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“I REFUSE to Follow Those RULES!” – Kanye West’s (@kanyewest) Top 10 Rules

“I REFUSE to Follow Those RULES!” – Kanye West’s (@kanyewest) Top 10 Rules

He’s one of the best-selling artists of all time He’s won 21 Grammy awards making him one of the most awarded artists all time as well as the most awarded artist for his age Time magazine named him one of the hundred most influential people in the world He’s Kanye west and here are his [10] rules for success. I’m not going to sit inside of a corporation for 20 years The time is now the time is now to Express and for people to believe in themselves The time is now for it to be okay to be great people in this world shun people For being great for being a bright color for standing out But the time is now to be okay to be the greatest you when this goes [online] or whatever it is It really matters And it like really doesn’t matter what matters is you know the people who are sparked by it and the people who are like? Offended by it. It doesn’t matter(F*** bleeped) you. You know like because it’s about motivating the doers and Anyone that wants to sit [around] and talk (Sh** beeped) they’re doing too much time it taken too much time talking(Sh**) about it instead of getting up off their [ass] and Following their dreams because I’m here to [follow] my dreams You know and help other people follow their dreams and inspire people who are dreamers It’s crazy that we live in a world that if you’re super positive and super creative that it’s scary so what does [that] tell you about the mentality [of] most people? if you’re scared of like positivity and creativity? (Kanye to the crowd)so when you’re at your lowest point in life, just know there’s always hope and and always know there’s a new day always know there’s a way. you know people try to tell you your whole life you know”be humble be humble be humble”when is the last time somebody tried to tell you “Be great”? “be amazing” “Be awesome.” Oh Everyone out there in TV. World Real world Whatever world you stay in needs to know that I’ve never done a publicity stunt in my life any time I went up and spoke my mind Where they put my career in Jeopardy or whatever someone so-called said it was always What I thought was the truth without my greeting to a teleprompter or whatever whatever I felt emotionally I don’t follow like rules of like you know normal celebrity or what their publicist tells them to say anything But I say things The wrong way a lot of times my intention is always positive and I want to bring more things to the world I want to help the world. I want to make people’s lives easier. I said if you guys look at the same interview It’s really something extremely fearless for someone in my position to do because most people just like you know bow tie on a TV or whatever bow down to These cameras like I could care less about Any of these cameras in all honesty all I care [about] is my family I care about protecting my girl protecting my baby and protecting my ideas and my dreams. Yes I’m totally weird And I’m totally honest and I’m totally inappropriate Sometimes and the thing is I you know for me to say I wasn’t a [genius] [I] would just be lying to you [and] to myself Okay, so you should be John Stephens Yeah
It was Kanye west who said change to legend you know the first person actually was a guy named Jay Ivy who’s also from Chicago and his a friend of mine and Kanye’s and he’s a poet and we working on Kanye’s album, and Kanye was having me sing all these parts and a Jay Ivy was just like “man, We’re gonna have to call you the legend” cuz you know my voice is kind of old-school I’ve always had an old soul, Kanye as I’m a should just call yourself John legend and I Was like “no, that’s ridiculous” Oprah and John laugh. You know of course kanye’s got a new album called yeezus, so he’s not afraid to say big bold things and and you know “Maybe I’ll just roll with this whole John legend thing” and my kind of ultimate deciding Factor was “let’s not Not do it out of fear” Because (Oprah) “because you’re afraid to call yourself a legend” [oh], yeah, let’s not not doing because Because I’m afraid that it won’t work out Like cuz people could laugh at you if you don’t have a good career And you’re going around calling yourself legend you think you now live up to it. I think I’m working on it. I’m on my way Okay, please thank you please take a rap on you right now me rapping right now a Dumpling wrapper this truck right foot right on the bar [guitars] idea right here bring it “hey, Mr. West my name is cam Gray