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How to Kick High | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | MMA

How to Kick High | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | MMA

my name is Ryan Madigan from Akron
Ohio in the United States I run world kickboxing Academy which is
in actually in kaga Falls yeah I’ve been there for about three years now
ah axe kick I definitely use this in fighting if you look up Andy hug one of
my all-time favorite k1 kick boxers he would use this fantastic in a fight I
like my left especially if they’re Orthodox stance because it’ll bring it
up the side of the body and down so like I’m clearing the shoulder and
bringing it down a lot of people will land it collarbone I actually try to
land it across the face so coming up and down so I’ll set it up punches one two
hopefully their head turns kick up down so I’m going one two Wow so my background in martial arts I
started traditional martial arts karate when I was about 13 years old good point
fighting karate always wanted a kick box pretty much ever since second grade so
when I was 16 had my first kickboxing fight and and pretty much went from
there I had about twenty amateur kickboxing fights and then eventually
turned professional so also one of my favorite fancy kicks is a flying
sidekick definitely works better from distance probably on it somebody that’s
wobbling but it’s a really nice kick so I’m running jumping off my left ideally kicking them in the face why I started martial arts I have to say
pretty much like most kids watching movies jean-claude Van Damme Bruce Lee
you know jean-claude van damme especially I was like man I want a cake
box so I would say that was kind of my motivation between them and obviously
Chuck Norris and then when I started you know like I said I was about 13 years
old traditional martial arts there’s no real kickboxing their Muay Thai so you
know traditional karate was pretty much the place to go so I started doing
karate and point fighting so you know I actually went on to eventually actually
fight for Chuck Norris so in that Chuck Norris world combat league it was
awesome so there’s one of my dreams and lifetime goals they get to meet Chuck
Norris so jump spinning back-kick requires turning and step in with your
lead leg to look jump straight through on a jump spinning back-kick so I step
turn look jump all in one motion flexibility stretching
in your hips but starting slow first I’m gonna start with us step over turn look
bend in my knees balance here and then from this point I’m jumping straight up
knees close together so again I’m in my stance I step over both heels face the
target bending my knees looking over my shoulder jump and straight through knees
close together so you have to break down each step before you can get to the
finale jump spinning back my idol is pretty much growing up I mean
a lot we’re like definitely kickboxers you know dennis Alexio picture two-foot
Cunningham betting the jet Urquidez bill super Wallace since they’re all guys
that I looked up to you and then eventually got to train with pictures
what kind of Han and and Benny Urquidez definitely looked up to you know again
feature for Cunningham and Keita’s I got to train with a picture for Cunningham
definitely two different times it was awesome
super fast definitely probably one of my all-time favorite boxers and then you
know Rob came in Raymond Decker I got the train with those guys very cool
stuff so yeah this one’s a front leg jump spinning back kick so I’m just
getting a little fancier with this one so I’m throwing my back leg forward as I
come through and turn and look before I kick you can make it fancy and do it to
touch so I actually hit him with the first one so just a little more power if
just throwing the leg forward to jump through my gym world kickboxing Academy is in
Cabo Falls Ohio we’ve been there well world kickboxing Academy actually has
been in place for about seven years I actually started as a manager and kind
of construction on the boy time kickboxing side and then the last almost
three years two and a half years I’m the owner and head instructor of the muy
Thai and kickboxing program and then we started presenting g2 as well and check
out our schedule and anymore and welcome to stop in try some classes for free and
check us out so I’m going to demonstrate a questionmark kick we also like to call
it a matrix kick it’s good to set it up with a teep actually so coming forward
with the teeth so a big part of it is pivoting on this foot at the last second
I turned my foot and bring my hip and my leg up over top to land the head kick teeth maybe two times maybe three so setting up with that tea maybe two or
three times teep to the face is a upward angle so if you can hitting the chin
ideally so ideally I’m trying to go up I like to do it with my power leg maybe
I’ll set him up with my lead leg and then up through the middle you can turn
your foot too and it’ll help you catch their chin better you can do it with the
lead leg definitely heal hi everyone this is ramen fight vision
and I’m the creator of fight vision YouTube channel thank you for watching
my video I’ve already filmed my new fight vision season with tons of
techniques I will release this videos during the whole 2019 year so please
subscribe to my channel turn on the bow button and you’ll never
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see you thank you by the way you can write in the comment
section which styles or martial-arts techniques you want to see and want to
learn I will try to film it next time

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11 thoughts on “How to Kick High | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | MMA

  1. Wanna kick high? Just do A LOT of stretching in all forms. Other methods are simply bullshits. I do tkd and the athletes that kick high are the same that have a lot of cold passive flexibility (splits, pike, pancacke, tailor pose). Just stretch

  2. Thanks for this video! I do martial arts training once a week and I’m about to start right now in a few minutes. This really helped me improve my flying kick and my jumping back kick. I’m definitely subscribing!🤩🙏Arigato!

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