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How to watch MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

How to watch MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

Hey baseball fans, live Major League Baseball games are now on YouTube, you’ll be able to watch a live MLB game, every week of the regular season, on YouTube for free! No fees or signup required. Here’s how to find and watch the live games from your phone, smart TV, and computer. To watch from a phone, open the YouTube app and search for “MLB”. Select the MLB channel and the live game will be the first video you’ll see. To watch from your smart TV, launch the YouTube app and search for “MLB”. Select the MLB channel and click the live game. To watch from your computer Go to and search for “MLB”. This will take you to the MLB YouTube channel, where the featured game will be playing live. These games will only be available on YouTube so make sure you don’t miss out. If you are logged into your YouTube account, set a reminder by selecting the game on the MLB YouTube channel and pressing “set reminder”. You’ll receive a notification when the live game starts. Watch the MLB Game of the Week, Live on YouTube, at

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56 thoughts on “How to watch MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

  1. This a good way to get new fans. I'm not the biggest baseball fan but I'll watch a free game here and there.

  2. They better not be lying about EVERY week for the rest of the regular season. A lot of other people do that. They better literally mean every week until regular season ends.

  3. 8 Free Games of the Day on MLB.TV per week and 1 MLB Game of the Week on YouTube. 9 free games per week yey.

  4. this is AWESOME. i’m a fan of the dodgers, but i don’t live near LA and i can’t afford the all-access thing.

  5. Major league baseball games should stay on broadcast television in the future and not on cable and satelite television.

  6. i like this, very cool. I'm just a kid, but I enjoy baseball and will try to tune in every now and then

  7. I use to only be able to watch like 1 game a month or even NONE a month. Now I’m so glad I can NOW watch my favorite MLB games on YouTube. This is great. 👍 thanks MLB/YouTube!

  8. My local sports bar wasn't playing the MLB game I wanted to see, so I just sat there and watched it on YouTube! Thanks MLB and YT!

  9. Someone figured out a way to pump their subscription rate and make more ad revenue. And it costs them nothing to broadcast these because the rights are already locked in. MLB is thinking!!

  10. This is just another reason why BASEBALL is going down the TUBES, they let anybody call the game, baseball has always been a big JOKE(more drugs, please )

  11. I subscribed… But it won't let me chat… It says invite only… So how do you get invited??? Anybody?

  12. Yet another disappointing mlb initiative. They make you think you get to watch when it’s actually location restricted. I guess they only care about American fans. Nowhere does it say if you’re in Australia you can’t watch. I’ve confirmed that’s why it doesn’t work for me as it is possible using a vpn. Pity the one I used is always dropping out. It’s not worth the trouble…

  13. This is not working in Germany. I’m a frustrated MLB subscriber who daily uses YouTube internationally with no problems. Now with a game that I can normally watch from Europe does not permit my viewing it because of location limitations?! Come on!

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