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How to Wrap your Hands for Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

How to Wrap your Hands for Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

Hi there I’m Mike Gales for Everlast
Nutrition. So you’ve decided that you’re going to start doing some boxing
or some kickboxing. Or you going to just start punching a bag. Well one
of the things that you’re going to want to learn how to do is to protect your
hands. Just as important as the gloves,
if not more so, are hand wraps. Today, I’m going to show you how to properly put them on. The first thing you’re going to want to
do is unravel your wrap. At the far end of your wrap, you’re going to notice that here’s a little loop for your thumb. Slip your thumb through it. Make sure
that the fabric starts out flat. Begin with the back of your wrist. Do a few passes around your wrist. Then make a few passes around your knuckles and give them enough
material so that they’re well padded. So far, so good
but this is where most people run into a problem. What happens is it after two or
three punches the padding moves. Their knuckles are exposed and that’s
when they get some blisters or they get injured. To prevent that from happening what you’re going to do is, pass the material from behind the bone
of your thumb and between your last two fingers. Then the same thing for the
next two. One more time for the last two. When you get to this point, you’re going
to start going around your knuckles a few more times to add some extra padding. There’s always the extra option of
protecting your thumb. By looping the material over your thumb and anchoring
it back down around your wrist. Finish off with any remaining
material around your wrist. When you get to the end, you’re going to notice there’s some velcro. All you have to do now is just stick the velcro in place. One thing that you want to make note of is that you don’t want to have the
velcro directly on your wrist because that’s going to cause a blister. Just
make sure that the velcro attachment is over material and you’ll be doing just
fine. There you have it, you are wrapped up and
ready to go. Now I’ll do the other hand very fast
just so you can get a recap of how it’s done. I unravel the material and i hook the thumb. I start around the wrist as I lay a
foundation around my knuckles. I weave it through my first two fingers. Then through the next two. Finally i go back around the wrist. Now I hold that foundation in place by wrapping around the knuckles. I go back to the wrist where I
wrap it around once more. I choose to anchor my thumb. I return to the wrist where I use up
the rest of the material. I make sure that the velcro is not over open skin. There you have it and you’re ready to go. The advantage to wrapping your hands
like this, is that even after a few punches, if the material moves, your knuckles are
still quite well protected. Training for boxing, kickboxing, MMA or just straight punching a heavy bag is a great workout. Its also a great calorie crusher. Now that you know how to properly use hand wraps to protect your hands. You’re ensuring that you can have consistency with your workouts. Now you won’t have to skip
a workout due to a needless injury.

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96 thoughts on “How to Wrap your Hands for Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

  1. Dear coach Michael suffering from joint pain in my hands always have a solution for this, of course, considering I had an alteration of gastric path, secondly I see you always protect your joints provided color herbal herbal you is it your favorite color, Darling showers of Saudi Arabia 😊

  2. this is awesome, I usually find problems when going from wrist to my last pointing finger! it always feels loose and weird when going almost vertical with the wrap but I didn't so the securing of that part after, I'll try that right now at the gym and let you know how it went 😀

  3. Mike, Thanks for the info. I tried some bag exercises without watching any videos or learning first. I now know why my wrist is hurting and my form, footwork and everything else was non existent. I will learn a bit before I do that again. I'm 48 and I cant heal like I did back in the day..

  4. I learned how to wrap my hands from this video and I strongly recommend that if you have big hands you should buy the 180 hand wraps from Everlast I've seen them at Academy, Sears, and Walmart

  5. My nine year old son has just started training again and I would like to know if you have a recommendation on what type of hand wraps I should get him and where? He is an average size kid

  6. I am an Indian. And I need this wrap. I think I couldn't find it in flip cart. Can you tell me where to buy this and how much does it cost?

  7. hey wondering if for competition is it (better) to use tape and gauze or hand wraps like this in the video above ?

  8. Thanks for the help brother videos very helpful , you got yourself a subscriber, woulda took me days to figure these things out

  9. This video really helped me out. Even though the people at the gym I go to are really nice and the staff are always willing to help I want to save myself looking like a idiot cause I don't know how to wrap my hands.

  10. These are the worst wraps I have ever used. I found that however I wrapped my hands, however loosely I would do it, they would always cut the blood off to my fingers. Maybe it’s because they are too long, maybe because they are too stretchy, I don’t know. I definitely would not recommend them. Don’t be persuaded like I was because they look good or because they say flexi cool.

  11. Great video man !!! I just started boxing and your videos are a great help to me !!! Youre such a great teacher. Can you just tell how much I should train everyday cause I wanna be just like you ?
    It would be a great help 😀

  12. Watched your heavy bag workouts plus this one since I’ve started using one at home to add to my workout. I really appreciate the tone you set in all the videos. So many fitness instruction videos are too long, too pseudo-sciency and often really insulting. Yours were all straight up information, usefully provided without being a snob or too wordy. Thanks a lot for these…I look forward to using more of your videos as I improve my conditioning

  13. Tbh everlast wrap is shit and i bought Thilend wrap and it's so comfortable and it's not so hard like ever last wrap

  14. Thanks a lot man, I always get the problem of the wrap sliding off my knuckles… this video was a huge help.

  15. This wrap feels like sandpaper. You cant wrap your hands with this. Its 4.5 meters but stretches to about 10-15. Where do you expect me to put that. My hand feels like its in a plaster cast. I cant fit my hand in my glove with this. And when i do it feels so bad like you are scrapping sandpaper against your knuckles. I wish i would have never bought this.

  16. I dig these turorials as they do provide alot of insite. On another note I have these wraps sitting in my garage. I want to like them but both times I tried using them they have this wierd way of cutting off circulation. Like a Boa Constrictor, a little at a time until your fingers are numb. They feel great and lots of stretch but that may be the problem. I gave up after reading many simular reviews.

  17. I asked this in another video you made but I'll ask it here again anyway . As a truck driver my time is limited. I see your method of wrapping does not really take THAT long. I'm sure that the more you do it the easier it gets and the less time you spend doing it. BUT… I'm still curious is there a glove alternative?

  18. Thank you soooooooo much 🙏🙏☺️☺️ I watched 3 other videos and they didn't work but yours did!!!!!!!

  19. I did it the way you do it but it seems that I'm always left with extra velcro at the end. Any ideas?

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