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I-64’s mandatory truck stop, downhill escape ramps help put accident potential in park

I-64’s mandatory truck stop, downhill escape ramps help put accident potential in park

SOT Julena Campbell/Spokesp erson for New actually going to be doing is staffing tent up on the mmit so that we’re lt ntact scouts and e leaders every day.” ANDON: Officials at the w ver Gorge National River ached out for dia sources to help with the amount of ople th will be in t area. BRANDON: Steep sections of interstate weaving along the Mountains of Central and Southeast West Virginia. Those roadways create major issues for tractor trailer drivers hauling heavy loads across the region. 59 News Reporter David Horak explores the safety features across the interstate that curb accidents. NAT – roadside waterfall The beauty of the mountains make West Virginia a beautiful tourist destination, but those same all over, but I come through here a lot.” Joe Baker Senior drives big rigs across Sandstone Mountain along I- 64. He’s driven that route for 37 years. In fact, he remembers when it first opened decades ago. “I think the first trucks that went through here had accidents – lost their brakes.” Since its time and go down the mountain.” Joe Pack, District 10 Maintenance Engineer, WVDOH: “An interstate highway requires a very high standard of design.” Division of Highways District 10 Maintenance Engineer Joe Pack says the interstate’s mandatory truck stop is a crucial step on the route before these tractor trailers – often carrying tons of cargo – descend the steep 7- percent grade. “The roadway he’s approaching is going to be a different drive in comparison to other roads and other areas of I- 64, which are we had to allow mei allow a drivetbe able get out of the adway.” Tackling the Mountainous terrain, with peace of mind every mile. Baker: “Safety is top priority. You have to keep your equipment up to date. You always got to go to make money, but your life is more important.” In Raleigh County, David Horak… NAT – truck horn . 59 News. BRANDON: We’re going to turn things over to weather now and get a first check on our forecast with stormtracker 59 chief meteorologist Heidi Moore. Heidi? Heidi First Weather: Another quiet, calm night. We stay mild again. Lows look to stay in the 60s for most. That warm air is locked in place! We will continue the quiet and dry trend at the bus stop as well. Wednesday

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