How to search Latest Updates Available on Android

The Android phones is having a large market share in the European continent, where they are removing the hegemony of mobile phones and cell phones with other operating systems, how can it be apple. They are easy to use devices with very different interface designs for all types of users. Hence, it is always recommended that they be kept in their most current version. Therefore, in this post we will explain how to find the latest updates available for our Android phone, so that you can take full advantage of the useful features of this famous operating system as well as its security improvements.

This adapts to the different needs that a person may have and is so intuitive that it does not require an instruction manual to clarify usability concepts. It is based more on the concept of “do it yourself”, Where each user uses their arguments to solve problems.

Compared to iOS, it is a less vulnerable system. Furthermore, by relying on a open source system, many of its developers work to solve the security gaps that may exist in this software. Although it can be affected, let’s say that there are fewer thinking heads looking for a way of attack than in Apple-branded mobiles.

Check for Android OS updates easily

Applications for this OS can downloaded from the Google Play store and in an apk format very easy to locate on your device. If you want to enjoy the best of all that, here is a set of ways to check for updates for your device and be able to update android step by step quickly and efficiently.

Here is the simplest method to be able to find and install operating system updates quickly and easily, without any problem. The nomenclatures may change depending on the country and the version that we have installed on our smartphone.

  1. First, you must position yourself in the section of «Setting”Or»Settings«.
  2. Click on the category «System”Or»Plus«and look for an option that reads“About this device”. Click on it.
  3. Now click on «System Updates”Or»Software updates«. The option may be named“Download updates manually”Or»Update now«.
  4. Next, you must click on «Search for updates”Or»To accept«Wait until the phone is the one that gives you a new notice while looking for new update packages.
  5. In case that is there any new update, you will get a message informing you that there is a new version and you will be asked for permission to download and install its content. You must confirm the option by clicking on the button «To accept”Or»Yes«.
  6. Now respond to the message that appears by clicking on «to download”.
  7. A message will appear indicating the size that this update will have and if there is no space problem, just click on «Install Now”.

*Note 1: If you give us a message like «Device is full«or»Not enough storage memory«To be able to carry out the update, we will have to go out, and be eliminating photos, apps that we do not use, videos and any data that helps us free up space to perform system update.

* Note 2: This action can require up to 50% battery, so the best option is to leave the device charging while it performs the process. Similarly, I recommend that you stay connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network , because being large files can end up with your mobile data. This procedure may take up to 20 or 30 minutes to be completed depending on the weight and type of files that we are installing.

Easy search for Android app updates

If what you want is keep all applications in the latest version available So that there is no problem with the security of the device and to obtain a good functioning of the apps, we advise you to do the following. These steps serve to be able to know in a massive way and at a glance how many applications have a new version and to be able to download them at the moment.

  1. Open the Google Play Store of your device.
  2. Then, click on the menu button that appears at the top left of the screen, represented by three horizontal lines.
  3. Now enter the menu «My apps and games”. At a first glance, you will be shown all the apps that can be updated right away.
    • You will see a button on which you can click to install all available updates of all the applications you have on your device. The button is called “Update all”.
    • If you only want to update some applications, you can search the list immediately below and click on the button that appears on the right side where it says «To update”For each one of them individually.
    • By clicking on the button «Update details”Or»New arrivals«You will be able to see the changes that will be applied in each update. If you see that no information appears in this box, it is possible that the update is a minimal improvement, perhaps even that only a small error will be fixed, this is known as»Patch«.

How to force a system update search with a code?

It is a different way of searching available updates on an Android based phone perform actions with the phone number buttons. There are people who say that this method offers updates before they even appear in the corresponding menus, let’s see how to do them.

  1. Click on the application of «Phone» , the widget you use to make calls.
  2. Go to the section where the numbers for dialing appear and write «* # * # 2432546 # * # *«(without the quotes). Now your cell phone will check if there is any available improvement. A message will appear in the notification bar indicating that updates wanted.
  3. If there is one available, a message will appear indicating it and we only have to click on the «Install» button. The installation is already done automatically.

Use Smart Switch to check for updates on Samsung smartphones

In the case of smartphones and other Android devices from the South Korean firm Samsung, you can download an application that helps you carry out the process we are talking about here today. It is the case of “Smart switch»

, which has replaced «Samsung Kies«.

Download Smart Switch for Windows

Download Smart Switch for Mac

  1. The first point to follow is that of open your computer’s browser.
  2. Visit the website of Smart switch. To download the program you must click on the button of the operating system you have, either in «Download for Windows«Or»Download for Mac”. * Follow the direct download links above.
  3. An .exe or installer file will be downloaded to your default folder, double click on it to start the installation process.
  4. You must accept the license rules by marking the corresponding check and clicking on «Following«The installation will begin and you will be asked to accept certain steps, they are very simple to do.
  5. Now connect the device to your computer. The computer should detect it.
  6. If a “To update”On the cell phone screen is that there is an update available. Click on it to start the process.
  7. You will see the version to be installed. To start, click on the button «okay«If you wish, you can click on»Then«and cancel, for the time being, the installation of the new Android content.

*Note: The phone must remain plugged in the PC at all times and you do not have to press any button for the process to be carried out correctly and no failure occurs.

Quick version: Update in few seconds for all devices

In this last point we are going to indicate a way to update any update in a few steps that appears on our Android device. This will make it possible for everyone to automate the procedure.

  1. Open the section of «Setting”From the cell phone.
  2. In the final section of the menu, select the option “About this device”.
  3. Now check the option «System updates”.
  4. Then select the option «Check for update”.
  5. In the event that there is a new update, you must click on the option «to download”.
  6. When you have finished downloading that update, you must click on the button «Install”.

If you know of any other way to find new updates on Android devices, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to the other members of the community, and that is because, together, we make this website grow even more every day !

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉



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