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How to Walk Silently | Ninjutsu Lessons

How to Walk Silently | Ninjutsu Lessons

In martial arts, footwork is very important. The farther along one gets in training, you’ll
find the greater sensitivity you have towards the dynamics of walking and placement of balance. This, obviously, expands into how to walk
more silently, more stealthily for Ninjutsu training, but it all has a foundation in movement
and how to move well. One thing you can explore, just from a basic
perspective, is when you are walking, walk slowly in the beginning and practice placing
your toes and the ball of your foot down before you actually place the heel down and walk
shifting your weight slowly, picking your knee up, placing the toes down, almost like
you’re going to place your toes onto a rug or into some grass, under some leaves, and
then letting the weight come down slowly onto your heel. Practice shifting that weight and explore
how you can move more efficiently your balance between one foot and the other using this
type of movement. You’ll find that as you get better and better
at this that you’re more aware of how to walk and to be more silent. There is just a little bit about how to walk
in martial arts and in Ninjutsu.

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100 thoughts on “How to Walk Silently | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. What a steaming pile of horseshit!
    This was six years ago though so hopefully, he's now all grown up and transferred to a more legitimate martial arts organisation.

  2. I’ve always walked silently naturally so I end up unintentionally scaring people a lot when I just appear behind them.

    What usually happens:

    (I walk up behind my friend)

    I say “Hi” and tap their shoulder to get their attention

    My friend jumps a little and for some reason she always says

    “ I NICOLE” in a weird accent

  3. remember the time where you could just go downstairs without any problem? but now its normal to get rooms downstairs

  4. So today was my step dad's father's birthday party and they decide to celebrate at our house, I accidentally overslept and wasn't able to sing Happy Birthday and I've been trying to avoid everyone by staying in my room and I got hungry but I didn't want to be seen so I waited until 2am. Now I'm trying to find ways to sneak into the kitchen and eat some cake.

  5. when i want to walk silently, i balance on the outside of my feet, rolling from the heel to the toe, no impact sound as you are just rolling a curved surface rather than pushing the flatter surfaces with joints with risk of popping, seriously just walk on the outside of your feet and roll heel to toe

  6. The value comes not from the walking but from the ability to shift your weight and control your steps. I can run up stairs without making a sound by jumping, absorbing shock, shifting weight, and control of momemtum. The same applies here but a lot more simple. Practice could turn that into running silently, jumping silently, and whatever it is anyone does. In any martial arts control is key, this is an extension of that.

  7. I’ve been doing this for a while I occasionally hit that one spot on the floor that no matter how you step on it it’ll creak

  8. I have always been told that i walk like a cat. I have many times walked past my mom in the kitchen casually looking for something to eat standing right behind her
    and then she suddenly turns around screaming when she hears sound of a food container or something. And i always find it so easy to sneak up on people even if i dont intend to do so but i jumpscare them anyway cause its fun!

  9. I'm not tryna be a ninja or a thief or whatever. I just want to sneak outside and smoke a bowl after dinner.

  10. Incorrect, should be lifting your feet much higher in your step to prevent tripping over things. This is the true way.

  11. To do this forward Moon Walk do you have to be wearing a 1970s karate jacket and dirty black sock ?? and if yes…….. where can I buy those ugly items.

  12. Step one: lean over.
    Step two: stick you're arms and hands and roughly the same angle as your back.
    Step three: BELIEVE IT

  13. Bruh my room is in the attic and the stairs make sooo much sound and it is 2:44 am right now and I'm about to go to the toilet for the 3rd time.. uhm.. I'm gonna die

  14. I'm here because I'm the earliest riser in the family and my parents and brothers aren't very happy with being woken up at 5am XD

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