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How to Strike to the Double | MMA Fighting

How to Strike to the Double | MMA Fighting

Alright, here I want to show you a couple
ways to strike into the double leg take down, how to enter to take someone down and put
them on their back. Alright, first I’m going to start out in southpaw, because I fight
southpaw. So my opponent is going to be in southpaw form. This is what I’m going to do
the double leg take down. Switch for me. If my opponent is in orthodox and I’m in southpaw,
I will never shoot the double leg kick down. I can shoot the single, but I’m never going
to shoot double. We’re going to just finish talking, we’re going to focus on talking on
the double today. Alright? So, go back. I’m in southpaw, he’s in southpaw. Switch. I’m
in orthodox, he’s in orthodox. That’s the key, alright? If I’m in southpaw, he’s here,
we are not going to do a double leg take down. Alright, switch for me. Alright. This is where we do the double leg.
Alright, double jack, bop bop. See how I stepped in my jab just like Pram was saying, you want
to step in on your jab, but I’m going to do it twice. Bop bop. See how I cover the distance?
Now I can shoot. Okay? Ready? Bop bop. Boom. Okay? Head goes right there. Right here. Switch
feet. Some people shoot a power double like this. Do not do that. Do not do that. Kick
me and do it like slowly. Boom. Do an uppercut. Boom. No good. Switch your feet. Here. Double
jab, bop bop. Here. This is where you’re going to go. Alright? Again, double jab, bop bop. Could also be jab hook. Boom. Could also be
here a jab uppercut. Any front hand technique. I like to double it up, I like to double it
up. Boom, right there. Alright? That’s how you’re going to strike for the double leg
take down.

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