How Well Do You Know 1965 Singapore?

It’s Raffles City! It’s Raffles… Raffles…. Wait, Raffles City is a mall, right? *buRRRPP* Excuse me! Ohhh! I’m not confident in history. I don’t know much. All I know is that we gained independence. I love Singapore but maybe I’m not the most knowledgable about it. People used to s*** in like buckets on the floor or something. Lee Kuan Yew cried on TV. This looks like the Fullerton bridge. That bridge looks like really familiar. It’s like the one at the… Fullerton Hotel there. Boat Quay? Singapore River? Singapore River? That’s the only river I know, besides Kallang River. Is it Old Airport Road? Oh my god… Is this… town? No no no no no! It’s too many residential areas already. I’m thinking that tower in the back is like… the one at City Hall MRT. Is this Tanjong Pagar? Cause I know Singapore’s tallest building is in Tanjong Pagar. OK! OH MY GOD! ORCHARD ROAD!! Oh…Wait why? Oooo okay, I see Tangs! Cause it’s black and white photo lah. I cannot tell. There’s a Tiger Balm Garden? Garden? Chinese Garden. No. I know this one. Haw Par Villa. Haw Par Villa. Oh my god, am I wrong? Haw Par Villa. Correct! I’m very scared of that place. The Tiger Balm brothers, opened Haw Par Villa. And they owned like this… Like you know the… that medicated oil thing. Geylang Serai? Feels like Geylang. Chinese characters, I’m guessing… Kampong Glam? Lau Pa Sat? Nooooooo Which part of Singapore is this? Central VivoCity. VivoCity is south. So this is Bugis Street. Are you serious? This doesn’t look like Bugis Street. What the? OrhhhffFFFF… So was it difficult identifying these places? Yea… Singapore now is like so much more… developed compared to last time where it’s all just like, you know, shophouses and stuff. Yes. ‘Cause most of the photos are in black and white. Oh cool! I played this when I was younger. How do you even play this? You blow the ball… It’s a ball! Why don’t kids play with this nowadays 47 48 49 50 Can you see me switching my hands? Homygod What’s so fun about this game? It’s very easy to play!? You just bounce it and not let it drop on the floor It’s like you know, you don’t let the ball touch the ground. So you and your friends gotta take turns to pass to each other. Simpler times man. So do you know what game this is called? I don’t know… Marbles in holes. The marble one. Then you, Ddu Du Ddu Du This is Congkak. I used to play this a lot with my mum back in primary school. I used to play with her like almost every single day. Do you remember how to play? Kind of? Marbles alone? Yes. But not with, in this. There must be 7 marbles in each hole. then you have to put like only one marble in each hole and then you have to accumulate all the marbles in like your “home”. Which is… This side, yea. Raymond (Cam Crew)! You playing with me? So fast Oh man, I’m damn good at this sia… No, this is your hole. My hole is this one! Your hole is this one. As you can tell, I clearly won. Aiyoooooo Oh my god I really don’t know how to play this. You need to tell me how to… spin it. It’s a top. Spin top! But it’s also called a ‘Gasing’. Have you ever played it? No… Honestly, I have not. How old do you think I am? So you… It’s spinning. I think for me I’ll prefer this one than the paper ball. There’s more sense of accomplishment when you’re playing it It reminded me a lot of Beyblade. Oh my god, I love Beyblades soooooooooo much! What does it look like? It smells like curry puff! Can I eat it now? Is this just like… rendang or something? Laksa! Laksa. It has the essence of laksa. Like the coconut-y flavour ah, Oh there’s tau pok inside also! There’s tau pok inside!! What does this look like to you? Like a roll? Like a lobster roll. Hotdog with… I can’t guess the filling. Sandwich lorh. I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. It really taste like murtabak. It’s like you know the, the meat on the sup tulang. The bone marrow thing. Y’all never eat the sup tulang before? Satay. Definitely taste like satay! Is it satay? It is! Ya, I would eat it like as breakfast or like an in-between snack. No lahhhhh. There’s no satay sauce! Looks like a char siew bao. It’s not a bao! This Is a cake. It has a certain taste but I don’t know if it’s that? What’s that? Pandan? Outer layer is chrysanthemum Oh my god. And… The inside is yuzu lemon. Oh this is so cheating on my feeling I thought it was bao but will you look at that it’s not bao at all. I think it’s cool that chefs or even restaurant owners they keep that local flavour in their dishes and give it a little bit of twist to meet the younger generations like taste buds. I’m so s- Siala I guess, no doubt lah I kind of think about the days where… I was younger and definitely more patriotic. For the ball game right, it’s closer to my heart because when I was younger, my neighbour and I we couldn’t afford like a real soccer ball la. So we like to buy this kind of ball for like 20 cents, 50 cents. Wow, I really like the food. I really like Singaporean-themed products. I really like when people put a local identity on things. It’s nice knowing that, as a city, that we’ve already grown so much… over the last 50 odd years. Thanks for watching this video! Please leave a like, share, and comment down below. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry!

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