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How to Practice Martial Arts Alone – Solo Training Tip

How to Practice Martial Arts Alone – Solo Training Tip

Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. How can you practice martial arts alone? Maybe you don’t belong to a club. Maybe you don’t
have any friends. Maybe you just think it’s cool to run around naked in the woods
and play ninja all by yourself. Hey man, I don’t judge. Just don’t touch me. Whatever the case, today I’ve got a quick
tip to help you make the most of your solo training. Here it comes. Okay, before I give you the tip, let me give you one cold, hard fact. Fact—you will never be a great martial artist
if you only train alone. It’s impossible. If you only train alone, well, you’ll be the
mayor of Fantasyland. There is simply no substitute for a live training
partner. Your cat doesn’t count. I always say there are two goals in martial
arts training—the first goal is to control yourself, the second goal is to control somebody else, specifically
a bad guy who is out of control. If you’re training solo, you can go a long
way towards that first goal. You can develop your speed, strength, flexibility,
coordination, your stamina, and you can do it a million different ways. You can do calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, forms,
shadow boxing, visualization, meditation, videos— all good. But ultimately, my friend, martial arts is
about relationships. It’s about relating to another human being,
particularly one who is trying to hurt you. A human being who wants the opposite of what you
want and is fighting hard to get it. Learning to manage a person like
that is the second goal of martial arts training. And to achieve that goal, you will always need another person. Okay. So, that was your fact, Now, back to the question. How can you improve yourself as a martial
arts training by yourself? Here’s my tip. Do something with something. If training alone is over here and practicing
with a person is over there, I’d say the middle ground is training with an object, a thing. What kind of thing? It could be a staff. A tube. Exercises bands. A ball. A weapon. A heavy bag. A stick. Or two. A jump rope. A pair of dumbbells. A dummy. A chair. Whatever. Really, you can train with anything. Just remember the big idea. The big idea is to control something outside
of yourself. Even a bag of potatoes is better than nothing. Find something to push, pull, or carry. Find something to challenge your strength, your focus, your balance, or your coordination. The list of ideas is endless. But now, it’s up to you to go experiment with
equipment and exercises that are going to fit your style and and meet your training goals. So, if you’re training alone and want to
make the most of your solo practice time, do something with something. Then when you hopefully get the chance to
practice with another human being, you’ll have some experience managing the resistance and
controlling the pressure caused by something outside of yourself. Train alone, train with objects, and train
with other people. Do it all. That’s the formula for being the best martial
artist you can be. If you liked this tip, thanks for giving the
video a thumbs up and subscribing to the channel. Until next time, hey—go spar a car and keep
fighting for a happy life.

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100 thoughts on “How to Practice Martial Arts Alone – Solo Training Tip

  1. Practice Kata with imaginary opponent's daily u will improve day by day kata teach different techniques & lesson daily.

  2. This thing when you said when you got no freinds or anyone i felt that
    And that leaded me to tear my punch bag with my fists in an single night , tq i loved your videos

  3. Train alone with something or like a punching bag, will make you feel strong enough ‘
    Just because a bag don’t know how to punch you back .. btw thank for the advice ,✌🏻

  4. Sorry sensei, I practise alone of my own fighting style. And it is quite good since I use my imagination and use other moves as references. But I do practise weapon arts.

  5. I would love to learn martial arts but I have no idea what style I like? There are so many different styles like karate, Kung fu or taekwondo.
    Do you have any tips on choosing?

  6. I'm not even joking around, I've been wanting a pet cat, for a long time, and one of the reasons for that, is to use my cat as a sparring partner. Now i can't use my future cat, to spar me. Damn, that sucks.

  7. when he says, "you can't advance to the next level without a partner, because you need to learn relationships and you can't do that alone" that's not strictly true. I've taught myself. you can learn to read people by watching people. you learn when they're about to strike, body language, etc. IF you have the real desire! but you can't go about it half assed. with any martial art, no matter how you learn it. you only get out of it what you put into it. that's a fact. if you want to have bruce lee results. then you have to be fanatical about training as he was. but very few people ever get to the Bruce lee level. because he was absolutely fanatical about his training

  8. You need to train alone to develop your reflexes and technique what's the use of a training partner if you have no reflexes and bad technique

  9. Good advice… Needed it.
    I accidentally met my actual sifu by training alone in the park, I have been lucky. By the way, I still wish to make more martial friends to train with, yet I haven't met anyone.
    Martial arts are not so popular

  10. Why are you so negative man? Nothing is impossible. You just need the will power to learn. If a woman with synthetic legs could climb mount everest why cant a person learn martial arts on own? You must watch some motivational videos on youtube and then upload your content. Apart from the negative ideas the training part is very good. Thanks for helping man!

