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How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer to Come

How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer to Come

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re going to train a boxer puppy today. It’s time for our little
Indy our boxer puppy to learn how to come. She’s already really responding to her name.
So we can use that as the come command every once in a while. However as humans we often
accidentally say our dogs names when we’re not paying attention, we forget to reinforce
that’s why we use a separate command for the come. Now I’m simply turning away there,
I do not want to respond to jumping because that is… any kind of response could be positive
reinforcement for jumping. If you got a puppy that jumps please check out the video on how
to keep your puppy from jumping. Now I’ve used food to train this boxer puppy up till
now. So I’m going to change to a different type of motivation. I don’t want her to
become too dependent on food. Anything you use during training is just a tool to get
you where you want to go which is the right kind of relationship. She’s really paying
attention so if I bend down or squeak my little hedgehog here she’ll probably come running.
When I say the word come, mark it and reward her when she gets here, come, good girl, good
puppy, puppy, try to get her a little further away…come here little puppers, good, come,
good. Now there I’ve used the squeaky to get her to speed up a little bit. Now she’s
not responding as quickly as I’d like so I’m going to switch to food, drop, good.
Now by the way there I simply traded the hedgehog for a treat and say drop, she opened her mouth
that’s another video. Indy, good, now I said her name, so I’ve got to reinforce
when she pays attention to me. I use the whistle just to help her know what to do. I’m going
to remove the hedgehog from temptations, come, good girl, good girl, sit, good, come, good.
So notice I’m bending down a little bit that just encouraging her to come. You can
use your body to teach your dog all sorts of things. If you move forward a little bit,
it teaches them to stop or sit. You bend over a little bit it encourage them to lie down
and if you move backward, come, it encourages them to come, good. So our little boxer puppy
is doing very well for 14 weeks.

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