from the 937 came to annihilate my King Young heavyweight primate young cam grey standing in front of Kanye I wish you would give me a deal. That’s what I needed. [I] swear my whole life is I’ve been dreaming That’s what I got. I feel it. That’s what I got. I made this happen last night. I told my homie this what happened I told him I’m again at Kanye then we took it do a written go [read] for [high] pressure never like go far Doesn’t even do bars he responds I Was born in tennis even my heart stays up in Ohio get my [weed] [from] [a] [few] [cali] be known that for a while Shake my style mother got a recipe see I’m the best in the midwest better mention me. Yeah, my name is Cam gram $120 [d]. I couldn’t afford from a PC. I’m not dumb man. I got my degree. I got my life together I got much together come on [Dawg] Real give me a chance for me I swear to God man swear to God (Kanye asks Cam)”You be open to start off as like an assistant” man I’m down and start anything. I just want to learn (Kanye) You can start somewhere man man. Thank you very much to you. Thank you for your [charter], and thank you very much [Johnny] [oh], thanks taking the favor Cameron Grey Cameron Grey so many people are just so( f****beeped) Obvious they don’t even realize [that] when they Box me in or try to verbally put me in some type of box will put donda in a box that They’re really showing their level of ignorance. They’re putting themselves in a box and you [know] people can write write write all they want, but what are people doing? and if there’s anybody that’s out there doing they know how hard it is to [actually] do and I’m like a motivation of the doers If if Everything I did failed which it doesn’t it actually succeeds, but if everything I did failed Just the fact that I’m willing to fail is an inspiration people are so scared to lose that they don’t even try Like one thing that people can’t say is they can’t say I’m not trying I’m not trying my hardest And I’m not trying to do it the best way that I know how What little information I get I? Refuse to follow those rules that society is set up in the [way] that they control people with low self-esteem With improper information with branding with marketing I refuse to follow those rules. It’s about truth It’s about information It’s about awesomeness and the only luxury is time the time you spend with your family That’s the only luxury to this concept of luxury is is improper to me when I compare myself to Steve jobs or Walt Disney Howard Hughes David Stern Michelangelo da Vinci Jesus or whatever is I’m saying these are my heroes These are people [that] I look up to this is the type of impact [I] want to make on the earth if I can make this type of impact up to this point What can I do if if you call bob iger and say “yo give him a shot” if you call oprah and say “yo? Back this kid “let’s just get this game. This kids kids were his parents were educators He wants to educate. He wants to look at curriculums, and say how do we simplify that exactly what I did in music I want to apply to product. I want to apply to education. This is what my company [Donda] is about? There’s a series of theater people who like right? Just negative comments. They [want] to joke around and say why is he still trying? You know if I see something I see opportunity. I’m gonna go for it I’m here to crack the pavement and make new grounds. You know sonically and in society Culturally, we’re not always in the position that we want to be at we’re constantly growing We’re constantly making mistakes because he’s trying to express ourselves [are] trying to actualize our dreams. I want to create something better for you We have been limited It’s bigger than you know who I am even in this you know in my presence living it’s about You know “when I was on earth. What did I do to help?” Want [people] to think more? I want people to feel like It’s [ok] to create and follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in. I want people to feel like awesome is Possible there’s a lack of creativity in every field Cuz people are afraid as A artist and in this world, we could do whatever we want you know, so you’re Gonna. Love me or You’re Gonna Hate me but imma be me Evan:Thank you guys so much for watching I love To know what you think of Kanye west as an entrepreneur if you want to leave a comment below [I] made this video on Kanye because Jose Cruz asked me to so if there’s someone you’d like me to make a top 10 list of Leave it in the comments below as well And I just might make it .and of course, believe!! thank you for watching I’ll see you soon!

