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I Was Batman For a Day

I Was Batman For a Day

Hey, what’s up guys; welcome back. For this video, I’ve teamed up with Gillette to do something a little bit different You might even say Something a little bit super with the new Justice League film hitting theaters November 17th Gillette has challenged me to have a day in the life of Batman and Cyborg so I can give them some feedback if they were to develop a razor fit for a superhero you already know Batman He’s gotham city’s greatest vigilante and cyborg is from gotham city as well Okay So there are three parts of this video first of all we’re gonna unbox this VIP Justice League gift pack that just came in the mail for me today and you can actually purchase one yourself right now in stores or online then we’re heading out on a Superhero adventure to try Aussie style repelling MMA fighting and hang gliding then we’ll be assessing the conditions that Batman and cyborg may be exposed To in an average day of crime-fighting so we can make some recommendations To Gillette on how to make a razor fit for the big black bat and the bionic man alright Let’s tear into this package from Gillette and see what this Justice League gift pack has got we got a Gillette pro shield razor There’s some shaving gel some body wash some clear gel deodorant and of course the Justice League branded box Which you could keep as a collector’s item cool stuff But that is not all Gillette is also providing fans with exclusive Justice League virtual reality content that you can download at RPP that’s Gillette dot com slash VR app check it out And you can see what it feels like being one of your favorite superheroes and on that note I think it’s time to head out on an adventure of our own As a guardian of Gotham City Batman has constantly rappelling off buildings dropping the dark alleyways and using his grappling hook to make quick escapes So for my first experience I’ve come to the mountains to try Aussie style rappelling so we can get a taste of how that must feel So we’ve got all of our ropes and our gear rigged up We’ve just done our safety checks And I am literally standing at the top of the cliff right now about ready to jump off. I guess This is the moment that we find out what it feels like to be a superhero here we go That was actually pretty cool, woo yeah Woo doggy we did it aussie style rappelling is in the bag. We’re moving on to hand to hand combat Being highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat is a must for any Superhero because you never know when or how you’ll be attacked so for our next adventure We’re headed to a training arena to get a few pointers from some of the best in mixed martial arts Now it seems to me that being a superhero. What’s really gonna give you the cutting edge is how you perform in tactical hand-to-hand combat so I’ve come out here to an MMA training gym today to Learn some close-proximity power moves for taking down the villains today We’re going to work on superhero fighting tactics one of the biggest things I want to work on is power knockout punches big Slams throws and fight finishing tactics So now that we’ve learned some superhero power moves we’re gonna Do what some of the best heroes are known for we’re gonna take to the skies and learn to fly Leaving the ground and soaring high through the air is a dream that mortal men and women have fantasized about since the dawn of existence The fact that superheroes like Batman have gadgets and wings to help them do it is Relatable enough that I figured hang-gliding might be the way to go so for one final adventure We’re rising high above the cityscape to the tops of the mountains so we can spread our wings and hit the skies So we got our hang glider assembled We’re just doing our final safety checks, then we’re going to buckle in and run straight off the side of this mountain Keep your hands on me. Yep We’re gonna step back here As we get running the glider will lift up when you duck your head inside the triangle next to me all right here We go this is the moment of truth it is time to fly Can you tell me something; what you’re thinking? yeah, so we’re doing pretty good basically clearing this obstacle with decent height which we’re doing that’s the main goal Pretty perfect afternoon nice job nice job Beautiful flight absolutely Guys we just got finished our flight absolutely incredible experience I wasn’t nearly as nervous or full of adrenaline as I thought it would be it was actually very very peaceful Soaring around the mountains kind of like on the wings of an eagle Gives me a lot more insight to help Batman must feel soaring through the sky scrapers of Gotham City that was incredible So we are back from our adventures And it’s time to formulate some theories and now based on my experience is running down rock faces I can see how Batman might be exposed to hazards like dirt exposure to the Sun wind debris Acidic pH levels in Gotham City from acid rain as well as possibly falling and bruising himself on the way down now Fighting in the MMA arena was a big wake-up. Call I definitely felt sore muscles a little bit of bruising a headache Dehydration and fatigue and because Batman and cyborg had skin muscle and tissues these are all conditions They’ll most likely be suffering with as well now hang gliding was just plain cool And we had the perfect day to fly but there are certainly risks of extreme air currents lightning cold air and hail wind burn and Verga the rain that comes down from the clouds but doesn’t hit the ground so based on these experiences based on my thoughts here is my Conclusion for Gillette if Gillette we’re gonna design a razor for Batman and cyborg it would need at least three things an ultrasonic stimulator would penetrate deep into the tissues relaxing knots healing bruises and curing sore muscles on contact a tachyon Rejuvenator to accelerate the healing of chapped burnt Or damaged skin and the cellular invigorator to moisturize soothes and repair the body on the cellular level Restoring hydration curing fatigue suppressing headaches and essentially restoring the superheroes body the peak physical condition once again But that’s just my theory and I’m sure there are a lot of things that I’ve missed or haven’t even considered at all so this Is where you come in comment down below or get on facebook Instagram or Twitter to share your theories on what kind of razor Gillette would need to invent to be worthy of your favorite Justice League hero remember to tag @Gillette and #thebestasuperherocanget Using @Gillette will help me and Gillette find your comment and the fan with the best razor theory we’ll have an exclusive Surprise coming their way just in time for the new Justice League film to hit theaters November 17th So there you have it guys a day in the life of a superhero made possible by my friends at Gillette and by you Thanks for being a part of this amazing adventure, and I’ll see you in the next video. Talk to you then Haha that was close

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