪ ♪ like you just got the bag ♪ ♪ The Benny and the Gucci ♪ ♪ You know that I am ♪ ♪ I ain’t tryin’ to brag ♪ ♪ I’mma be patient ♪ ♪ Money gonna come when it want to ♪ (electronic music)

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