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How to Take a Punch in a Fight

How to Take a Punch in a Fight

How’s it going. Ando again from Sensei So, the other night I took a really good
knee to the head and it gave me two things– one, a splitting headache and two, the idea that it’s time to make a video on how to take a punch. Now, if you do a search on that topic
you’ll find a bunch of good videos already out there. They’ll tell you to
keep your jaw shut, keep your chin down, stay loose, and
always roll with that punch. That’s all exactly right. But what do you
do when you can’t slip it and you can’t roll? What do you do when you actually take
the shot and get rocked? Today, I’m gonna give you two training tips that will not
only help you take a punch, they’ll help you get back into the fight.
But first, here’s my name in really big letters. Please remember, I am not a medical
professional. I’m just a guy who’s been clocked a lot. So,
take my advice and practice at your own risk. Okay, so you get rocked. BAM. Tip number one is probably the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten in the martial arts. Here it is. When you get hit, focus before
you quit. Let’s say you take a kick right to the
face. “Hold it, hold it!” Let’s say someone jams their fingers right
into your eye. “Ow! Stop, stop!” You see the problem there? Look, life will not stop for you. Time
will not stop for you. Bad guys will not stop for you. When you
get rocked you’ve got to do something to get your focus back. Take a breath. Take a step. Get back into
your stance. Throw a punch. Do something to help you move through the moment
instead of trying to stop it. Once you get your focus back, then you
can stop. When I got kneed in the head the other night, my partner stopped himself. He’s like, “Oh,
sorry, sorry.” But I said no, it’s okay, just keep going. Keep going. Now, I didn’t go for 10 minutes, I just
went long enough to clear the cobwebs and put myself back into a strong
position. So, let me be clear. I’m not telling you
to ignore your pain or fear. I’m telling you to control it. The next
time you get jammed in the eyes, you break a finger, you tweak your knee, take an elbow in the face, don’t freak out. Take a breath, protect
yourself, and get your focus back. It may sound crazy, but the moment when
you get rocked or even injured, that’s the closest you’re gonna get to
the feeling of a real fight. That makes it the most valuable moment in all of
your training. So, don’t waste it. When you get rocked,
you get a glimpse at the real you. Who are you when you get hit? Are you a
quitter or are you a fighter? Do you lose your mind or can you keep
your cool? Just know this– if you are training to quit and give up every time
you get rocked or hurt, you my friend, are training a habit that’s going to get you
killed in a real fight. So, last time– when you get hit, focus
before you quit. Tip number two: give yourself a trigger
word. You know how security dogs are trained to attack when they hear a secret code word? One second they’re lying there licking
themselves, then you say, “Sauerkraut!” Suddenly, they turn into a killing
machine. Well, you can do the same thing. Not the the licking part, I meant just…
Moving on. When you get rocked, it’s easy to get lost in a fog of pain and
panic. If you want to survive, you’ve got to clear those clouds as fast as possible.
And repeating a trigger word? Well, that’s one thing that works for me.
When I get rocked, I used to say, “Go, go, go.” And then I started using, “Fight, fight,
fight.” It doesn’t really matter what you pick. You can say Shazam. You can say Inuk Chuk. You could say, “Die, mother%$#! Die!” it doesn’t matter. Just pick something
that fires you up. Make it your mantra. Make it your battle
cry. Now, this is important stuff because even though you may start the fight with a
lot of confidence and bravado, but once you take a shot, the voices in your
head can easily start turning on you. You’re going to hear them shouting,
“Ow! Run! Hide! Mommy!” You can’t let that happen. Remember this–
you can’t control a fight, if you can’t control your mind. So, give your mind something to focus on. One word is all it takes to get you back into the fight. Of course, there’s a life lesson here. We all take hits every day. Your girlfriend’s cheating on you. BAM!
Your business partner’s stealing from you. POW! You’re stuck in a traffic jam. You lost your job. A friend dies. You slam
your fingers in a car door. There’s no more whipped cream at
Starbucks. Every day, all day, you are taking hits big and small. Don’t forget that each hit you take is a
chance to strengthen your fighting spirit. Don’t let anything or anyone take away
your balance. Don’t let anything or anyone take away
your breath. And don’t let anything or anyone make you tense up, curl up, or give up. No matter what happens out there, when you get rocked, face it, take a breath, assess the
situation, make a decision, take action, and follow
through. No joke– the most important habit that
you can develop is to control your mind. When you take a hit, train yourself to keep breathing, keep
thinking, and keep moving. That’s not just a secret to winning a
fight, that’s the secret to winning at life. Okay, did you pick out a trigger word yet? You haven’t? Do that right now. Give
yourself a trigger word. Put it into your practice and then let me know how it
goes. If you liked today’s tips, don’t forget
to look over there or down there and find the link that will get you on my
free email updates list. That’s the best way to stay in touch and
to keep up to date with every tip I put out. Until next time, keep moving my
friend, and keep fighting for a happy life.

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100 thoughts on “How to Take a Punch in a Fight

  1. My trigger word is something like “f**** [old bullies name]”. I just rage when I think about him, and that’s definitely gonna make me forget pain and punch hard.

  2. trigger sentence: hit or miss i guess your fists always miss huh? you got 2 arms and you cant even punch me bruuh. i hit the dab like i punched you to face last time!

  3. On thing he said stood out to me and is 100% accurate when you run into the door when you brake a bone or injure yourself in anyway your reaction in those instances are the closest you get to being in a fight, if you can learn to train your mind in those instances to stay grounded and keep your cool you can learn to truly become a fighter

  4. So glad i watched this video, becasue shortly after i kneed myself right in the chin. You know what i did…..I took it like a champ.

  5. I would be good at this.
    I am no pussy.
    The voice in my head says
    "Fucking pussy! Your hurt? To fucking bad bitch! You have a migraine? Back to class! Tired? Dont give a shit!"
    I guess I trained my mindset well.

  6. Idk why I’m watching this I got a strong chin when I’m in fights but , to those who need a tip do wrestling I’m tellin u guys , once ur in a fist fight and ur getting punched to much u can easily go in and slam that person with no struggle then have him on the ground and just pound them

  7. My trigger word is "fuc*er" oh man you don't want me to start calling you that because that means your a dead man walking, and I lose control when I fall into the fight.

  8. Life will not stop for you
    Well, my trigger word is to just say ZA WARUDO! then life will stop. Cause it was me, Dio!

  9. My trigger words
    – for Amateurs –
    Gomu gomu na

    – for Professionals –
    – Ametrasuuuu –

    – For The Guy I wanna Kill –
    – People of the earth give me your energy -🖐️🖐️

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