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100 thoughts on ““I REFUSE to Follow Those RULES!” – Kanye West’s (@kanyewest) Top 10 Rules

  1. I've always loved his songs like Stronger, Power, All of the lights, etc I don't know why everyone dislikes him, he speaks the truth.

  2. I love this! He's just like myself and I wish more would people accept being honest, creative and free to do what they are here to give. Thank you team BelieveNation! Gemma Louise Doyle, International Singer Entertainer

  3. its funny, at first I thought it was just ranting. But when you actually break every section up individually he really does make sense lol.

  4. The thing about Kanye is that he's very outspoken and candid which is a good quality but can sometimes be a bit arrogant and has a big mouth sometimes.

  5. I Hope he get well soon. I may not like everything about him, but he is talented, and from what I see in this video, quite generous with his time. Get well.

  6. I suspect he's probably aspergic and doesn't quite know how to relate properly. True genius and fearless artist though. Big fan.

  7. Me and Kanye will probably always be on two different planets, but I've only gained respect for him with time. And I've realized that one may even be moving in different directions – but you'll both be moving forward. So Kanye, you may not be my particular flavor of excellent – but you, sir, are indeed excellent.

  8. Would u mind to make an updated Version of Kanye Wests top 10 Rules ? or extented ? Would be awesome! because it happened so much to him and his career this last 2 years. A lot more footage/interviews

  9. Great day inspiration Evan and Believe team, I liked his, "Be Yourself". I am grateful smile 💖🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💖

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  11. I think people use to focus a lot on if he is a good or a bad guy, about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, all the stupid things he do in the public eye, and they dont really see that Kanye is one of the best artists of this century.

  12. thanx evan for all these videos…u r creating positive vibes dude…thnx man…and Kayne's Top Ten…is one of the greatest videos i ve ever seen

  13. I love this video and Kanye so much! I'm hoping I can show my dad this because he hates Kanye West, and I'm not gonna lie I used to, too. Then one day I sat my ignorant ass down, watched some of his interviews and I fell in love with everything about this man! I'm such a big Kanye fan and supporter! YE' 2020!

  14. Can you do Britney Spear's top 10 rules for success? Thanks for making this video Evan. I like Kanye especially on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Can you please also do Kourtney Kardashian's top 10 rules for sucess 🙂 thank you

  15. Don't let society change you. Don't follow the rules or you'll just live a fearful life. Help motivate and inspire others. Fuck the people who bring you down they are nobody. Great video man

    Please do Lecrae


  18. loser.This is the first negative comment I made under ur vids.He's just a loser and bad influence.Today‘s entertainment industry is a joke.’

  19. Than you for this video! I like Kanye so much like he's so inspiring and I was really happy to see that you've made a video about him

  20. Watching this video of Kanye is making me feel like he inspired someone like xxxtentacion.
    Cuz I see that he acts so much like him
    And at the same time being himself.
    That's just what I think 💭.

  21. Prior to producing beats and making music he was already talented with drawing, coloring, painting, and writing among other things he was great at talent shows as well he did well winning some awards there

  22. Thank you, I really needed this today. Sometimes I feel crazy because I'm working and not seeing the results manifested but I know deep down it's all going somewhere. Much love and respect

  23. My favorite was the 1st rule, cause when you believe in yourself you already won half the battle. Also I feel its the first step towards achieving your dreams & goals. You have to believe in yourself when others don't. It's just like 50 cent said he was crazy enough to believe in what he said was going to happen and it did. #BTA2

  24. Wht a gr8 video!!!! Speak up ur Mind, Dont be afraid & Ignore the Little Man. He is very well aware of himself & his inner power & thts why he dont care!!!

  25. i never understood why people hate on Kanye so much. he is such a powerful unique person. But of course in this society when you are not understood u are automatically labeled. nah fuck that.

  26. What I am conflicted by is that people will pray to GOD and not see how we are connected to GOD. So if I am connected to GOD then why shouldn't I believe that I am great because I am a product of GOD. Not in an egotistical or narcissistic way but simply from a spiritual knowledge that I AM. I can be what I believe in spite of what others believe. Kanye, in my opinion, is the product of what you can be if you believe in yourself and most gifted ppl go crazy in the hands of non-doers and non believers.

  27. Legends like Kanye are placed on this planet to spark the few doers, and those few doers are the ones that will change and lead the world. Thank you Kanye, the naysayers just don't understand but they don't matter.

  28. Name a Gemini that ain’t a “diva”. I am a Gemini and I am a bit of a “diva”. I got a bit of ego though. Plus name a Gemini that ain’t smart

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