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I Got Punched For Farting!

I Got Punched For Farting!

(Farting) (Laughing) (Farting) (laughing) (Farting) – Hey! (Fast Piano Music) Hey! – Wait. Wait, wait, listen. – That was my wife’s face. – No, it was pretend, it was a joke. Look candid camera. – I’m gonna to knock you on your (farting) – Okay. Get the (farting) outta here right now. I may be riding in a chair but I’ll knock you on your (farting) You stood right there
and did it constantly – No, I … Look. Can I show you something? – Yeah. – Hey! Eh, eh, eh! – Oh, damn! – Hey! – Hey, you leave him alone. Leave him alone. Listen… – I might be an old man – Leave him alone. – Hey, chill out. – Got out of his chair and
just started hitting me. And I bring it with me every where I go. It’s like a squeeze toy and I have it in my pocket. (Fart Noise) And I squeeze it and it’s a joke. – I’m right here, I hit him. That guys farting in my wife’s face. – He won’t be rational. Like he still thinks
it’s real or something. He’s not listening, I don’t know. – Okay, Hang on just a second, sir. – Alright get him, or I’ll hit him again. – There more kind of arguing there. – Um. Two yes. one was in a wheelchair. – Battery’s intentional. (police scanner) Yeah it’s a battery.

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