100 thoughts on “i didn’t sleep for 2 days

  1. Trick to skip the ad. Pause the video before the ad starts. Skip 10 seconds ahead play video for one second go back 10 seconds and boom no ads

  2. I’m sorry but enya and drew dont look right with emma like she’s the basic white la girl and drew and enya r funny relatable people from vine :/

  3. Emma doesn’t fit in with drew enya josh Josiah Christian and Lucas their just naturally funny and Emma seemed awkward around them I stan Emma but she’s just not right for their squad

  4. I stayed at the hotel in disneyland for 2 days in Tokyo, no I'm not Japanese, i lived there for 3 years

  5. Omg i miss this crazy crazy funny emma so much ……..she is an adult now (though its been a year 🙄)

  6. I don't understand…if everyone came for these two people then why don't you just go to their channel instead of coming to Emmas channel and commenting “I cAmE hErE fOr EnYa AnD dReW"😒

  7. People talk of emma-enya situation like emma is a total bitch but shit, imagine living alone, and being a famous underage white girl, i would’ve literally killed myself, hope she stays strong❤️

  8. when i was in highschool i thought it was fun to stay up all night and pull all nighters until i saw the effect on my health. i was always sick, always had bags, never had a natural glow. just sleep emma pls lol

  9. Emma:you can tell if a coffee shop is good-
    Emma’s dad:basted on the aesthetic oh sorry
    Emma’s face:😑

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