  11. Good advice as always. But I do wonder why it would ever be impossible to train with others. There are so many clubs unless you live in the tundra I think you'd never be too far from a club. Even if you can't get there on a regular basis, even if you can only attend one open seminar per year, I think anyone determined enough will find others to train with.

  12. guys this man is crazy. Never spare a car unless the car has insurance. Then by all mean….FUCK THAT SHIT UP

  13. What about a pillow I do MMA and I go to a gym but I also want to learn faster and im interested in practicing Jiu jitsi by myself aswell as with other people will a pillow be acceptable?

  14. Hello Sensei. This video doesn't talk about what I was hoping it would. I am a disabled veteran I am in martial arts I am exceptionally frustrated. All the children and the family members of my dojo are accelerating at a much higher rate than I am. I'm assuming it's because they all practice together. The children love to help me when I practice in the dojo I keep trying to pin people down so I could come to their house and practice with them. I practice a lot but I am not advancing fast enough because I can't tell when I'm making mistakes. I learn katas and other forms but I always learned them incorrectly. Because I don't have a private teacher and I do practice on my own a lot. I've got a tournament coming up and I just found out I learned my Bo form incorrectly. My sensei will not let me change it and is telling me I have to Performance the way I have learned it even though it is wrong. He said it's not wrong it's just not right. I need to figure out how he'll get other class members to want to practice with me so I practice forms incorrectly. My Sensei put everything on videos. But for some reason I always interpret at least part of it backwards. I desperately want somebody to practice with. I don't have the funds to pay for private lessons.

  15. First off if you're alone there is nothing wrong with running in the sticks in the buff. Also thanks for the new ideas and the HAHA"S

  16. I have a question I have been in the dojo for 3 years but I had to stop going and it's been a year and I still train at home will it still be good since I have some experience

  17. Sensei Ando 's training videos are great training aids, he has helped me a lot and I just love his happy life approach. Let's be right, to become good at martial arts you have to put the work in, and a lot of it at that, if you cannot learn to love your art, despite the ups and downs that are part of life, then why bother? As a young man I used to fight constantly, a few months into martial arts I lost the need or maybe better put, the desire to fight outside the Dojo and as a 66yr old who started at 18yrs old if the only purpose was to fight, as opposed to self-defence that I have used very successfully on the 3 times I have been attacked in this time then I would surely have wasted all these decades! I have not, I believe its made be a better human being and most certainly a healthier and happier person!

  18. Funny you should mention this. I began my training all alone nude in the woods, no lie haha! 😂
    But in all seriousness, my foundation which was originally in Kung Fu, was for several years a completely solo endeavor.
    So, I trained weapons. Alot of them. The one I started with and used the most was the rope dart. The thing was a gift and it kick-started my entire martial arts life. It is self-correcting. You mess up, you get hit. Like with another fighter.
    Now I train in two different schools and plenty of other people. But I still rope dart all the time for solo training!
    So what a coincidence to see this advice being given.

  19. I practice alone because I do not have a martial art club or one who have the same desire like mine. So I practice alone as my physical fitness; and trying to learn how to kime and chin kuchi to improve my punching. I believe that without a very strong strike -punch or kick, one's striking art is ineffective. So i focus in developing punching and kicking power including parry done as a strike. I hit a heavy bag, and kick a concrete wall; and also hardening my extended knuckles and finger strike.

  20. Grappling Arts you needs hand-on a training partner… outside of that you need punching and kicking drills, to develop speed and Power! Most martial arts training is a waste of time… look at the MMA fighters… it's a brawl inside of a cage… the fighters have no idea what they're doing… they move around with no purpose and take potshots at one another, and maybe go in for the tackle for a little ground pounding!

  21. I thank you can definitely solo train . There’s so much and so many options you can do . It’s also risky because if you don’t learn correctly you can pickup bad techniques ect . Do your research before taking this route . I do great strength and conditioning drills ( I’m in good shape ) I do yoga ( great flexibility) I have studied the basics of boxing and have done varies drills and worked on techniques and perfected them ( again just the basics ) . I’ve learned from varies local boxers videos from Freddy roach , Danny Garcia ect . Done boxers workouts etc . I’ve study’d wrestling learned the proper ways to hit the double legs single legs have gotten varies wrestling drills and workouts ext etc . So I do think you can learn vary basic techniques as well as get into very good shape to really gain an edge on street opponents. However if you wanna be able to compete against other trained fighters you really need to go to the gym get trainers ect . But as for street defense you can diffidently learn to protect yourself and basics of martial arts for street defense solo training if trained carefully and properly .

  22. 2:49 I didn't realize i was practicing anything when i would take the yoga ball from the mom's room and roll around and eventually break a lamp :'))

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