I became a kpop star in a day

I have a confession to make. I know I’ve always roasted people who like K-pop, but really, I only do that to hide the fact that I actually Really want to be a kpop idol. (hehe Kei-pop idol) My whole life I’ve dreamed of becoming a Kpop idol. Like my favorite K-Pop Idol Kim Jong Dragon ( aka. the leader of Bomb TS if you didn’t know) I truly believe I’m meant to be a K-pop idol. Why else would I be so good at saying korean words like oppa?(#notakoreaboo) and eating kimchi? it’s fate So, I flew out to Las Vegas and met up with my kpop stylist, Talia, who’s gonna help me become a kpop idol and fulfill my dream. First thing we got to do is get clothes and makeup. So, we hit up the nearest Walmart because they’re always tied with— -the latest Kpop trends. *call me baby by exo* So, we just got clothes and makeup. What do we got to do next? *zooms in on the salon’s name sign* Wait, we gotta cut my hair? I spent 3 trimesters trying to grow this out. (poor baby) Well, we already made the appointment, so we’re going no. oW OW I got to fill out this thing. Like, this is really like, fancy. I didn’t know you got to do all this to get a haircut. 7th sense- nct u starts to play Do you want the shaved part to be green as well? Or do you want that to be black? Parts in between it, so, that way when you have like your hair up, you’ll have your natural hair color with the green. ‘Cause I was thinking like an iridescent kind of thing. I just want to look like my
favorite kpop idol, “Kim Jong the Dragon”. He’s like—He’s my favorite bias. He’s like my favorite bias of all biases, you know? I’m trying to think of some k-pop bands that my ex-fiance- *LIT ASS MUSIC BY BOMB TS*
(aka growl by EXO) Like, I feel fresh already. I’m okay with this, I’ll just walk out like this. *see you again starts playing* ♪ From where we began. Oh, i’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. ♪ (RIP Kei oppars hair) ( still growl by exo) Alright, so we just got my haircut and we’re just gonna dye it next. What do you think I should dye my hair? I think red or blue. We’ll dye it green. (#SAVAGEKEIOPPA) *LIT KIM JONG DRAGON EXO COULD NEVER* still. growl. woAh (LIT by Bomb TS) Now, with your hairstyle. Are you going to want to do— Do you want a rootbeer float? Uh, sure. bts – fire Nice meeting you! Bye guys! Bye, thank you so much! Here’s a 20. Thank you so much. You’re great. Honestly— Do you wanna a little bag for this? Uh, yeah. Bombshell Beauty Lounge, is the bomb. Honestly, you guys got to go. Okay there’s no sign right here. Bombshell Beauty Lounge, you guys gotta go that was like the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m not even kidding. They gave us root beer floats, They gave us root beer, They gave us grapes, They gave us Food, They gave us soda, They gave us popcorn, They gave us like chips, and Snacks and Stuff, and then They gave me like Green Hair and They gave me a cut here then we had a Photo shoot oh my god it was Just Where are we going? Alright. So, we just did my hair. Next thing we’re going to do is go get plastic surgery. I’m just kidding. We’re gonna thread my eyebrows though. It’s a weird feeling. So, like, the point of the video is that, like, we’re trying to be like we’re tryna to look like a k-pop star (Gee – Girls’ Generation) Ooh, ow. this hurts a lot more than the other one. All right. What was it called? Foundation? Foundation and concealer. Alright, so we just got some foundation and concealer on. Next, Thing we’re gonna do is put on— Eyesh—Eye Stick. Eye what? Eye shadow. I can’t open it~~~ We have to do this really fast. Because we have to be at Town Square by four and it’s like 3:20 already. & we have to like, finish this and we gotta do a dance. So, c’mon. Hurry up, Talia. *Overdose by exo starts playing* Don’t rush, make it look good. But like, rush, y’know what i mean? ‘CaUSe YoU’Re BLINKiNG SoRrY It’S HARd It’s hard not to blink. (Overdose, a whole bop plays again @ baekhyun’s part) Kind of in a rush, but, it’s okay. I’m TaLKinG To ThE cAmeRa NoT yOu So, kind of in a rush, but, it’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna use my eyebrow brush and this black eyeliner. Yeah, actually, y’know what? To save time, I’ll change into the K-pop clothes while we’re doing this. wait.. You can’t close it If iM GoinG IN YouR EYE Oh my Gawd This isn’t even in it, this is on-top your lashes *Danger – BTS starts playing* Are we good? Yes! We’re done! Guys, we’re officially a kpop star! Now we just got to put on our clothes. I’mma change right here. So, now, we just got to change into our K-pop clothes and we have to hurry because we have a fan meet up at 4:00. And, we’re gonna, like, surprise everyone. We just found a restroom, wE GOtTa Go FaST *Ko Ko BOP – Exo starts playing* ( SIlver spoon aka crowtit aka bepsae – bts starts playing~ bts) *I need u- BTS* *dope – BTS* * CHeWiNG GuM By NcT DrEaM* What do you think of my kpop look? Very stylish and asian. It’s different. It’s dope. #BTS ARMY~ It’s unique You’ll have my kids Ya LoOk GReAT Original. Um? What’s K-pop? I dunno what K-pop is. SExy Alright, so. That’s the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed. Uhm, I hope this video Inspires you to– –Follow your dreams and become a Kpop star. Make sure you do what you love. Keep DAbBin ON ThE HaTeRs. I’ll see you guys later. Annyeong Annyeonghaseyo *Danger- BTS*

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