In the dungeons – In the Dungeons ep 6 Red Lines (

In the dungeons Greek government speaks of “red lines” that
she incises in the negotiations with the creditors, lines always withdrawn. Also,
major opposition party leaves behind “hard lines” with the excuse of a “real politique”… My faithfull apprentice, do you see
that red carpet? I see it, how couldn’t I my lord? It’s not just a carpet. It’s made of… Did you just did something? …it’s made of red lines that we draw ceaselessly
while we negociate with othe kingdoms. We won’t go behind that line! …ok… We won’t go behind that line! …ok… We won’t go beh…. What am I saying? At the same time I
draw the line, at the same time I’m behind it… Why are you still? So, that’s how we came where we are? Basically, that’s how YOU got where you stand. But how? I didn’t do something. And it didnt’ cross your mind that THIS
brought you here, did it? Hey, I’ll not the one to blame!
Anyway. I’m thinking that Baron Si de Pras might be
a solution to my problems. The dauphin who said that he’ll deny the loans
but he’ll discuss the terms of the loans? What? Should we stop having relations
with the other kingdoms? The noble who says that he’ll come across
with THIS king, but when he wants to? I don’t understand where you’re getting with that.
What do you want? to kill each other? He, he! Like that reconciliation is what
you need to escape the dungeons. Huh? I say, you talk about the Baron who, if he doesn’t
get the throne only for himself, he’ll accept the foreign monarchs
to scratch us? I don’t understand you. Can you
propose me something else? Hey! If he suits you, he is more than good
for me. I’m not losing my clients, one way or another. It is YOU who must find a way
to get out of here. And how shall I do that? Hey, it’s your job to find that out. But since we’re talking about red lines,
let me check something. AAAAAA!!!! Now, that’s a red line! What’s with that mania of yours;! Dude, when the nobles crippled you, you didn’t speak.
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