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– Hello my strong, strong friends, and welcome to today’s video. You already saw the
thumbnail, and the title. I’m gonna train, like the one
and only, Serena Williams. Unfortunately, the day I record this, she actually did announce
that she was pulling out of the French Open, due to
a pec injury that she had. Sad news, but, we love
her, we support her, we wish her health, and
happiness in the long term. Unfortunately that is the case, but I’m gonna try her workout. She actually has a workout, that is on the Nike Training app. So, this is the Nike Training app, and if you look for it,
it’s called The Hart Serena. It’s a partner workout that
she does with Kevin Hart. And the Nike Training app is pretty dope, especially if you’re looking
for something like this. This workout that she has listed here is good for athleticism,
it looks like it’s a lot of biometrics, says it’s
good for back and arms, which would be great for tennis, and some upper body strength. So, I am going to try my best. It looks like I’m gonna be
kinda breathy, but I will let you guys know what I think of the workout that she has here. The app is free and to check
out the workout is free so if you wanna try it
along with me, then do that! OK, before I continue talking anymore, let’s get into the video. If you’re new here, be sure
to subscribe to my channel, I do train like a pro, and often as I can. So, check out my other
Train Like a Pro series. I try professional athlete’s workouts, and it’s really fun! If you want or have
suggestions of other athletes that you want me to try their workouts, comment them down below, and
I will try to get to them. OK! Let’s do this! Pow! – [App] Rock solid,
and let’s get after it. First up, – Oh, God. – [App] body weight
squats, for 20 seconds. – This guy’s goin’ so slow. – [Male] Why’re you swingin’
your arms like that? – Oh. – [App] Your weight should
be back in your heels, – Oh. – [App] not in your toes. – You just did that. – [Male] Demo. – Damn, I just did all
that work for nothin’. What do you mean I’m swingin’ my arms? – [App] Five seconds left. – That’s a crossfit! – [Male] A kipping squat! – [App] Up next, heel
kicks, for 20 seconds. – Whoa, this girl’s goin’ fast as fuck! – [Male] Well go fast! Is that how you sprint with your arms? – Hold on my hair! – [Male] What the heck? What are you doing, come on now. What is this? (timer beeping) – [App] Getting ready? – [Megan] It’s not starting yet. Okay, I can priss. – [App] Drive your arms
through every single, – Remember I tried these
during spring board? Am I better? (timer beeping) – [App] Slide your hips forward, like they are sliding across a shelf. Shift your weight from
one heel to the other. – This is what I’m talkin’ about. No more of that jumpin’ around. (energetic EDM music) – [Male] That was like four steps. Go all the way to the wall, back, back! – It says three steps! (energetic EDM music) Is that a good back petal? Oh, this one’s better. – [App] 10 seconds to go. – Oh my God! – [Male] Your sprints are getting shorter. (timer beeping) – [App] Face your partner,
both of you step into a lunge position, with
the right leg in front, left leg in back, grab left hands, in the arm wrestling hand position. – Oh man, this is too heavy! Crossfit! – [App] Stay low in the lunge position, and keep your torso up, and long, shoulders relaxed and down. Partner push-up high fives, 20 seconds. – [Male] The heck? – Should I get on the scale? Gimme a high five. – [Male] 20 seconds. – My partner’s going really slow. – [Male] I’m not even pushing up. You’re almost there. – Oh, thanks. – [Male] Come on. (timer beeping) – [Male] Recover! – [App] 10 seconds. – [Male] You got 10 seconds, and then we’re going into it, oh shit. – [Megan] Geez! I need this though. – [App] Up next, lateral lunges. – Before this, I was
doing squats, sets of six. It was hard man, I just get out of breath. It holds me back. – [Male] If the limiting
factor in your working sets is your lungs and not your legs, – [App] Side plank knee
drives on your left side. If you can’t hold your
body in straight line, go ahead and rest your
body leg on the ground. Keep your hips up by
pressing in a straight line. – I like the tips that they give you. Pretty good. There was one that was like, – [App] Keep your torso long and tall, and your knees aligned with your toes. – I would be a lot more
motivated if instead of this girl, it was Serena Williams. – [App] 10 seconds left. (male laughing) – I’d feel better about it. – [App] Eye of the Tiger. Knees shouldn’t be crossed,
or touch each other. Keep your chin up, and your chest open. – We’re repeating the row, then the partner push up high five. – [Male] Well the first whole round was just a warm up, right? – No, I’m in it! – [Male] No, no, the very first like, six movements were warm-ups. It’s a repeat so, we won’t force you guys to watch me do it again. – [App] Don’t hold your breath. – But I’m doing it! Don’t hold your breath. – [Male] Look at this vein right now. – Oh geez, freakin’ A. – [App] Land softly, – Is that right? – [App] but push off
hard into the next bound. – [Male] You can be more
explosive than that. – [App] You should be feeling this in your glutes and quads. – [Megan] Yeah the quads, I feel it. – [App] Focus on the form over speed. – [Male] Come on show
Russell how it’s done. – [App] Move like you’re stepping over and back, of an imaginary line. The pattern is over, over, back, back, over, over, back, back. – How’s that? Is it bad? – [Male] It’s OK. – [App] Get ready, burpees. – No! – [Male] Come on, this is it! You only got three more
