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Huge Cheap Shopping haul | A fun day with me in Melbourne Australia

Huge Cheap Shopping haul | A fun day with me in Melbourne Australia

I can’t get it over my head, oh my god it’s gonna break. Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, Calidays. So today I’m going to be going shopping in Melbourne. It’s actually AFL weekend, the grand final and I have accidentally put on AFL erm Richmond colours, so I look like a massive mascot, as you can see, accidental! I don’t really have any money to spend, but I’m just gonna go into my savings cuz, I just need a new outfit, you know when you have that feeling. Soo we’re going to be going down to
Chapel Street! They have some really cool shops, they’ve got Tibbs & Bones, they sell Lazy Oaf, they sell Ragged Priest Loads of festival, cool clothes, some really cool brands. Then I’m gonna go over to Afends and then maybe we’re going to Dekota 501 do a little browse. Have a look in maybe Cotton On, even though I don’t really ever find anything in Cotton On. Glassons! I really like Glassons, that’s on Chapel Street aswell. And Jamie’s got some perfect glasses that would go perfectly with this outfit ready for AFL weekend. Right I’m taking these glasses off because I kinda look stupid. So now we’re going to go get the tram go to the shops, sooo let’s go because Jamie’s getting Hangry Urban life, let’s go, let’s go shopping, let’s get some food! RUNN….. We made it N.Tran… Hi, can I have a ham salad please? He went all the way to the back to get me my ham then I changed my mind aha So good! Yep shopping now! Right I’m going to go check out Dekota 501 Sooo Nice I have to be quite sneaky while looking
for the clothes because I wasn’t sure if I was aloud to film or not! So yeh got some really cool stuff This cute top Adidas Tie dyeeee these really nice jeans from NEUW Adidas Carhartt Sooo nice! So this is the first top, tie dye, blue – Love it! These are the jeans, they’re a abit big, abit baggy here Ignore the jeans because they don’t
really go but this is the top I think it’s really cool it’s got clounds on it If you’ve seen my intro… loving the clouds I’m going to try this one on now oh my god I can’t get it over my head Omg it’s gonna break ooooo I love it I love the Fiorucci brand, collaboration with Adidas The only thing is, it’s pretty wide I actually really like this top, I wasn’t really
expecting it Oh and I’m matching the curtain These are meant to be w24… there’s no way, unless your meant to wear them down here, but they look kind of ridiculous I do really want them! Yeeessss Right so first outfit, this… Next outfit I’ve got on this long-sleeved top on and the little black shorts. These actually fit so nice, I’m really tempted to get these now the top is a little small I feel like it
is actually strangling my neck But the colours are really cute this will even be good for summer you
know when it gets chilly at night I mean I am going to New Zeeland next year so why wouldn’t I buy it. I am getting tax back from England, I paid too much tax.
I’m just making excuses for me to just buy clothes. very very very very tempted! Like I do look like a tour guide at a Safari but it is cute This little blazer is really nice but this is a size 8 and it’s so big
but it’s a little skort, but i think it looks kind of ridiculous lol Tibbss & Bones wasn’t successful, it
has really nice stuff but not as successful as a Afends and Dekota 501 Now I’m going to pop over to Gassons Glassons always has loads of nice stuff, sooo hopefully it’ll go well, let’s go! Okay so It’s currently raining I didn’t get on the tram, I decided to walk instead & buy this drink, even though I can’t open it! How do you open it? Quick stop at McDonald’s, why not! Had be done as I couldn’t open the other drink Look at that Big Mac cheesiness yooo!! Hey so welcome back! just been shopping, very successful love the things I found I got the Afends jumper, I got the shorts… blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and if you like my videos please click If you like my videos please… If you like my videos please
click the link below and subscribe so So that was mainly on Chapel Street in
Melbourne because Chapel St has alot of the shops that CBD has but I’m gonna do a part 2 in CBD Melbourne if you stick around I’ll do that in a few weeks and
I’ll be uploading a video every week so I shall see you next week

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  1. Great video so nice suit.. next time you shop.can be with you? I'm sure so fun to be with friends is here God blessed

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