15 thoughts on “I CAN’T SEE WHAT I’M WELDING!!!

  1. This was 70% of my problem wrong veiw ,holding it wrong, purched wrong & i had a too worn out gas mask fiberglass welding hood that needed new everything! But i got a new mask but cheaper machines than i did when i went to school <evit>

  2. 127K views, in only a week. You guys are very popular. I'm an amateur hobbyist, and appreciate you sharing your time, techniques, and talents. Thanks.

  3. I had to stop when I developed cataracts. They gotten bad enough that I have to have surgery on them. As bad as that is I am looking forward to being able to weld again 🙂

  4. I was having issues with overhead lights and backlighting causing internal reflections in my helmet. A huge improvement in visualization was seen after I made and added an "ape drape" out of thin leather that attaches with snaps to the back of my helmet. I won't weld without it now that I know what a difference it has made.

  5. You should always be able to see your weld puddle,……..I use the old helmets,….I can see everything with them.
    The automatic helmets I used I had to pay more for them and weld blind.
    New helmets show glare.
    Mig welding and arc welding is easiest and cheaper to do.
    And hopefully you will not die of lung cancer.
    They have smoke sucker machine's now,.. invest in one.
    I like the Old Green Glass welding Helmet's you see it all.

  6. 3M (or any good) plastic polish will refresh your cover lense. Depends on how expensive they are as to whether or not it's worth the cost of the polish and the 5 minutes to polish them.

    Optrel anything is not cheap.

  7. I need help! . I have been welding for 20 years mig and stick with no cheaters or glasses. I first started welding with a jackson conventional big window shade 9 for stick and mig. When I had enough money I made the change to a 3m speed glass large window 9002x running on shade 9-10. I have now started doing tig welding mostly stainless steal. I have changed hoods to a lincoln viking big window. I now have prescription glasses. I have tried welding with cheaters in my hood. I have also tried welding with my glasses on in my hood. I have tried changing the tint from 9-12. I still can't see the puddle, tungsten ,and rod like you say or show in your videos. Please send me some advice.

  8. As I got back into welding and unfortunately used one of those Home Depot hoods, I thought I burn't my eye's out of my head at first! Very low response time and as a blue eyed man, very sensitive to the arc shot. Thank God I watched another video on you tube about hoods. I then spent a good and well placed investment into a Hobart hood. You may want to explain all hood types and why you would use one verses others.

  9. Good one–finally changed my cover lenses today. Remarkable difference afterwards–much clearer AND brighter. Decided I would go up a shade or two on the auto-darkening. Took my helmet off to change the shade and noticed I'd never turned it on. Duh.

  10. I just bought a ESAB A50 welding helmet. It still has the yellow outside lens. Should I change it to the clear one? Right know I'm learning how to tig weld and finishing up Gas shield Flux in welding class. I do love the helmet

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