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Indigenous MMA Fighter Teaches POW (Power Our Women), Self-defense for Women of all Ages

Indigenous MMA Fighter Teaches POW (Power Our Women), Self-defense for Women of all Ages

Just on my own journey,
I’ve met women and girls that heard that I’ve been
training in martial arts and they would tell me their stories and just how I inspired them. I’ve even had women say that I made them want to live again. K, this one stays up
to protect this side. There and back. K, ready? And, one… two… three So our mission for POW is
to meet other women and girls and help them rediscover the power they already have inside themselves. And we do that through self-defense and body awareness training
and situational awareness. I felt like it was really
important to create the safe space for women and girls to have their own time to put
themselves in these vulnerable situations, but also have
the assistance of our coaches and help them see
how to get out of these situations and the reason
I added the fitness to our program is because our
body is the one tool that we have no matter what,
you know, we won’t have a brother, a mother, or our family members to protect us all the time. So, if we can create that
strength within ourself to make sure that we can
look after ourselves and look after families
and our communities and even just being physically
active just creates more confidence within
yourself to become leaders, become more outspoken and just, you know, honor your spirit and your voice. Power Our Women was literally created out of the reminders that my mom
always put into me, I guess, growing up she’s always
reminded me that I’m Indigenous and that I’m a woman and
there’s gonna be situations that I’ll have to think
about before I go into. And that’s one of the
things that we do with our situational awareness is
just to kind of let them think about those things
that are normal, and to recognize what’s not normal. So that if, you know, it’s presenting itself, they
can just remove themselves right away and, you know, be safe rather than sorry. I’m very proud of my
sister and what she’s doing. I’m behind her 100% and
very, very supportive of her. Protection is something
that we don’t think about all the time. So, I feel that POW
really puts it out there and makes sure that puts
that in their face and makes them think about that
insurance and making sure that their daughters will be okay.

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