movements, earn it! Are you gettin’ fully vertical? (Male laughing) You’re almost there, you’re more than half way done these, come on. – [App] 10 seconds to go. – [Male] Good job! – [App] Out, out, in, in. – [Male] That’s it. Let’s see a little more
square in your hips. – How’s that? – [Male] Make ’em count! Come on Megan! – [App] To get your feet up
when your hands are connected, think about jumping your
hands up towards the ceiling as you move your feet forward. – [Male] Jump, you’re almost
there, 10 seconds don’t stop! Come on, finish! Last couple! Let’s go, tall tall tall! One more, one more! Way to crush it, did you crush it? All right, immediate recap. – That was pretty tough. I see some of these workouts
sometimes and I’m like, really? But, that was, 12 minutes of hard work. That was pretty tough, I recommend
if anybody’s looking for, if anyone’s looking for cardio, try that. Let me know what you think. I do wanna note, I used to do crossfit. And I think maybe, people in my world are more familiar with crossfit. Burpees, cross-fitters do
Burpees in a different way, than what was demonstrated in that app. Cross-fitters like, throw
their whole body on the ground. Like they have to do the push up. But yeah, I guess you
would call it more like, a kick thrust or something. – [Male] No, I think that
was good and I also think it’s really easy to do
things you’re kinda good at. – Yeah. – [Male] And stay in
that realm of comfort, whereas to do things that are
hard and make you breathe hard and sweat, and like force you
to work on things that you suck at, that will probably
help your long-run goals anyways, when it’s like well
you shouldn’t be getting gassed squatting sets of six or eight or 10. – Yeah, that’s why I
do the Train Like a Pro Train like a Fitspo to
try and switch things up. To try to work on my weaknesses because, I’m a power lifter,
and I think power lifters can sometimes take pride in the fact that, they’re out of shape. Which I don’t wanna be,
I don’t wanna do that, because I work with
lifters and people watch my YouTube channel, who
aren’t just power lifters. So, I do want to set an example for like, overall health, and fitness, But I have some work to do,
I’ve been talking about that for the past like, couple of months. And I’ll continue to say
that, I still have work to do. Because I think everyone does, and nobody’s perfect. – [Male] I mean everyone’s in
the gym to get better, right? – Yeah, we’re all here to
get better, myself included. Thank you guys so much for watching, now we’re gonna go to the tennis court. – [Male] What do you think, do you think Serena would do this workout? – That’s the one thing I would say. I had a hard time in my research to actually find her training program. It would make sense that
she keeps it somewhat secret and doesn’t share too
much, but it seems like, I mean maybe, you have to
be in cardiovascular shape. – [Male] I think if you
think about energy systems, tennis is all short
bursts but a ton of them, so you have to have a lot of, anaerobic, – Yeah, and I’d imagine
that the footwork component in this workout is really
important for her training. – [Male] Yeah, and I would
imagine too, that there’s a lot more actual plyometric based. And not just like hey, do
30 seconds of footwork. It’s like actual contact and speed, and rebound and absorption
drills, but it’s cool to see. – Yeah, it’s cool to see,
that was really fun too. I didn’t get to talk
about it in the intro, but I do wanna say that
I think Serena Williams is really inspiring,
in the way that she’s, kind of been a person
who’s been criticized a lot for the way her body
looks, and she definitely, in her sport and in mainstream media, like female athletes,
does look a lot different. She’s more muscular, she’s
jacked out of her mind. She’s, mass wise, just
bigger than a lot of the tennis opponents that she sees. So, for me, that’s really
cool to see someone who is so different, and they’re
just at the top of the game. Kind of proving that, you don’t
have to look a certain way to be dominant in this sport,
and maybe she does have the, genetically best body for the sport. It’s just that, maybe
not everybody who’s been, like has that type of body,
has been choosing tennis. So I hope that she inspires
women all over the world, and I feel like she inspires
me, to just, embrace what my body looks like and
just, choose to dominate regardless of the
criticism that you receive, and just choose to do whatever
the hell you wanna do. That’s why I love her, or just one of the reasons why I love her. So yeah, now we’re gonna get to the tennis court, pray for me. (hands clapping) Good workout. OK you guys that’s the end
of this video, I hope that you guys enjoyed watching
me suffer, which is usually what Train Like a Pro is all about. So let me know in the comments, who you want me to try to train like next, and be sure to check out Tuesday’s video. I’m gonna upload on Tuesday,
my time, in the tennis court. It’s borderline sad, but, I do
start to get the hang of it. I won’t lie to you there. Be sure to check out
that video on Tuesday, and thank you guys so much for watching. Subscribe if you’re not
already, and comment down below. Yeah, I already said that,
OK, I love you guys, bye! If you guys like this video
and want to get some ideas on how to strength train, how to get jacked like me and Serena, use this for your cardio,
but I would recommend getting on a strength program. You can check out my strength program on, All Access. It’s called UpLifted, and it’ll
be available on June 11th. So, don’t miss the date, the
link is right down below. It’ll be the first one right there. I can’t wait to teach you guys how to lift and have some fun, bye!

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