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IMPACT! Wrestling Sneak Peek | Nov. 12th on AXS TV

IMPACT! Wrestling Sneak Peek | Nov. 12th on AXS TV

JOSH: Ace Austin has joined us ringside on
commentary for this number one contender’s X-Division matchup. Ace was
successfully able to win the championship at Bound For Glory
DON: Brainbuster!
JOSH: There’s the cover by Aiden Prince. On that night many people… have been
saying that you perhaps stole the championship. A ladder match you went up
there and climbed it. You didn’t pin anybody. ACE: What was stealing about
that? I mean, I climbed a ladder fair and square. I pulled it, I pulled it off the
hook, why not? DON: You know we’re not gonna be able to get people to come out here and
do commentary if you’re gonna be a jackass to everyone who comes out, Josh.
ACE: Yeah and most of us watch the show so, you should watch what you say all right?
JOSH: Well everybody should watch the show. DON: A lot of heat in the dressing room. Here we go, cheeky nandos kick coming right now from Trey. Very nice.
ACE: Right on the crown of the head. JOSH: Right
in front of his mother who’s here tonight watching. Great to have Trey and his family here and now what does
Brent Banks have in store for Aiden Prince… Here we go!
Nope, maybe not. Look at that! Trey suffered the results… Oh boy! Aiden Prince!
DON: What a 450!!! ACE: Uh oh. Willy Mack’s up there.
JOSH: SIX STAR, SIX STAR, SIX STAR! Rohit breaks in!
DON: Oh god! JOSH: Bodies are flying everywhere!
DON: Unbelievable! ACE: Uh oh. You know what time it is…

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